World of Warships: Alaska first impressions! WIP USN Cruiser

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We got to check out very anticipated Alaska which is a T9 cruiser currently in the WIP phase. Here was our first game!

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  1. First! lol cant wait for this ship!

  2. I hope they will decrease the reload time, its not fun ship though

  3. clutch shot on the chapy…. poor bastage

  4. Nice music

  5. What’s the name’s of the songs, I’m curious

  6. I wish WG would take the same attitude with Radar as they did cv. Stop putting more into the game until they fix the damn having said that WG, don’t go as ott as you did on cv. Just make Radar line of sight and you’re sorted.

    • WG doesn’t consider radar broken though.

    • +Kevbro9 shortly after they had MrConway make an arse of himself claiming that their players/customers are incapable of grasping the concept of line of sight in a Q&A stream they announced they are looking at radar. One of the Phils was also talking about it during Gamescon stream. He didn’t get into specifics but he hinted that line of sight is something they are considering.

    • Oh, well thats encouraging I suppose. Hopefully the condescending attitude towards the player base isn’t shared by many at WG.

  7. This ship is on the way to being balanced. All it needs is a small buff to something than then it should be fine, maybe even without the buff. Problem is with ships like Stalingrad this ship is just underwhelming (granted that’s a good thing). You can’t release a super overpowered ship and then release another ship like it that’s not that great compared to the super overpowered one. Point is they should nerd the Stalingrad.

    • exactly… after stalingrad bs you just cant release ship that cant hit sh*t, overpens like mad and is probably worse than any half of the t9 cruisers. Staligrad needs nerf and this ship needs buff… it has 19% fire chance… what a joke

  8. Don’t like it from all the replays I’ve seen. Needs slight reload buff too.

  9. As is…it looks like a bust of a ship.

  10. ?Is it premium or replace anyone?

  11. Ive been waiting for this ship a while but in this state its no different from the krone other than shell arcs? This ship is subpar simply because krone and stalin exist in game now. Its was power crept befor it was even released by 2 paper ships

  12. Get in the Helicopter

    Great, more braindead bow-on gameplay.

  13. Ayyy I’m from Alaska

  14. love that you had the midnight playing in the background, great band

  15. I have been waiting 2 years for her and by the looks of things she is way under par. buffs buffs buffs are needed!

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