World of Warships: Alaska, First Impressions

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My first impressions of the Alaska, an upcoming t9 US . The ship is a work in progress, all stats are subject to change.

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  1. So it is the American Large Cruiser that counters the Russian Large Cruiser?

  2. This constant introduction of ever more powerful ships, more radar etc. makes coming up through the ranks a dispiriting, futile challenge. Why try and work for a ship that’s only going to be downgraded by something else?

  3. it alomost seems like kronshtadt but the russians are tankier and worse dispersion

  4. seems to me that the HE is way more reliable than the AP

  5. nice finish Aetam. Thanks for the details and good gameplay details. Good score for the game.

  6. Have you tried to send application to OMNI?I think you’re eligible to be their member

  7. good video, I would probably use the spotter palne instead of radar. Oh and I noticed you hissed the same flag as I use to do 🙂

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