World of Warships- Alaska, How to Play It (172,000 Damage)

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TheSneakySnake here with a pretty solid result in the Alaska. Puddin uploaded an Alaska a week ago and I wanted to get one up as well.

Dino pic from-


  1. Thanks sneaky

  2. First!!! +1

  3. AFT? It’s 1 mill FXP and I still haven’t played mine.

  4. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Nice replay SneakySnake,

  5. AFT what a noob.

  6. Syukri R.Robert

    I got 176k in alaska, shes a bit difficult to play but nevertheless shes fun. She have the best of both world, bb and cruiser, american heavy shell, really good angling armor and AA which is monstrous.

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