World of Warships – Alaska Impression

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RQL’s Shipstorm Saturday

September 8th, 4:00 PM Eastern

1st Place: 9000 doubloons per player
2nd Place: 4150 doubloons per player
3rd Place: 1920 doubloons per player

First impression of the Alaska, a tier 9 for the Americans that comes with some interesting traits. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX American Cruiser Alaska Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server

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  1. Super heavy shell not equal stalinium shell :))

  2. Looks juicy, but I’m starting to tire of premium tier 9’s and their price tag.
    I’d rather a Battlecruiser line split.
    But WG has their reasons.

    • Same. I’d like to see Battle Cruisers as an actual class of ship. Sure some nations would be excluded but hey, we have CVs and Germany only had one known CV (even then it was incomplete). The lack of a US Battelcruiser line won’t be misseed too much.

    • Scharnhorst is not a battlecruiser, just a fast battleship with small guns. A battlecruiser was a battleship that sacrificed armor for speed, not gun size. HMS Hood is a battlecruiser, IJN Koungou was built as a battlecruiser and later re-built with battleship armor. Alaska, officially, was considered a “large cruiser” mostly for political reasons, but if you look on wikipedia, the preceding class is listed as none other than the Lexington Class battlecruisers, which we now know as aircraft carriers

    • Problem is the US never built battlecruisers. There was no all big gun armored cruiser in the US (Lexington would have been it, but it was a very flawed design). Alaska was a heavy cruiser–large cruiser as the US classified it. You could call it a super heavy cruiser and that’s about what it was. It had cruiser engines, a cruiser hull form, cruiser armor distribution (though heavy for a cruiser), and an armor percentage of displacement closer to that of a cruiser (about 25%; US BBs were 40%+, cruisers 8% to 20%). It also wasn’t considered a successful ship. It was too expensive to operate compared to existing heavy cruisers and it was no battleship.

    • THIS is a super awesome idea. WG has stupid reasons! lol

  3. It’s not fair that they removed the Missouri, after claiming it would be permanent

  4. just what game needs even more radar

    • It’s an American cruiser. WTF do you expect? Jesus H Christ!!!

    • It needs more radar! What is needs is less smoke. Or at least you cannot see out of smoke

    • Jerry Glaze  idiot!!

    • +Karaboudjan no put your thinking cap on and not your i am add player and demad to sit in smoke and perma spot ships glasses.
      Dd have anamazing atvantage that on other ship hase, save brit crusiers.
      They can see perfictly the entire map, lock into every ship, fire out of the smoke and take no damage aside from the lucky shot or a lucky torp.
      A crusier with no radar, and all but 2 ships below t7 have any counter. Dd perma spot just as good as any plane. That stopting advantage is to strong. The Henry 4 can be perma spotted from all most the whole map.
      Radar is the only way to at least give everyone eles a chanch.

  5. Looks great, just don’t know where we get 750,000 EXP every month for these new ships.

  6. It looks balanced, which is good. Is there any reason that they shouldn’t leave it as is? Kronstadt has better penetration and HP but worse accuracy and armor (27mm > 25mm.)

    • Agreed. Concealment, speed and maneuverability are quite similar, so it’s down to guns and armour. Kronshtadt has the shell speed and health, Alaska has armour and AP bounce angles (as well as better AA). Seems about fine.

  7. CV rework review tommorow Notser.

  8. Its concealment could be lower to 11km-ish, since we even have bbs at 11km…

    • Thats a high problem in the game. Why are bb stealther than crusies

    • +Dave-ish the reason it has better concealment is because you have access to a module that increases your concealment, and as you said because it is the same ship it has better concealment because same concealment with module . Not only that but the monarch is one of the weakest tier 8 at the game so she need those advantages.

    • That sort underscores my point; they use the commencement mechanic as a bandaid rather than having something that makes sense. Same with the heal gimmick and the OP HE gimmick. They simply need reworks.

    • a ships concealment base stat is based on the highest point of the ship. its why ijn has large concealment while royal navy is low

    • General Cartman Lee

      bladeclanhalo3 That is not the case anymore, quite some time ago WG changed concealment to be primarily a balancing parameter.
      When they based concealment on the silhouettte of the ship it lead to the Pensacola having a detectability of 15.66 km (which got buffed later to 12.78 km and got nerfed to 14.16 when they put her at tier 6).
      The best example for concealment being a balancing parameter is the difference between Haida and Cossack. Haida has 6.49 km, Cossack 6.97 km. This is because as a tier 8 the Cossack can mount the concealment module. So WG decided to nerf the base concealment.

  9. Looks like the arming fuse time could be lessened

  10. Omg I’ve wanted the Alaska for a few years now. Money will be spent to get this thing

  11. I wish you could Buy the Missouri again but with either coal or steel, I hope it would be coal.

  12. I think that Amagi turtleback prevented him to receive close range citadels…

  13. Christopher Matarazzo

    notser, cv rework reaction tmr?!

  14. Ishikari Class next pls ;D
    IJN Super Cruiser would be so awesome! 😀

  15. To me Kronshtadt looks much better but i dont like USN Cruisers at all. I love the russian armour and shell velocity

  16. You got in the way of the Bismark. He was heading more or less straight and you turned into him.

  17. so I got an email from work about the new ships being tested had been credited to my account for testing. I am very almost average at best as a player so I was excited. had no clue what was going on but nope. they were nice enough to email an apology for an email wfor super testers came to me. no biggy, but I sure did communicate to them my great sadness and feeling of betrayal but that since I love the game so much that forgiveness was a forgone conclusion. especially if I happened to find a free z52 premium cam in my inventory to dries the tears.

    I know we is not on the leading edge of communicating simple things, but this the first time miscommunication sought me out. haha, if it happened to me I’m sure it is not a super rare happening

    • I got the same thing but didn’t think to ask about the z52 camo, hence still crying :-(!

    • +Tom Riley I could use the camo. The z has been tough for me to figure out. Learned purty quick I need a higher paying job to Fred that fat girl

    • Robbert van den Dool

      Had the same thing happen

    • Notsers next video he’s releasing and I managed to get a sneak peek at the title and a Intro…

      Broken Dreams and Hurt Feelings
      .Hi this is Notser and today im featuring the upcoming Premium Tier 10 Russian Communications Department……We are on the map Indian Givers..for my Captain I went for a full Incompetence build..


  18. More of a review of how you played the game rather than than the ship you were in.

  19. ΓΙΑΝΝΑ Ντι

    February 2016 and a female (blonde lol)player discover Word of Warships…and dint know anytghing.Decides to learn through video in youtube.Cince then have mediate 5800+ battles,i have unlocked allmost everything that i m interest in in every nation ship lines and i have the average 50,70% victories…but the phrase “HELLO….HELLOOO…this is Notser” and the laugh(u know)are still in my mind…I wanna THANK U for teaching me the game mechanic…continue the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Greetings from sunshine Greece
    Yianna… or….” Lady_godiva_s “

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