World of Warships: Alaska Pushing

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I really like this ship. It’s so fun to play. It’s like a battleship, but not.

World Warships footage of the 9 US cruiser Alaska.


  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Good ol Alaska
    You can hear the battleship gun blasts from this ship
    although she can be friends with Azuma and Yoshino

  2. That poor Roon

  3. I see upload of Aerroon.
    1st: click link to video
    2nd: press like
    3rd: watch video

    Greetings 🙂

  4. Rodrigo Echegorri

    That was a good game. The enemy team, unfortunately decided to give A for free to you, which made the game ended quickly. Still, gj Aerroon!

  5. 3:22????????????

  6. Dimitar Kodzhabashev

    the game was extremely boring! pointless slaughter and the fun part is that you didn’t do anything significant!but hey the important thing is that you feel that way!

  7. There can be only one Roon…Zhe AerRoon! >:)

  8. stefanos perivolaris

    U love that ship dont u aeroon

  9. “there can only be one Roon” – Aerroon

  10. welcome back!!!! Missed your videos

  11. Well played 🙂

  12. Your voice is so smooth today o.O Are you trying to seduce us?

  13. At 9.05 marker you got extremely lucky, you sailed full broadside in front at enemy JB at only 8,7 km; He could have you simply deleted with a better aimed volley, once you were at only 20k HP.
    At that range and angle, Alaska armor is useless.Did you get in “tunnel vision” syndrome and forget to watch your right, or just have faith in your luck ?
    Anyway, another lovely vid ! Thanks !

  14. @10:00 onwards. Showing broadside to 3 enemy battleships and a cruiser. NONE OF THEM SHOOT HIM!!
    Seriously why can’t I get games like that where the enemy ignores me…?

  15. Wich japanese voice mod do you use?
    Its a really Nice one

  16. Cheers, Cruiser Aerroon. Thanks for the game.

  17. You were looking for an opening to get on a flank. Then it developed and you had some hyper-aggressive BB captains, well from what I normally see troling at the back, take it and drive the other side. The cruisers fell on B.

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