World of Warships- Alaska: Ship Remover

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Hey guys, today we have a moments from last nights stream in the T9 American Cruiser, Alaska, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C4

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  1. Can we get an amen that the Puerto Rico event started exactly like a year ago. That event was a prediction of the year to come: 2020 and is the prove that all things eventually go over.

  2. I like the music for the opening a lot better than the previous video.

  3. “Your citadel, hand it over”

  4. I like seeing him play games where its relatable, losing 2 dds immediately for example :D. Games where the team plays together are not so common unfortunately

  5. 12:00 I guess 5 citadells where enough to kill him so the rest of your 4 shells didnt count anymore

    • Indeed, could be that the others connected later, on the ship’s wreck, and therefore weren’t counted.

    • Good call! I’ve put 6 torps into a target before and only the first one counted because it killed him before the other ones could hit, so I know stuff like that can happen…

  6. Sea Lord just deleted two ships, and then failed to citadel a myogi. rng rules the world my friends

  7. You didn’t miss 4 shells on the Iowa, just that 5 shells killed him and the other 4 hit an already dead Iowa if you get what I’m saying. Had he survived the first 5 shells you would have hit additional shells. Not trying to be bitchy about it, just for anyone’s interest. Would have been awkward if your gunners missed at that range.

  8. Really like the new intro music 😀

  9. Great vid Sea Lord. I’m sad WG are planning to remove the Alaska and I’m still so far away from getting it with free xp.

  10. 2019: Alaska ship remover
    2021: Alaska the removed

    • If a ship keeps removing other ships from the game (Thunderer, Alaska, Jean Beart, Missouri and Musashi) it will be removed in time unless it is Russian(Stalingrad).

    • @jay Vee Well Stalingrad’s steel ship so I guess it’s kinda different (since it’s guaranteed to be rare. WG may decide to devalue steel in the future, but this has not happened until now). Stalingrad AP pen (and accuracy) is a bit ridiculous though.

  11. I’ve always found French bbs from the T8 up, so hard to citadel.

    • One of the reasons why I love to brawl with French and Germans — they can usually survive the death broadsides that other nations (ie. Brits, Italy, Russia, USA, Japan) would literally be vaporized by. Also helps that they don’t have raised or above water citadels either (they can still be citadel’d through the top or oblique angles from long range fire and have mediocre armor for balance)

  12. I brawled about NC in Alaska once. Doesn’t mean too much, though, since that ship has such sluggish turrets, all I had to do was get close.

  13. Norfolk Southern rail fan

    The real life USS Puerto Rico (CB-5) was a planned Alaska-class cruiser whose construction was cancelled in 1943

  14. Oh god – I had no idea he was streaming – I was in the Missouri and the DDs rushed in the cap in front of a bunch of their team and got deleted. I got kinda salty in chat to…

  15. Just picked up the Alaska B. Great ship, great games. Keep em coming

  16. “So Im’ma, uh, gonna give him a reason to pay me some mind”
    *Ms. Citadel has entered the chat*

  17. I just recall the stream. Can we do a drive by on a Lion? Boom! Yes we can.

  18. When you’re doing those closeby drivebys, is it better to freeaim in like third person mode rather than zoom in like you did? If so, why?

  19. Radar module makes it 42 seconds

  20. The Alaska is a great ship, one of the few I actually enjoy playing that is not a DD. Pity it will lose some of its staying power with the captain rework.

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