World of Warships – Alaska/Terrible Tease

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Discussing the Alaska, Le Terrible, and new UI Scaling feature in 7.8. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. What a terrible tease

  2. oh my gawd shes beauty ??

  3. AlphaNapalmBravo 22

    My Baby Alaska ah she’s wonderful

  4. Alaska….you will be mine…. *grabs wallet

  5. is it just me or is the pts client crashing a lot?

  6. Its a quasi “Battlecruiser”

  7. Alaska with AFT, BFT & the AA flag get’s a 98 AA rating. Your 40mm’s will have a range of 5.1km with 294DPS so with defensive fire active they’ll have 882DPS. Keep in mind this is just your mid range AA I’m talking about alone. You’ll have no issues dropping plane’s. Then add on manual AA if you want and your AA gun’s are doing tons of work!!!! Just saying.

    • I use priority target, expert marksmen, adrenaline rush, super intendant, concealment expert, AFT.

    • I would get the same build just add BFT if I wanted to kill plane’s better AKA be more helpful to my team. Even if i took demo expert or something else beside’s BFT. Your AA would still be good and remember it’s a T9 CA not T10 like Des Moines. A T10 should have better AA it’s a tier higher.

    • What if I told you that carriers are an endangered species

    • Carriers are hardly a endanger species Just a sporadic Species currently but that’s beside the point. The point of my original comment was address the fact that Notser said Alaska didn’t have good AA. So I was merely pointing out the fact that with a semi AA build Alaska Had pretty good AA for a T9 CA.. Whether are or it’s viable wasn’t the point.

    • I had noticed that as well this ship when built is going to dominate in AA. The AA rating numbers they assign are worthless only fools give them any consideration. They often hide the dps which is what matters or it will have weak short range but god level long range and have a low rating despite having it where it counts.

      As for the build and who will build this on a cruiser. It’s not a cruiser its a fast light battleship and will be built identical to my American bbs. You want to play cruisers there are plenty to choose from. This has 12 inch guns. Play her like a wounded battleship and you will dominate with her its the same with graf spee you play as a bb that cant take any more damage and shes extremely powerful.

  8. 6:43 – 51.6 knots *without* speed signal! o.O

  9. Oh, i thought the Alaska is a Terrible Tease

  10. Tair-REEB-bluh… not terra-boo.

  11. Yeeiiii more radar meta ships, awesome…

  12. Notser, le Terrible’s AA isn’t bad, it’s terrible.

  13. 6:05 Le Terrblll ?

  14. So when do the tier 10 premiums come out that are in some ways better then the tier 10’s you can grind? It looks like it’s only a matter of time before WG fess up to WOWS being pay to win? Oh but you can get the tier 9 ships by converting money into XP that you can use to buy those ships so not really “pay to win” is it? They’re taking the piss out of you guys, you can see it can’t you? Are you sooo excited about WG selling such good premiums that can in some situations outplay the ships you worked so hard to grind out? Think about it……….

    • Phil Staples tier 9 premiums are a fairly good idea as they’ll never get used for a ranked season or clan wars, they get to add them as special premiums to use up Free XP/sell doubloons so they can make money from longer term players. I don’t agree with the pay to win argument for ships that can only be used in game modes where at least 75% of your team is randoms you’ve never played with, you can be good but a good ship with an average player still isn’t going to carry a bad team.

  15. Frosty Thundertrod

    I am nearly a exclusive American heavy cruiser so I am looking forward to the Alaska.

  16. I am SO MAD that I got the Kronstadt. If this thing was leaked a few weeks sooner, I would’ve waited for this…

  17. 6:12 I love DD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    -Notser 2018

  18. I hope the alaska’s shells isn’t as floaty as USN cruisers…

    • SecretIdentity Her guns have higher velocity and super heavy shells. 67.5° degree bounce
      (High shell weight= penetration and velocity retention at range) Her shells should have similar arcs to USN bbs. Battleship spanking with des meme AP. Atleast thats what ive read

    • +TabZaf no they don’t. The WoWS dev blog posted her stats, 808 M/S for HE (8 inch US is 823), and 762 for the AP (same as 8 inch US). And since Alaska’s shells should have a sectional density about halfway between those of the US 8 inch and US 16 inch, her shells should be less floaty than CAs, but more than BBs.

  19. I’ve been waiting for Alaska since the CBT, so thrilled she’s finally comin.

  20. Ofcourse nothing beats the Trump-wagon when it comes to cash.

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