World of Warships – Alaska the DD hunter

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Here is brand new ship Alaska that I’m sure a lot of you are eager to see in action. This ship is still work in progress and subject to change but I don’t think they will change it much, if at all.
There are things I like and dislike about it but all in all it’s a good ship.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Grant Montgomerie


  2. Oh yeah lets stream snipe a tier 9 Cruiser with a radar by using a tier 7 IJN DD


  3. Mmm… DD Killer! Making me hard to pick between jean bart or alaska

  4. Yeah, slaugh those loli

  5. imo if missouri came back without the credit multiplier, then it seems not fair for newcomers

  6. 15:08 @Flambass – you wouldnt believe it, but 3 days ago … IN ARMS RACE !!! :D:D:D

  7. Musashi is still a great credit earner… Flags + 150k dmg = 1 000 000 profit on a win …

    • just to add some stats to this, going through my screenshots from the last week a Kronshtadt loss (188k dmg) 1.1m credits earned, Missouri loss (172k dmg) 1.79m credits earned, obviously with some flags. All earning above are gross before taxes…

    • worth buying the musashi with coal now? or should i wait until alaska etc getting published?

    • +Reichskeks depends. I’m not even considering Musashi, but I’ve got Yamato already, so your mileage might vary…

    • Depends if you have the coal/free XP and what lines you like. And there still is the risk that Alaska will only be on Free XP as the Kronstadt

  8. What’s that text bubble say on donations? Flambass needs to move things around.

  9. PRAYING this ship is being sold for coal. I really don’t want Mushashi.

  10. Those shells are so slow that if you fire them today — they won’t land until tomorrow.

  11. I’m seeing all these battle cruisers added to the game, all of which seem like my perfect play style, yet they all are locked behind free exp and time which I don’t have.


  13. rng is always on the side of CC’s. 😛

  14. Flambass hunting underage ships.

  15. About last month, actually. Somehow my Hindy game ended in a draw (died abt halfway through)

  16. 2 minutes in and witchcraft confirmed!!!

  17. Capt. And freexp ready. Just waiting for this beaty to be released

  18. No one expects…

  19. To Mahan: “What do u think is gonna happen when u pop up on 4km from me bro?”
    Mahan: killed by teammate’s akatsuki

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