World of Warships Alaska Tier 9 Premium Heavy Cruiser Preview and First Impressions

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Today we get to take a look at the World of Warships Tier 9 heavy USS Alaska. This is a ship many have been looking forward to, I must say I had a lot of fun testing it. Hold on to your XP. I having a feeling you may be needing it!

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  1. To be frank: I find this ship un-interesting atm. Compared to Kronstadth, it seem to favour an more defence based playstyle rather then the Kronstadth agressevly playstyle. The armor, speed and mobility is better with the Kronstadth and she has even more health then Alaska. The only thing I see Alaska has going for her is her AA, gun accuracy and AP Pen Angels due to her bein USN vessel. Other then that, she just seems like an waste of Free XP(If that’s the currentcy they want for her) like Mushashi. If they buff her reloads to the same as Kronstadth however, I think she could be worth it. 18 sec reloads to 16 would had made her comp. against Kronstadth.

    • Musashi is a waste? you are missing out opportunity to give taste of 460 mm to t6 battleships!

    • Kromshat has better armor? Do you even own the ship? It has superior citadel armor to most Tier 9 cruisers, but the majority of it is 25mm, which is adequate protection against its own 305mm AP shells. The 27mm bow and stern armor of all USN and German heavy cruisers at Tier 8-10 will bounce up to 380mm AP in comparison.

    • Joe Average: Yes I do own her. Yes, she has adequate armor in bow and stern. However, due to her speed and mobility, she can angel her armor so she can bounce those shells with ease. As you stated: “It has superior citadel armor to most Tier 9 cruisers”, it means you must use that part of the armor to your fullest potensial. Basicly: If you have played HMS Hood, you will noticed they both play in an similar manner as they are both Battle cruisers.

    • And you’ll note that its bow and stern are easily overmatched by virtually every Tier 8-10 battleship. If you’re really trying to tank you’ll note how it gets slammed, since the deck armor is insufficient for protection versus plunging fire. The Hood and other battlecruisers such as Scharnhorst face the same issues when up tiered.

    • As I said before and I shall repeat myself:
      Use her speed and mobility to neglact the weakness. She can Dodge shots with her agility. She is fast, making it harder to “train” shots at her if you keep moving. Don’t sit and camp bow on toward an BB. With other words; Be aggressive, be vigilant, and don’t camp bow on.

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  3. LMAO “she handles like her size” Something all of us look for!

  4. Take a shot every time he says ‘right now’.

    • drunk before it ends.

    • Baptiste Briffaux *dead before it ends

      (In his defense, he is contractually obliged to say “right now” or “work in progress/subject to change” in every sentence otherwise someone might think that thought reflects the final form of the ship)

  5. I have CB-3 USS Hawaii ship model cant find CB-1 sadly.
    Would get this ship regardless since CB-4 USS Philippines was next in line before cancelation…
    Im a Filipino btw…

  6. I hope this ship is Free XP!

  7. Confused Blue Dragon

    And as I have a thing for heavy cruisers that can take a few punches and dish it back out, this’ll be my ultimate goal to aim for should it be a Free-XP ship…!

  8. Wow, that Fiji was all kinds of Potato Jam.

  9. This ship looks to be a dream come true at the moment

  10. I really want this ship I can’t wait for her to come out

  11. The Akaka class IS NOT a Battlecruiser, the Alaska class ships are Large cruisers. The reason for this is the way she is built/designed.
    Battlecruisers are pure capital ships with armor schemes and anti-torpedo protection to match. The Akaka class on the other hand has no anti torpedo bulges. Her armor scheme is that of an upscaled Baltimore class’ armor scheme, a Large Cruiser if you will.

    • While I agree with the point of politics playing a part in the creation of the designation, I will disagree with the idea that the Alaska class ships are Battlecruisers and not Large Cruisers.
      To the point of the Alaska class ships’ armament, the German Deutschland class ships (of which the most famously known of is the Graf Spee) had 11 inch guns which is defined by one of the naval treaties (I can’t remember which off the top off my head) as a capital ship’s armament but yet the Germans classified them as Panzerschiffes (armored ships) which is not the German designation for Battlecruiser (schlactkreuzer) and after the war they were classified as Heavy cruisers.
      Therefore the larger then heavy cruiser gun caliber does not make it a Battlecruiser. (also before Alaska’s design there was a proposal for a heavy cruiser about the same size as Baltimore or a little larger that would’ve been able to be built with either 4 triple 8″ gun turrets or 6 dual 12″ gun turrets, so if one of these ships was built with the 8″ guns and the other with the 12″ guns would each ship be in a separate class?) (and also going by the British school of Battlecruisers which I assume you are, a Battlecruiser is a ship built like that of a battleship with big battleship guns but slimming down the armor to get more speed, at the time of the Alaska class being laid down nobody was building BBs with 14″ guns anymore let alone 12″ guns)
      On the point of the belt thickness, I said above that Alaska lacks the torpedo protection of a capital ship which Battlecruisers did have (from both the British and German “schools” of Battlecruiser design) and is built purely like an upscaled Baltimore class Heavy cruiser, which include increased armor which obviously wouldn’t have been as thin as the Baltimore’s, you’d be able to see they wanted thicker armor by the fact that heavy cruiser designs CA-A, CA-B (known in wows as Buffalo) and CA-C were proposed.
      Point is, Large Cruisers and Battlecruisers are built/designed differently Battlecruisers (or atleast British ones) use BB armor schemes that have been thinned down where Large Cruisers take Heavy cruiser armor schemes and bulk them up, and it’s not that American Battlecruisers fall into a secret third “school” of Battlecruiser design, as the US used the British idea of Battlecruisers which of you didn’t believe me you could look up the Lexington class proposals which were designed differently then the Alaska class large cruisers and the reason for this is because they were different ship classes.

    • I call those things (Alaska, Kronstadt, B-65, Project 1047) “cruiser killers”

    • German WW1 “battlecruisers” had protection rivaled some British BBs of the same era. Being a German ship means that they will get great protection (and tonnage) with the expense of firepower; while other nations built battlecruisers focusing on firepower and speed at the expense of protection (UK, Japan).
      I ended up calling German “battlecruisers” “fast battleships” for those reasons.

      Hood leans more toward “fast BB” than “battlecruiser”.
      A shining example of a “true” battlecruiser is Renown-class as-built. Super thin armor, era-appropriately large guns.

      PS. For some reasons people call Scharnhorst-class as “battlecruiser”. LOL

    • The alaska was only classed large cruiser because the battleships were only given so many resources during the war, and labeling her a cruiser allowed the navy to build her.

    • The Alaska-class were designed to counter the Large Cruiser classes that were in development by other Navies and Heavy Cruisers in general , since it was believed that independent groups of cruisers would be the primary threat against commerce ships. US Large Cruisers needed the guns and speed to hunt down other cruisers (although the Alaska came in several knots slower than they wanted at 33knots) which also secondarily made them ideal for carrier escorts. This became their primary role when the Japanese cruiser force never became the threat the USN envisioned. However, even in this role they were expensive since the Alaska didn’t have a significantly heavier AA suite than a Baltimore while costing almost twice as much.

  12. “It takes a beating!” Proceeds to get citadel’d every time he’s hit.

    • Frickin Right I like Zoup and usually he gets things right but based on his game play footage there is not a lot that can be called tanky at least any more than the Des Monies is. Without 32mm Bow Armour there is no way to call it tanky and it does not even have the partial 50mm that Moskva does. So it get pinned by 98% of all tier 9 and 10 BB’s, BUT it’s tanky? Love yeah Zoup just don’t see it.

    • It DOES take a beating – from the other team when they beat you up

  13. I think Alaska suffers in comparisons because her main competition is viewed as Tier X cruisers, Stalingrad, Des Moines, Moska. It’s a Tier 9, so comparing it to the Kronshtadt is on point and other tech tree T9s, Roon? Saint Louis, Buffalo, etc. However, the fact remains Alaska will be facing a lot of TXs so making those comparisons is important, too.
    It’s a tough call, but how she will be distributed is a key factor for me.

  14. I believe the reason the US navy never used the term battle cruiser was because of the way money was allocated by congress, being made available for cruisers and battleships via separate funds and this was the best way to get the money for the ship,

    A very interesting review but I’m curious which ship you think is better Alaska or Kronstadt

  15. What follows is a 100% factual account on why its not called a battle cruiser.

    THE US NAVY: Ooo! Ohhh! Ooooo! I want a battle cruiser!
    THE GOVERNMENT: No. You will shoot your eye out kid.
    THE US NAVY: Aw you are such a bummer dude!
    THE GOVERNMENT: I said no! You want me to turn this war around and head back to base?
    THE US NAVY: “no”
    THE GOVERNMENT: Build a cruiser instead. You already have plenty of battleships to play with.
    THE US NAVY: But this IS just a cruiser. We call it a “CB”. Its just a cruiser that got “SWOLT” yo!
    THE GOVERNMENT: If I let you have a few, will you promise to shut up about them?
    THE US NAVY: Deal bro! Now about these Montana’s

  16. I have been waiting for this ship class to come out since I started playing this game several years ago. Finally get to sail on the “class” of ship my grandfather fought on (USS Guam; Gunnery Department, 12″ Turret Batteries) during WW II. Let’s hope it is easily attainable…..and hopefully historically accurate as possible.

    Also want to point out (mentioned in my grandfather’s ship book; with pictures of the event) that both Guam and Alaska were used to escort and defend the crippled USS Franklin (CV-13) being towed by the cruiser USS Pittsburgh, after a Kamikaze dropped 2 550 lbs. bombs on her deck on March 19 of 1945. Japanese made another attempt to finish the job the next day,(Judy’s) but failed due to the massive AA barrage from both ships….

  17. DUDE stop trying to tell me truth isnt truth, its under powered , especially when compared to the other trier 9 battlecruiser the Kronstadt, and YES it is a valid comparison

  18. battlecruiser: literally stretched out battleship (in 1920’s replaced by fast battleships), alaska: baltimore on steroids = large cruiser…even stalingrad was called “heavy cruiser” by the russians and they certainly didnt have political reasons for that

  19. Problem is: Is it worth it when ya got the Misouri allready?

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