World of Warships: Alaska – Who Needs Puerto Rico Anyway? [301k DMG]

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Alaska is better than Puerto Rico. She’s about the same strength, but an entire tier lower.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US super cruiser Alaska on the map Sea of Fortune.



    • @Aerroon I usually save my comments to actually say something more useful, but I never catch videos this early. I know you don’t seem to play CVs often, but do you have a favorite bomber? The AP bombers on the Graf zeppelin are super satisfying to use for the sirens and when they actually hit once a year. And I’ve also gotten into the RN CVs recently with their wierd level bombing planes, which are kinda fun to use.

  2. I’m starting to like the Alaska.

  3. A stunned silence falls over the Coliseum. A murmur in the crowd. From high, near the rafters, a single voice cries out, “Aerroon… Aerroon Maximus!” Aeeroon Maximus!!”

  4. Oh Aerroon, I’d say well played, but I think “well messed up” would be more appropriate!
    I have to say, that was a hell of a game.

  5. Don’t buy the Alaska with real money. The crooks at WG don’t deserve our loyalty nor money.

  6. I rly appriciate these vids You, Flolo, Flolololobass and Jingles did on this PR shitstorm.. Specially you and flolo for doing the comparison Alaska – PR. I was legit looking forward to the PR, then the impossible grind came along and now you convinced me into getting an Alaska instead. Only 100k free xp away from Alaska so that is gonna save me alot of time and money now during Xmas. Thank you 🙂

  7. The agility of Alaska, particularly compared Puerto Rico, is one of the advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked or under appreciated.

  8. Use the event to grind for Alaska instead.

  9. Acquisition mod Missouri. Enough said really.

  10. This is the best Alaska game i’ve seen. Congrats

  11. So who still has a supercruiser left?
    Oh Yeah Ansaldo made a super cruiser design too.
    Originally intended for Russia and armed with 254 mm guns it could easily be upgraded to 305 mm since the hull was massive.
    Tier 9 Brindisi started out as a papership armed with 152 mm guns intended for Spain but the hull was so massive Wargaming upped them to 203 mm guns.

    Oh how could I forget.
    The last word in Supercruiser.
    The German design KW50.
    Imagine Bismarck that can go 36 knots.

  12. The only thing Wargaming had to do with PR was take an Alaska, add a 4th turret, slightly nerf the rudder shift, turning circle and concealment.
    THAT’S IT.
    But doing that to PR would have power creeped the hell out of Stalingrad and Wargaming can’t let that happen to its favorite Mary Sue.

  13. A real pleasure to watch, enven more to play with you, hope to see you again on the sea ? (plsssssss in the same team, i definitly don’t want to fight against you) ? Saylenss

  14. A_can_of_my_favorite_drink

    What if this whole Puerto Rico Debacle was just a ploy to get people to buy the Alaska? ?

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      That’s still a very unnecessary self-depreciating tactic. I mean if WG puts a deadline announcement like how they boosted up their Missouri sales in one last month, their reputations would remain undamaged.

  15. I feel with my Alaska right now like Ichigo from bleech did with his sword when white zetsu lectured him about how he doesn’t realize how good of a sword he really has.

  16. That was such a savage game.

  17. Probably the best Alaska game i ever seen, this one you have to send to Jingles:)

  18. stefanos perivolaris

    @cobrazax a huge ibuki in other words

  19. @stefanos perivolaris
    Or a yamato with ibuki armor…

  20. @stefanos perivolaris True story ?

  21. @cobrazax Azuma/Yoshino has pretty good guns, accurate, high HE alpha, good pen… Their guns are really strong against cruisers AP is meh because has pretty good pen, but too much ricochet and overpen… You can shoot a fking kurfurst /kremlin upper belt to get a pen and no ricochet and magically you overpen 150mm of armor??? Really? Like Russians says… Is a IJN feature… ?

  22. @jotasmail
    So worse ap than alaska…armor is trash

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