World of Warships – Alaska WiP – I LOVE THIS SHIP!!!!!

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Alaska is a wonderful combination durability, firepower, agility versatility. I absolutely LOVE this ship. Check out her WiP video.

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  1. is 3 am in florida you know?

  2. My problem with this ship is that I bought the Kron just before this was announced…

    I wish they’d let us do trades.

    • I bought the Musashi with 100% grinded in game fxp and I’m already sitting on 900K again, Bought it in April…

    • Stephen Moir  pffft, sitting on 5 million free exp here and even grinded out 1 million free xp in a single month with only 2-3 hour gaming sessions at night. The ops and flags man, they do wonders and leave you less stressed when you have a dedicated ops group every night.

    • Why they so far behind other mp mmos re trades? No exchanges.? .. it so makes many good mmo’s tick

    • The alaska was teased nearly 6 months ago, before kron was released. You don’t deserve shit for not looking about you stupid fuck.

      ERic I’m going to hunt you down and exicute you for being so bloody stupid. This game isn’t a damn MMO.

    • asaeampan: you either gotta be the biggest wanna be troll ever, OR, you are absolutely the stupidest idiot ever…. do you even know what MMO means? plz! say one more time that a online multiplayer game isn’t an MMO, come on.. say that one more time so everyone knows how much a dumbass you are…

  3. Cits a Conquerer


  4. You *LOVE* it, huh?
    I guess you could say, we can…

    Ship it? **wheeze**

  5. please ichase complain about so WG do buff it dont say it dosent need buffs lol

  6. I sinked a potato ST Alaska captain with my Musashi. It was an easy kill and he ended on the bottom of the losing team.
    Looking this vid it’s clear the Alaska isn’t an OP ship, and it’s hard to bad players, but it’s clearly strong enough if the player know what he’s doing.

  7. everything in this game seems to be a “second line support ship”

  8. Back when I first started playing this game, this was one of the ships I was hoping to see in game some day. *Kermit flail

  9. Extremely biased review. The review didn’t mention many of the ship’s shortcomings while keep emphasizing on that one advantage of improved autobounce angle for the entire 17min.

    Yesterday I was able to pretty much 1v1 kill an Alaska driven by a Rank 1 [ZR] player in my Kitakaze. That fight showed many of the ship’s shortcoming.

    The fight happened at ~ 10km. Alaska had terrible forward and backward firing angle. So I kept moving towards the bow side of the ship and he had to show almost complete broadside. And that lead to him eating one of my torpedoes. Another weakness is obviously the poor torpedo belt. That one single torpedo did 19k damage.

    The other major weakness is the ship’s shell flight time. You can punish straight sailing noobs. But if they know how to dodge shells, you are not going to have a good time. In that fight against Alaska, I was able to dodge majority of his shells by wiggling and changing speed. Also her AP doesn’t get the reduced fuse time and arming threshold like Stalingrad. So you get a lot more overpens. You can see that happen a lot in recent Flamu’s streaming.

    She does have a pretty strong armor scheme and below-water citadel. But you can still get citadeled from range when BB AP shells start to plunge and overmatch your 19mm citadel deck.

    • That sounds to me more like the player picking a fight that his ship was not optimized for, and/or being overly confident in their skills as a player, but without the experience in the ship. If in a long range engagement (something no US cruiser is good at) and it’s going south but they choose not to break it off, that’s the player’s fault. Both of these things are mentioned in the commentary, the floaty shells and the preference for engaging cruisers. He’s pointing out that that specific autobounce improvement is a very powerful asset to the ship, and highlights it when it appears in the video. That’s how commentary works.

    • I mean, you’ll get rekt if you pick a mid/long range (anything more than 10km against a DD gunboat or 13/14km against a heavy cruiser like a moskva, hindenburg, zao, etc) in any US Cruiser. DM, Wooster, Seattle, etc. You need to disengage from that fight, use your concealment. 12.4km isn’t great on the concealment tho, but might be good enough.

    • It feels like a premium ship done right. Not overpowered or not underpowered and it provides a different kind of gameplay. I’m on the fence about it as it seems to have a very narrow specialisation, but meh. I love Graf Spee and it’s comparable in role.

    • I mean the Alaska was built as a cruiser killer…. Not a DD hunter. And Kitakaze has a stupid RoF and stupid pen.
      I’m sorry, but I could give my 5 year old cousin the kitakaze and he could melt an Alaska.

    • Alaska unfortunately, doesn’t benefit from Stalinium…

  10. I bought Kronshtadt awhile back, so I’m on the fence with the Alaska.

  11. Star Born Michael Hall


  12. 9:21 Well, have we just found conqueror’s natural counter?

    • I doubt it, if Conqueror switched to AP it would easily kill Alaska because of overmatch and short fuze AP (less likely to overpen). Though it depends a lot on the situation, but in a 1vs1 its heavily skewed towards Conqueror.

    • To be fair, just about any 1 v 1 is heavily skewed towards conqueror

  13. So with the addition of all these battlecruisers surely the Hood is due a massive reload buff? She was after all the last battlecruiser built for the RN

  14. Hey Chase. If I can play the Kronstadt with some degree of sucess I’ll probably do alright with the Alaska and I’m just an old scrub.Cheers from Stratford Ontario

  15. From the footage and gameplay views….I cannot agree with you, actually I’m more with Flamu about this ship.
    While the guns might be ok (if you can handle the terribly slow shells…), the angles of the guns are very bad. Same goes for the turret traverse…
    I guess this is a ship which will be (very) good in the hands of skilled U.S. main Captains….but for the rest….not that impressive (considering the grind needed to get the ship).
    Nice to have new ships to the game though, appreciate the effort of bringing new ships very frequently!

    • Timon Abramovic
      is it confirmed that it will not be purchasable by coal then?

    • don’t know about any of that ^^ However…coal is not really an option (for me) as you will need a lot…and I don’t think you get there without using steel in addition….
      And boooy I want that Stalin before any other ship xD

    • I’ll be honest, anyone who is expecting non-floaty shells from a USN ship should be shot for raw stupidity, it’s also cute your inbred ass thinks that guns that big will turn in any reasonable time period.

    • asaeampan they turn slower than Montana turrets. Plenty of BBs with WAAAAY better traverse. But go ahead and continue throwing insults at no one in particular about something you don’t even have good information on.

  16. Alaska looks very much like Graf Spee. It’s an overspecialised cruiser-killer with a poor rate of fire against destroyers and insufficient guns against battleships. I love my Graf Spee but one of its weaknesses is that lack of versatility. Buffalo can hunt destroyers better, can smack BBs better, has more or less comparable AA and also has powerful AP. Alaska has a better alpha strike and penetration against cruisers, but loses in most other areas.

    Makes me sad. It seems well balanced, admittedly, but not much fun unless you have a cruiser to munch on.

    • I wouldn’t call them “insufficient against battleships”… I mean Chase managed to shave 18k off a GK, cit a Conq, and did some good damage against the NC.
      Yeah DPM is lacking, but as you said: She’s a cruiser killer. More like a poor man’s (even tho she was like really expensive) battlecruiser (because she’s not one) imo.

    • Aye, you are both right. I’ve had Graf Spees do insane damage to me in my BBs, because i was ignoring them for more dangerous threats (or ships i could take out much quicker)… and so over time they did 30-40k to my BB while i wrecked two or three other ships. The same is shown here, he did great damage, but when he HIMSELF became the target of the GK, he was lucky to get away alive.

    • Jesus christ you’re very stupid if you think that it’s unfit against BBs. If a damn desmoines can do severe damage to BBs the alaska can do even more damage. Why are so many inbred fucks in this world? Let’s just line you stupid fucks up and gun you down as you deserve.

    • The Graf Spee does have the same guns as the Scharnhorst, with more damage.

  17. Wargaming knows how to fill their wallet? Who’d have guessed

  18. Richard Motschenbacher

    With Alaska being a former Russian territory the devs could not make the USS Alaska typically under powered.

  19. I’ve played enough Chappy to know that even a Shchors can bounce shots into its citadels. Please do not use a Chapayev as an example for how good your guns are. It’s armor is only 1 millimeter thicker than a cardboard box.

  20. Shouldn’t it be an Alaskan flag on the thumbnail?

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