World of Warships – Alaska’s playground

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Welcome to Alaska’s playground. Ship with solid armor and hard hitting guns (when they work) and plenty of utilities at your disposal. You just have to know how, when and on who to use them.

I was trying to finish one of the missions for tanking dmg with USN cruisers and then MM threw me a bone xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. God, that close-range execution on the Lenin was the stuff of dreams. Gonna need to change my pants after that.

  2. Can we fund Marry a new Mic? Cause its horrible to listen^^

  3. “The Russians are the biggest tanks in the game. And do the most damage.”

    AKA broken.

    • Jozsef Toth just pointing out if you think GK is overpowered but there’s kremlin in the game. I still do full Pens in my Monty against GK all the time so it might not be citadel but it’s still 10k plus volleys easy

    • @William Marcos yeah i bet u want GK broad side to be impenetrable. Because it takes 10k, 16k, or even 20k salvos. Yamato Conqueror or Kreml would take 2 times more at least, depending on how much citadels u got

    • But we all know who maid the best ships USA

    • I deleted a Vladivostok with my Roma…. >_>

    • Jozsef Toth no i don’t i was just pointing out that it’s armor isn’t impenetrable and take lots of damage, kremlin shattered and bounced my Monty shells at a 11 km broadside just last night 🙁

  4. Flamu: Alaska the better Puerto Rico
    Flambass: Alaska a tier 9 Stalingrad
    Wargaming: Alaska needs nerf!

  5. Straight down the middle ??

  6. The drive by of the Lenin and then the nice citadel hit on the flamethrower was why we all like warships no mather what the drunken russian do in their offices

  7. “uh oh, thats basically a full hp Lion”……. proceeds to poke lion with a stick…

  8. Great to see NO russian bias in this game 😉 I for one can’t wait for russian submarines! OP nah there’s no chance that would ever happen 😉

  9. That Algrie lol

  10. That Algerie is the reason why I go middle every time now lol it always happens

  11. My favorite part is people yelling at Flambass not to go Middle.

  12. Now that was some goddamn seamanship

  13. On this map , you always go middle . Is it for the fun or is it the best strategy ?

  14. There`s NO russian bias. They just nerfed Kremlin… – well, her AA 😀 I`ve heard, that in the next patch, Smolensk will be able to dive or get airborne, if she is targeted? And she can launch mini-subs as well (y)

    • I’m getting the Smolensk next week, the nerf will follow Feb 1st.

    • To be exact, the health of her AA mounts. Also, I heard that Smolensk will be able to transform into a nuclear powered guided missile cruiser of the Kirov-class.

    • Yeah keep the shit flowing m8. Just to know they nerfed:
      1. Heal – 1 charge
      2. Gun alpha damage by 1000 also accuracy at range
      3. AA gun mounts healt
      Its amazing to see people here ranting bullshit, not even having the bloody ship. “its OP Russian bias because once i saw one devstrikeing a Minotaur” “it can oneshot cruisers” “guns OP” “armor OP”

  15. Yesterday I did my firt SPESHUL tactics on this map and it worked. I was in Des Moines, DPM / Surveilance build (4,8s reload, hydro, 48s radar and RPF). I had a Kremlin backing me up and it was insane. We even had a Kurfurst rushing in and ramming Kremlin in desperation, but Kremlin survived that ram

  16. never zoom in when doing a drive-by, your gun depression and elevation is restricted when zoomed in

  17. Great playing. I’m new at this game and trying to learn something. I have a couple of quick questions:
    1. I notice that when you shift zoom, sometimes it doesn’t zoom all the way. Is that a custom setting, or are you just very fast on the mouse wheel? I feel when I zoom, it over zooms and I get tunnel vision and loose situational awareness.
    2. What is the setting to lock your armaments on a point, or on bearing so you can look somewhere else and not move the gun aim? That was a nice move you did on the lion when you pre-set your guns full port, knowing the the turret rotation wouldn’t keep up when going full broadside at close range.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • 1. It’s a lil random but if you zoom while your scrolling it will do it part way
      2. I believe the key binding by default is alt+ x or command + x (mac)

    • for quick lookarounds there is also the option of holding your right mouse button while moving the view. once you release the button, view goes back to what it was before. can be used to quickly switch back and forth between zoom mode and normal view too

  18. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    Thank you for doing a video on Alaska B. I splurged on myself and bought this ship for Christmas, but I am having a hell of a time figuring out how to make her work for me since I mostly play DD’s.

  19. You gotta love the pre-combat feeling when he prepares for fight with Lion, smooth with the music

  20. As always when Flambass is playing most enemy ships giving broadside and battleships shooting HE at him.

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