World of Warships – All Aboard The Failboat!

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The uploader bears no responsibility for any brain cell loss that may occur from viewing.

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  1. Last time I was this early Jingles Youtube Channel was still called Bohemian Eagle.

  2. Please send this to Clarkson…I assume all British people know each other lolXD

  3. speaking of Fail boats… they are adding the French navy and Italian navy!

  4. Love the Top Gear reference, it really sucks that they screwed it up

  5. +1 for mouth breathing window licking morons

  6. This has to be SEA server, I play on it and i’m stuck with people like this every game.

  7. i was against a Fiji in ranked today, he sailed into an island while under fire, backed up, did a wide loop to port and then went ashore again in the EXACT same spot after completing the turn…….and he did this 3 times…….. before he popped his smoke and sat there on the beach. I swear players are getting dumber. I mean, i know i am not the best player, but come on……..

  8. r u Jeremy clakson

  9. kongo is entirely possible to have suffered from the loading smoke effect. it happens to me a lot. When you zoom in or get close on a smokescreen, it would not make any difference. Unless you can see that thin white line, it looks all clear. Wyoming: I am a t4 BB with horrible accuracy and my turrets are pointing the other way. surely this tier 5 german gunboat can deal with the sucker, right?

  10. Jingles, I’ll send you the bill for those brain cells you cost me later.

  11. That last Hitler-joke…
    My grandfather was a soldier of the wehrmacht and fought at the eastern front. Thankfully he got injured early on and was send home to recover. Later on he fought the british in Africa, got captured and was a prisoner of war until the end of world war II. He died peacfully at the age of 81 as i was eight years old. I wish, i could talk to him today, asking him about the past. When i think of him today and the horror hed probably experienced, i get angry about the rise of nationalist partys in my beloved Europe…

  12. After watching this video, mein Führer has locked himself into his Reichskanzlei office. It´s been an hour now and he has not stopped screaming REEEEE. I am highly besorgt!

  13. LOL. Jingles one thing. Germany almost had Russia by Christmas. Only Hitler fucked up and sent tanks south. instead of taking Moscow. So yeh I get your point. so many idiots and just like Hitler had shit to brains when coming up with great ideas.

  14. To be fair to the Germans, if the Italians hadn’t fucked up in Yugoslavia and delayed the invasion by 4 months Germany very well might have defeated the russians

  15. People lose their minds when they see a light tank or especially an arty in WoT, so its probably the same reasoning. People are angry about things that can shoot or see them without them being able to do the same

  16. I don’t like the new top gear

  17. The True Gamerz Dynamite

    You were in the same room as hitler when he decided to invade Russia?

  18. I thought i was going to laugh my ass off, when you referenced Hitler and Operation Barbarossa.

  19. He thinks that everything except V8s are communist. He is the american!!!

    I watch TopGear quite often and it’s funny as hell. xD

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