World of Warships – All Fools’ Day

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Happy April Fool’s Day, Captains!
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  1. I hadn’t played for a few days, ironically I jumped on last night. Funny
    as, I thought I had gotten a virus.

  2. lol……really gave us a bathtub to battle in it with 4 different types
    nation of ship.

  3. But WoWS, you’ve already given us a joke. Did you forget about Random

  4. Bathtub map.

  5. I think next fools days update will be new map which looks like bathtub.

  6. next patch April fool, give hope for player that you will collaborated with
    Kadokawa (Kantai Collection) im sure they will freaking overjoy

    the next day “it just a prank bro” ….

  7. what is the matter with you guys?

    its not even 1 April yet

  8. all fools day ? sounds like every day of playing randoms

  9. Yuyuko Saigyouji

    even if not april fools yet but
    i cant stop laughing so the next update they will be new update like ships
    can flying
    (i believe i can fly)

    just for april fools event

    kind of like that???

  10. Yuyuko Saigyouji

    u wot m8

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