World of Warships – All Luck, No Skill

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So just exactly how far can pure dumb luck carry you in a game of World of Warships? Daygoon is about to put that to the test.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. “All Luck”? How many political dissdents were sent to the gulag??

  2. video uploaded: 19 seconds ago. Well, good morning indeed 🙂

  3. I forgive you for not uploading yesterday when I was grinding to get my tiger 1 in world of tanks. Now time to grind for something else because the stock tiger is utter shite. ??

  4. I thought the title was going to be sarcastic… Never let it be said that jingles isn’t a savage.

  5. Sitting here with a strong, fresh coffee… and The Mighty Jingles delivered just in time! LOVE IT! Good Morning from Norway to you all, saltminers!

  6. Roderick Voordouw

    Yay! Our Saltmine master Jingles blesses us with a long World of Warships video. Must have had a good time welcoming rita home eh? 😉 What’s that? back to the salt mines or I shall never see the light of day again? Yes lord Jingles, immediatly lord Jingles…

  7. jennifer stewarts

    LOL Wow replays has replays now that say…”Hey Jingles” On it LOL

  8. Keep up the great uploads Jingles!

  9. It can carry you pretty far 😛 I just reached Rank 1 in this season of ranked battles. My last battle, I was in a Cleveland, went alone to one of the cap zones in the hopes of intercepting the enemy DD… I found the ENTIRE enemy team (including 2 Vladivostoks, a Tirpitz, a Bismarck, Hipper, Edinburgh and Ognevoi)…. it took them 6 minutes to kill me, while I was running away and re setting their cap progress and setting them on fire…. In the meantime, my team (who went to the completely opposite way) managed to cap the other 2 zones and come back to help me. I did die doing only 78.000 damage, but I got 29 defended ribbons and set 19 fires… but I still got over 2100 base exp and was first on my team 😛 Just because they enemy team either missed, or bounced or overpenetrated with most of their shots 😛

  10. 7 torps on the conqueror….. that’s going on porn hub

  11. Well, this one rubbed my ego. No, no pun intended, I truly feel like I’m not that bad of a gamer after seeing this…

  12. I feel like I’ve been stuck in the stupid pool whenever I dive into Warships lately.

  13. Can we take a moment to appreciate the chat at the start?

  14. I Dygo related to you Jingles, his play style seems similar.:)

  15. my highest base xp was 4.4k dont know when and how i got that much ?

  16. Not really bad, just the guy with the least situational awareness you have ever featured. My heart was crying as a bb player when the Monty didn’t blow him in to his next game

  17. Y’know, to top it all off at the end as well, Daygoon gets ONE Citadel at the end, when the Midway has 25hp left. A citadel that only took 515 shell impacts before it to actually happen.

    It’s like ammo racking a tank in WoT with 1hp left.

  18. Jingles mate, thank you for you’re reply to my email and words of wisdom and encouragement. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone I said that, you’re secret is safe with me. Your right though, if you can’t be good be funny or guess funny looking window licking could also work. For a navy man your alright.. Good day to you sir

  19. Hey jingles! I’ve been watching you for going on… 7 years i think? The first video of yours i had ever seen was “hetzers gonna hetz” and have been a daily watcher ever since. I just recently downloaded world of warships after watching your videos and was wondering if you run any mods on it and how to install them?

  20. Jingles: Usually the Minotaur has some thing the Khabarovsk doesn’t
    Me: A Citadel!!! *airhorns*
    Jingles: A smokescreen
    Me: :O -> ;(

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