World of Warships – All salute the great Russian Kommissar

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And here it is ladies and gentelmen, the perfect last match of this “awesome” and BALANSed “not”TOXIC season of ranked battles. In the final battle you get to see more Smolensks than any other ship in the game combined.

It must mean this ship is perfectly balanced and there are no indications that it might be a tiny little bit OP…surely…

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Wait for it

    You’ll know

  2. WG should do a chart of season 14, especially how many SMOLENSK were in the matches compared to other classes

  3. This is actually what WG wanted.

  4. Look at Flambass…

    He is the captain now!

  5. Am i the only one trying to look at the minimap all the time? Really sucks not being able to.

  6. There is no such thing as russian bias!

    -Said no one ever

  7. the funny thing is that the wr of this ship is actually “balanced”, since every team has a minimum of 3 smolensks on each side, so they balance each other out. according to wows-numbers the wr of this thing is 50,7%. WG will probably still not see any motive to balance the ship after this season, the only odd thing in the numbers is the “popularity”, with nearly 10% of usage all around

  8. James Borgen Hansen

    what !!! ..I just saw something I hadn’t thought of, I saw you used the m key, to see how the ship was parked behind that island, I know you can use m, but when you chose to use z to follow your projectile 5:35, it actually gave a better overview of the ship’s location, and also more info on where the projectiles land in relation to the ship 🙂 … Thanks …

  9. If I didn’t need steel, i wouldn’t play this BS ranked.
    Can’t even afford to buy a smo

  10. No one:

    WG: sPrEaDsHeEt SaYs iS fInE

    • If there were no Smolensk ranked would still be a joke with matches so lopsided they might as well be predetermined. I know it’s easier for the myopic sheep to just say Smolensk is an auto win but it’s clearly not true. Admit it pathetics, Smolensk is largely hated because the cowards who pretend the battleship should be the only thing in WOWs to effortlessly delete other ships has a counter under some conditions. That’s why so many idiots whine about HE. Whatever, WOWs is dying because of the dumb choices WG has been making for a couple years and the absolute pants player base.

    • Rueben James so you are fine with the way the Smolensk is right now? :/

    • @pj The Smolensk is so far down the list of issues that it doesn’t matter. When you put yourself in a bad position and or have no support there are lots of ships that can punish you anyway.

    • Which makes sense, but the Smolensk has it all. High HÈ spam, a smoke for 2 mins, a hydro, cant citadel the thing, great mobility, almost 20km range when full build…
      I mean, nerf something. Doesnt have to be the dpm, just something. The range, the smoke. Anything. Its to much :/

    • @Rueben James yes fucking shit russian game… full unbalance and op russian ships… i stop playing

  11. new drinking game, every time you see a SMOLENSK, take a shot.

  12. well, the more Smolensk on each side, the more balance is restored ;P

  13. WG attempt to balance Smolensk:


  14. “SmOl3nsK wIll n0t b3 p0puLaR In Rankeed” someone on official forum when it got out and I said it will be world of smolensk.
    /smug face
    I’ve not even begun watching the game I already know I will see angry smokes blindly firing at each other.
    /edit that was even worse – no one pushed except the yolos and the poor kremlin who had to do something and knew it would be a failure anyway.

    • mickael delatre I wouldn’t even bother with the forums, the best place to find people excusing Wargaming and their bullshit.

  15. mino or DM easy answer….DMOLENSK

  16. miss being able to watch the mini-map. 🙁

    • Same, not a fan of the new pic location. Please let us see the mini-map!

    • @Scott Taylor its just for ranked so people cant stream snipe him and team. once he is ranked out it will go back to normal. this is nothing new he does this every ranked season.

  17. Both DDs facepalmed when they saw the teamlists, I’m sure.

  18. world of balans: ahistorical naval paperwar. Fun and engaging!

  19. You saw four Smollies on each side and said, “Da, Tovarisch!” But you meant to say, “Daka daka daka Tovarisch!”

  20. Me: this looks like an entertaining and fun game

    WG: hold my beer *creates Smolensk*

    Me: nevermind -_-

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