World of Warships – All Skill, No Lead Torpedoes

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All skill with these torpedo hits baby ♥♥♥


  1. I see me! Where is my royalties!

  2. iChase is busy playing WW2 Sub Simulator with all those calculations xd

  3. My brain just exploded… need shiney things.

  4. Hackerman

  5. I do this all the time, once you get a feel for it, blind kills at the beginning of games is normal. Then you get accused of hacks, but that is a compliment all of its own. Keep up the good work iChase.

    • enemy dd went full triggered when i sank him before anyone had even spotted him XD demanded to know how i knew he was there.

    • happens to me from time to time as well … but it just takes some thinking about ‘where would I be if I was on the other side ? oh there’ … launch torps … … … boom …

  6. Ichase evil mastermind confirmed

  7. Fun fact, I played a dd for MONTHS before realizing what the torpedo lead indicator was. I was just visually guestimating the whole time. I felt like an idiot, but it probably made me a better dd driver for the experience.

    • derek96720 you are way better than me, I spent a year at least…. while the game is just launch a little more than a year lol

    • Only know torpedo lead indicator exist after i reach tier 8 in my DD.

    • In the book “Japanese Destroyer Captain” by Tameichi Hara, the author describes a little of the math that went into making a torpedo attack. Hara wrote the manual for the IJN on torpedo attacks. However, it’s been a while since I read this book and I don’t recall specific formulas contained in the book, more like a general description of what type math problem you are dealing with and the best method for launching torpedoes at the correct angle of attack.

    • the exact formulas are in the manual for Silent Service by Sid Meier (c) 1985 MicroProse, in the chapter dealing with Torpedo Data Computer.

    • u cant rely on the lead indicator anyway…u usually dont only shoot at it and many times u SHOULDNT shoot near it.
      its just a basic estimate where u can use as an indicator, thats it

  8. IChase OP plz nerf

  9. Imagine the Matrix starring iChase

  10. welp this doesn’t help my headache during finals

  11. This really only works with non IJN DDs. When i launch torps with Shimakaze, enemy BB captain detects them, lights up a cigarette, looks at the time and still has time to dodge them…

    • After what WG said about 20km torpedos, this can only be a joke. Anyway, a BB will fit between 2 torpedos when they reach close to 20km… it’s another BS WG tactic to make us think they are “buffing” Shimakaze. Even a bigger joke is how rushed you will be by every other DD and CA since you can’t hit any of these. Looks more like another nerf than a buff. The greed driven bastards are trying so hard to ruin the game, it’s amazing.

    • i have no problem with the current shima and i do very well with it.
      u can even fight other DDs if u see a good opportunity, and the torps are still deadly if used correctly as close to the enemy as possible

    • Don’t try to convince me that Shimakaze can fight gunboats. I shit on it with Tier VIII DDs and if there’s a few radars, you will basically camp till they are dead. If there’s radars and some German DD on enemy team, well in that case, you won’t do a thing the entire battle. I don’t get any fun out of a ship which main tactic is to run away from every other ship. Deadly torps? Get “close” to a BB? Sure, if you always get matched against HUGE noobs or you are happy to sink one ship and die in the process, like a suicide rush, sure, go ahead, but that’s not how i like to play.
      Anyway saying “you can play it as a gunboat” it’s kind of ridiculous. You can, but you will have a really crappy gunboat. The “thing” of that line of IJN DDs is torpedos. At this point, Shimakaze has THE WORST torpedo systems in Tier X (and in some cases worst than some Tier VIII or IX). Torpedos aren’t just the max dmg they can inflict, the only thing that Shimakaze has better than other DDs.
      edit: even some CAs have better torpedo systems than Shimakaze…

    • when did i say its a good gunboat?? i said that if the situation is right, u can do good dmg vs DDs. open up on low hp ones, busy ones. u can kill them pretty fast.
      torps arent the best but they are pretty good if u use them on broadside BBs when not too far away.

      i know what im talking about as a 61% solo winrate player.
      its a good DD that can do great dmg on the enemy, and now the guns are pretty useable too…
      its just not the best in every situation, but has very usable guns and torps if u know how and when o use them

    • Sorry, i just assumed that because you said it could fight other DDs tho you also said in certain conditions.
      It has usable guns same way a DD with 6km range torpedos has usable torpedos and they should also be used if the opportunity is given. Now being usable doesn’t make it any good and the fact that you play very well doesn’t even mean it’s a good ship. You can’t just assume that if you can do well with it, it must be good. You can hit ships with torps, if you launch them all at the same target, but you will hit probably 1 if any. If you fire, you can get some more dmg but never really meaningful. It has average torpedos and really bellow average guns. I mean, Shimakaze is that ship that everyone can engage, it’s a free kill and at this point, with all the DDs with long smokes, hydros, radar, repair… it’s just a piece of crap that it’s only good when it’s matched in Tier VIII battles or under perfect MM.
      If i want to fire guns i choose any other nation (they are all better). If i want torpedo config, there’s quite a few DDs that can do it better (maybe even a couple of CAs…). Shimakaze is just pointless, it has no real role in battle, apart from trying to profit from noobs, a lucky strike or firing here and there.
      Giving it 20km “semi” deep water torpedos is so stupid, so ridiculous, so senseless that i don’t even feel like talking about it.

  12. This is like Torp 700. for those who still in Torp 101, Torp 301, and Torp 602. I don’t recommand people try this and end up sending torps towards friendly’s butt.

    • I was wondering about that second salvo on the Bismark (last salvo in the video). If the friendlies decided to push up out of the B cap they could have run into those torps too.

    • See, cramming fish up the ass of a teammate is a wows tradition at this point.

  13. Can you use shimakaze? I think its a little bit harder because of torp range

  14. itz-_Richi_-RNG_ 503


  15. I made one text error in the video, when I wrote horizontally, I meant to write diagonally. I said diagonally, but wrote horizontal 😛

    • Nice vid Chase….really appreciated it. You manage make this aspect a thinking man’s game vs the typical drudgery of RNG, trash talk and brute force and ignorance WOWS has become.

    • 66 knots x 1.852 = 122 kph (real life) <---> 66 knots = 1,000 m / 5.7 s = 175.5 m/s = *632 kph (WoWS)* That’s more than 5 times the real speed of these torps, and about as fast as a diving late WW2 prop aircraft…

    • Damn iChase if you do this with some of the Pan Asian DDs… double RIP.

    • You can do this with almost any ship armed with torpedoes, including some of the stealthier cruisers. Predictive launching is nothing new, he’s just trying to do it better by calculating probabilities, but it won’t work against the more experienced BB captains. If you’re worried about torpedoes just stop sailing in a predictable manner, it doesn’t matter what kind of torpedo is used against you.

    • Yeah but with high tier torps that go 60+ knots and aren’t spotted until they are 800m away… omg it’ll be devastating.

  16. The math you are using is a little over complicated. The only thing you need to know is the ratio of the speed of your tope to the speed of your target. Lets say you got 66knot tope, and your target is a BB running at about 30knot, the ratio is about 2:1. So, if you are 2 square away from that BB, aim down 1 square. If you are one and a half of square away from that BB, aim down about 3 quarter square. Something like that.

    • And you have to account for the angle he is going relative to your firing position. It is that easy, if he is passing 90 degrees to you, but if he is going away or towards you in some angle, you have to aim further ahead or less.

    • It’s quite a bit more complicated than that, enemy ship isn’t always sailing at consistent speed and straight lines, they can go diagonally across a minimap grid and their speed might change in turns. Also coming towards you and running away can change things quite significantly

    • if they are changing speed and/or direction then you cannot make any prediction about the time and position they will be in when the torps should impact … so you can leave that complication out 🙂

      approach angle is the only complication, but that can be covered by sufficient torpedo spread … yes you register less hits, but you are still better than waiting for them to show up in you spotting range ….

  17. There is a point where we needed to stop and we have clearly passed it but let’s keep going and see what happens

  18. This is banned under the Geneva convention, no using mathematics in war ichase ;-p

  19. I just torp and pray

  20. amazing

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