World of Warships – Allo, Allo.

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Allo, allo my leetle oven-ready chickens. It is I, Ze Mighty Jingles, listen very carefully, ah will say zis only once…

Have I upset the French much yet? Because with this new Jean Bart tier 9 BB they’re going to be upsetting everyone else, as this replay, courtesy of Mr TonMou shows…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Allo Allo!

    Retreat! German are coming!
    Ale! Ale! Ale!


    • Destroyer Inazuma

      When the Nazis came in, Petain thought submission transforms rape into just softcore BDSM. De Gaulle replied that just because one part of the brain craves it doesn’t mean it’s good for the body. The resistance proudly said that the France didn’t need any Nazis to get screwed, thank you very much, and went out to wage war on the basis of not giving consent to the unsolicited leather clad invader.

    • “There is nothing preventing the enemy reaching Paris. We were fighting on our last line and it has been breached. I am helpless, I cannot intervene.”
      -Maxime Weygand

    • Very original, how happy you must be

    • Thales baguette happy

  2. I just realised how long it has been since the last Kv2 video

  3. ‘Allo ‘Allo! is the best British TV show ever made! Well that and Dad’s Army haha

  4. *”Listen Very Carfully I shall Sey Ths Only Once”*

  5. I thought Allo Allo was flamu’s intro xD

  6. A battleship with fully upgraded gun mods and consumable that fires like a machine gun? Shut up and take my money XD

    • Yeah, good luck with that against a competent tier X BB… I’m not at all impressed by these French designs, with or without some quirky consumables they’re situational at best, not a consistently reliable BB able to adapt to various tactical situations.

    • i do belive a competent comander will make this ship sing like he wants . as for the rest – well patato will strugle even in Kamikaze 😀

    • Not to mention the AA. ALL long-range guns in very hard to knock out turrets, meaning you’ll still be able to throw a very respectable barrage up even late-game.

    • French autoloaders!

    • or 900k free xp

  7. Funny how jingles makes an allo allo reference and it’s not on a video of someone playing in a little tank

  8. Kaga ́s Playground

    last time i was this early the french had still a navy

    • @johan smifthelry:
      *_Way-to-go ruining a perfectly good joke! >:(_*

    • lmao sorry, but i dont get it

      wtf is going on

    • Max Saviano the italian navy was shit. They didnt have oil to properly run their ships. Sure in terms of quality they were about as good as the french and the british, but they did as much as the french did

    • Kaga ́s Playground

      it is a ww2 joke

  9. And the Iowa would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for that meddling French Battleship!

  10. Easily the best looking Battleship ever devised. Also *”Good moaning”*

  11. And what are you englishmen good at ? Apart from burning virgins and sinking stationnary ships…
    (am I upset enough for you great overlord ?)

    • You’re forgetting the North African campaign … and the entirety of WW1, the Napoleonic Wars, and the 100 Years War.
      Don’t even think about mentioning Hastings – that wasn’t the French, that was the Norsemen who’d already defeated the French.

    • Ardanel68 you’re right, the ww2 jab is getting a little loose.. What about that whole “overstretching your over seas holdings to the point they openly rebel and join a communist bloc?” :p

    • Ending Slavery and beating the French? I guess that last one we did a bit too much, hence the salt us Englishmen extracted from your comment. **Laughs in Tea and Crumpets**

    • The only thing the French should be allowed to host is an invasion

    • You know, I don’t know what to attribute it to, but 117 years seems like a heck of a long time to wage war. I mean, back then, it was like continuous war for 5 generations? How does that even happen until one side finally wins?

  12. Thank you.You are the best you bring a French battleship THANK YOU

  13. Pros: Fast Reload (base 26 sec, with Reload Mod, 22 secs), Great AA, good bow tanking ability, speed boost, fast recharge on Heal. Cons: 380mm guns cant overmatch even 27mm armor, making even bow tanking CAs all about immune to damage. Secondaries do have the great base range of it’s tech tree cousins tier 8+ (Use AFT to boost AA guns, not secondaries), and takes IF-HE shell damage like a 10 cent hooker on a busy night.

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      How is the base range only 5km when the Rich starts at 7km and Alsace is 7.5km………….

    • Silentwolf Sherman They has to balance her somehow in the gun department. That reload booster, with the nice, fairly accurate french style secondary guns would had been overkill in most situations

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      Devin Linker oh I understand in terms of game balance, but if the main gun accuracy is typical french widespread standard. I much rather have my Alsace with 12 guns and manual secondaries

    • Silentwolf Sherman the guns have a very non-French sigma of 2.0. Its scary accurate in comparison to the Alsace. I like the workable secondary guns on the Alsace as well however. Ill get her though because the total package is great

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      Devin Linker ah I see, been loving my Alsace. My SO is a destroyer captain, and is scared of getting within the 10.5 km range of my secondaries in order to drop her 10km torps

  14. Calls the Buffalo a Light Cruiser…Oh Jingles, never change.

    • 203 mm armed light cruiser. Must be Russian. In Soviet Russia, battleship is heavy cruiser, all else is light weight.


    • Technically, all treaty cruisers and their follow-ons were light cruisers. Their design evolution is directly from the WW1 light cruiser and early US treaty cruisers had CL hull designations. This changed with the LNT when the treaty made a classification change to separate 8″ gun cruisers from 6″ gun cruisers…because reasons. So…you have 10k ton 6″ gun cruisers–Brooklyn class–on the same hull as a 10k ton 8″ gun cruiser–Wichita. Because political reasons.

    • After the redesignation of the Pensacolas the US navy differentiated between cruisers by gun caliber, and all ships designed and built after the Northamptons were undeniably heavy cruisers, whether classified by armor or armament.
      Even if you argue that 10,000 tons makes the ship a light cruiser, the Baltimores weighted nearly 20,000 tons, and the Buffalo was an enlarged Baltimore.

  15. If I had this ship, I would be happy with it, if I did not, then it would be over powered and broken, in need of fixing! #onlyRitacanhatejingles

  16. Wish we had a real chance to see those secondaries in action.

    • I rarely if ever count on my secondaries, nor do I use a secondary build 😉

    • Looks like it’s got the same field of fire problems as the Dunkerque.

    • Just look at the Richelieu, and you’ll have a good idea about these ones, if anything they’ll just have slightly larger range and just a little lower reload.

    • btchbgd
      It’s actually the opposite currently. Jean Bart’s secondaries have shorter range but much faster reload (along with more turrets) than Richelieu’s.

  17. The Jean Bart balances high mobility with weak armour, and large volume of fire with a relatively small number of gun barrels and calibre (only 8 x 15” at tier 9, when all are your competitors are rocking 16-18”, or Alsace with 12 guns). And as battleship, it’s utility is still dependent on the enemy position and situation, so I think the ship’s balanced. Only time and more testing will tell for sure though.

  18. “Go away or I shall taunt you a second time!”


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