World of Warships – Almost feels like cheating

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Original still has it baby and it ain’t going away any time soon
These ships are sooo good that it almost feels unfair to play them
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. That was a short, victorious battle 🙂

  2. 44hp away from witherer, the game really loves to troll people…

    • Heh. I’ve got a (very) old Lo Yang game where I was 1hp off a witherer. 1 kill off a kraken. 1 ship away from a solo warrior (4th guy died about a second before my last team mate died! Grrr!) and just barely missed out on a ton of medals.

      This was with a 1 point captain too. I went from a 1 point to a 7 point captain in just that one game! xD

    • +Gareth Fairclough I had 3 games in a row where I damaged 5 ships above 20% of their HP, and another 3 ships but below 20% HP, one of those three ships in all three games received just below 20%… 3 Confederate medals barely missed in a row.

  3. You do realize there will eventually be a petition to WG saying you can’t play Fletcher or Chung Much anymore right? 😉

  4. had 5 high tier games in a row playing as tier V today. fun stuff

  5. Worchester …wtf where was that radar ?

  6. Please edit out Mrs. Citadel’s kitchen clatter next time lol

  7. Why don’t you run Superintendent on the Fletcher captain?
    And where do you always find these potato opponents?!

  8. Fletcher gonna fletch………

  9. Nailbiter hahaha.
    You make such great moves when it counts to avoid death. I would have done something similar until that Gearing showed up… I would have died I bet. Nice work.

  10. If wargaming’s goal was to increase use of tier 9, they accomplished that with DDs. I sold my Yueyang and picked up the Chun Mu. Did they nerf the Gearing too?

    • Gearing is still the same ship it always was it’s just that with the power creep we have been seeing it’s not the top dog it used to be think that spot belongs to Daring now

    • +Mark Deighton not totally. Gearing with the fast loading fletcher torps are Still good

    • +andrimner _dk I agree she is still a great DD just not the top tier 10 like she used to be. Personally I still use her original torps as I prefer the extra range still

    • The Chung Mu was not changed so buying it back and playing it because of the YY nerf makes 0 sense. Also why would you sell a TX ship?? Loose 15 mil credits for no good reason? You’ll be regretting it when they do the next SC for every TX owned event.

  11. why I never get people who didn’t repair from flooding :d :d

  12. Well? How many yolos?

  13. Keep up the great content!

    • Could you do another video when you were like a tier 1 in a tier 10 match, idk what kind of game mode that was but it was really enjoyable

    • I think it was called: The most hilarious match of Kots.

    • It’s not a game mode. It’s competitive gaming where teams play vs each other in their tier 10 ships and few of us take tier 1 ships just to ram each other so we could cast it. December 15th and 16th is the next tournament I’ll be casting live from WG HQ in Prague so you can tune in on twitch to watch it and I might upload some of that to YT afterwards as well.
      KotS stands for KING OF THE SEA which is the biggest WoWS tournament atm.

    • Oh, didn’t know that, still really enjoyable

  14. 8:45 I guess he had some homies waiting…😜

  15. Gotta love DD players that still broadsides in smokes when they know they been spotted by enemy DD?! Easiest kill ever!!

  16. 2 min smoke vs BB = YOLO

  17. Hey Flambass I have the Chung Mu and seeing as how the Yueyang got hit with a pretty serious nerf recently I wasted to ask you if it is worth getting the tier 10?

  18. really nice game

  19. It’s not cheating when you are simply that bloody good, Flambass. Well done on a very enjoyable game to watch.

  20. Have you timed your entry in the cap to happen exactly at the same time your torps entered the Kiev’s smokescreen? If so I call that brilliant planning.

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