World of Warships: Almost…

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Almost 200,000 damage. Almost a Kraken. Almost one of the most epic hard carries I’ve ever pulled off. Almost might not count, but it sometimes makes for a good video.

Excerpted from Shipstream on 11/12/17 (or 12/11/17 if you’re American).

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  1. First! Notice Me Senpai!

  2. “Goodbye queenie” – yuzral *hours later citizenship is revoked*

  3. If they are going to give the Musashi the HSF camo i have seen, then i’m gonna be triggered. That was the fucking Yamato. WG do your research!

    • Actually they both appear in the show. Yamato in the first episode (with the blue stripes) and Musashi with the red. So it’s quite possible we’re going to get both 🙂

    • Yuzral i know. I hope so. But scince there was a tease of a Yamato-class BB with the blue stripes titled as Musashi, i am quite concerned.

  4. It’s like chaperoning a class trip to the zoo. Look away for one second and, boom, “Where’d everybody go?!”

  5. I DO love this ship!

  6. The eternal pain of being a Japanese dd player you fire your torps they are on a perfect course to make a battleship return to port and then some devil on your own team decides to spook your target and make them dodge

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