World of Warships- Alright, So…..I Was Wrong, We’re Getting Shafted

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a DevBlog concerning the recent changes to supercontainers, and my worst fears have been confirmed. Let me know what you think below!


Ross Rowley:

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  1. it shows how a garbage complany wargaming has become. In the future there will be super super contrainers in bundles.

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      Giga Container

    • Supercontainers are already there.. In sequential bundles.

    • CesarinPillin Gaming

      @gstorm CZ which might also need you to purchase a season pass in the future lmao.
      Just like how convoluted the new shipyard levels are now.

    • @CesarinPillin Gaming If you mean multiple levels missions for dockyards, then agreed.

      But it’s even worse.. Instead of just playing and getting rewards same way, you get credits and xp from battle, just blink popup window at port, you have to pick rewards both in BP and dockyards manually, like WG worried to give you that directly and must click “yes.. I want take reward, which I was fighting or paying doubs for.”

      Not speaking they move certain features like ranked rewards and progress in different place, but emphasis news, which contains another set of gimme for read, click missions or tiny rewards as consumable camos or even zero value rewards as spare (already received) flags.

      Devs should focus on setting both economic boosters slots and signal flags on same page, current system with “not working” feature in their own Modstation favorizes opportunity to leave valuable boosters or signal flags on coop or other battle you dont want them have on.

      If WG so worried of excessive coal from supercontainers for T10 ship, we can expect all lower tiers to be nerfed too.
      Cant ignore fact, that players have hundreds of ships which they give 750 coal during anniversary.

      Maybe they start giving away tokens by tier, for which you gonna be able buy their new supercontainers.

    • Um…..they already are.

  2. As always, WG trying to remove the good stuff from the game and in the same time making the game even less enjoyable.
    That anniversary event was really sweet, and the way to reward old players (and try hard ones) with a load of SCs. Now we’ll have the same amount, for half the rewards.
    All of this because of doubloons, a fictional currency they want the most cash out from. Thanks WG.

  3. People with 50+ t10 ships were getting like 5k dubs, that’s way too much, you could buy like 5 premium containers with that. WG never fails to disappoint in their shows of greed.

    • It is nerf for common Joe mainly, because of he gonna get smaller chance to obtain any crappy T5 ship from his single container and even smaller chance for just 1K doubs, which won’t get you anything valuable ingame.

      WG and everyone to be fair:
      I play this game quite alot, have now around 35 T10 ships, but how many doubs and rare ships I got? Playing game intensively each day for 3-4 years, I got maybe 100 supercontainers, maybe more. I got only rare Kutuzov 4y ago from there and probably 8-10K doubs, which I didn’t save to get another rare or T10 prem ship. I usually wg-recycled it in their lucky gambling 1250doubs or sequential bundle containers.

      It is not doublons, what hurts WG there, it was 15.000 COAL
      I got there probably at least 10-12x 15K coal, getting me almost whole T9 prem ship
      But again.. This gonna hurt not me, as I have everything to enjoy game, but some Joe maybe won’t get his Agir, Azuma, Friesland or Hayate which will fall in big tempting pool of coal ships.

      Also ton of coal is already locked behind prem BP, which WG expect you to pay with your cash and not with supercontainers, haha.
      7,5K entry, 15-23K progress of prem BP and 20-26K coal for extra 3stages of prem BP. So premium BP has to be payed hard way.!!!

      IMHO, this is just the way WG wants relatively popular supercontainer make less worthy but start to sell it “cheap” in sequential bundles as they are already doing it!

      The supercontainer reputation is made from past, but they gonna sell that former value for doublons or make you think you are gonna getting double for CB oil.

      I expect some clans postpone superships naval base upgrades, just to get these and WG maybe reward superships in some missions by doubs, steel and coal you gonna get less from big red crates, lol.

      If you want keep your coal to come, you need get prem BP, finish dockyard stages beyond missions progress, maybe you get even 10K more if you go those sequential bundles!

    • I had anniverasry 2021 56 T10 and i got 7 k db , 2022 I had 67 T10 I got 5k db , now I have 74 T10 , I should have min 77 T10 when anniversary hit , with 4% got 3k db … honestly I am more worry about steel 1% and coal 10% but 7500 instad of 15k , on plus are better ship drops , I am 100% guarantee to get ship from SC in anniversary 2023 , I have all T5 from list , so min T6 … I have also 10 super ships , I bet before anniversary WG will introduce “mega ” super containers , with beter stuff , that made sense … but for me motivation to get T10 ships was rewords from SC & SG , now WG nerf one , i have no motivation grind T10 , I saw my kind account on player auction go for 3500$ to 5000$ , and I might just sell my account , and start a new one , and just play rarely for fun , I feel I spend just too much time with game anyways , and it have becomed more job that fun :/
      (BTW yes WG dont allow you to sell your account , but by law that is NOT illegal … and after all WG dont know who I am and cant connect my account to one person… )

    • @Huzarion was these accounts on Ebay? I think I have like 125 ships and most of the rareones

    • @Huzarion get a life maybe?

  4. Never give the befnefit of the doubt to WG!!

  5. I knew from the very moment I heard about the changes that it’s a setup for the anniversary event. AT LEAST they removed the absolute joke with grey boosters. Thanks for the video, m8 🙂

    • still some useless camo right?

    • Typical scummy move though. Take two steps over the line, then walk back one of them. Too many morons fall for it.

    • Although anniversary event has always been their target, WG also add grey boosters and remove the 1500db compensation for having all ships (which 10 fill the criteria). Then they back away from it, which was never their main goal to begin with, and say “hey, we listened to your feedback”. And there are people who fall for this old trick. Amazing

  6. Thanks Sealord for reminding me with every video why it was a good idea for me to quit this game.

    • It’s not like the devs continue to implement things into the game that the players love!!!

    • Stephen Fennell

      I uninstalled shortly after the full release of subs. I was having a killer game in my Schlieffen got 6 or 7 kills, brawling. Then a sub pops up literally right next to me, with hydro running, shotguns me point blank and kills me with no way to counter or even spot. I played for years, shelled out for premium time, had fun, but WG is so deaf to the people who play the game. I still enjoy content on it, even though I have no idea what the ships they’re reviewing are. Keep up the good work, Sea Lord. I’ll never forget the time I was in one of your stream games. You took out the Marseille and I was on the other flank in my Schlieffen. I was watching your stream and playing. You were running for your life on the east flank and I was wrecking the west and mid. You even said something along the lines of Man, that Sclieffen is going beast mode. Love your IRL videos too.

    • Just quit 2 months ago and now playing BF1, man what breath of fresh air, when someone quit your game and switch to EA you know you done somthing wrong, money hungry fiend of a company.

  7. Maybe WG would be having special anniversary containers. Hopefully that would be what WG is aiming for. Let’s see how it goes this coming anniversary and Christmas…

    • “As a result, in order not to change the system of Anniversary rewards, we have changed the composition of the Supercontainer.”

  8. Loanword Eggcorn


  9. Really good from WG. I don’t have any T10 ships so now I don’t get the same level of rewards for supercontainers as I used to.

  10. Last SC I got 5000 dubloons. It’s equivalnt to 60 days of premium. Not bad! Over the two years I’ve been playing Wows I’ve got something like 3000 steel, 60 days of prem, and mostly signal flags 50x each time . WG is nerfing the rewards all across the board; Free XP, Credits are all less now. I guess WG is having problems in Bakhmut?

  11. To sum up, “We don’t want to be seen stopping giving supercontainers, so we’ll make them less super instead”

  12. Considering that I have only received one ship in seven years of supercontainers, I’m not holding my breath for another anytime soon.

  13. Nah they are just cheap , I am F2P player , I have premium account since anniversary 2022 , and I use anniversary DB to buy some stuff in Black Friday or xmas , 2022 when BF hit I had 22k db all earned 2022 anniversary + playing ranked (I allways go to gold) + random SC + PTserver , so I had no need to spend cash on game , and what WG do make sense … but for that = exit game .

  14. Broccan Mac Ronain

    As a teacher with 21 years in a classroom, I feel your pain. As of last year, I retired from active teaching. I was figuring that was the reason WG was nerfing the super containers since giving away doubloons is not good for their profit margins. That tops off their reduction of the benefits of free EXP.

  15. So many things could replace dubs in SCs, RB points, coal, steel, credits, or a certificate token and when you collect enough of them you trade for a ship or some other high value reward like things you no longer can get

  16. I agree that an anniversary super container would have been a much better solution to the problem. However, I like that they are honest regarding their reasons for the changes and that they at least don’t include the crappy boosters in the containers.

  17. Vaughn Blaylock

    I can feel myself quitting. I’m skipping play days and not playing on weekends much at all any longer. I miss the good fights, but I think that the absolute potato level of brawls this time around was the last straw for me.

  18. CesarinPillin Gaming

    WG: “You have to play by the rules of our casino to win”
    Players learn the game…
    WG: “Wait no, thats illegal, im changing the rules then!”

  19. I used to count on these crates as a great way to get dubs. It was one of the reasons I worked so hard to get my tier 10 ships. I have been saying this since the CC mess, not another dime to Wargaming. Each person is free to do what they want, but I won’t pay anymore.
    Good work on correcting the record.

  20. DAME! Critical Hit.

  21. @Huzarion Indeed, they just want their MONEY. People are always going to want Dubs or spend Dubs on Something so i doupt their is any real “inflation” going on. I’m sure their are SOME that have more Dubs then they know what to do with but they are probably quite rare.

  22. I got an Azuma from a supercontainer 2 months ago. I think these are amazing. sad to get nerfed

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