World of Warships- Alright, So This Ship Is A Little Nuts

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the Tier VIII Techline British Battlecruiser Hawke, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Much like Zieten, Hawke is the underrated gem of its nation’s battlecruiser line.

    • Zieten is really not a good ship…

    • maxdoesntsurrender

      Not with that stupid pyramid of a super structure it isn’t. Zieten catches smaller calibre ap and he shells like a cricket player.

    • I really loved the Satan when I had her in testing. Then when i re-grinded the line after it was released I found the Satan to be extremely frustrating to play. I just kept eating so much damage and the guns are very inaccurate.

  2. I have the t5 hms tiger and have managed to not hit anything with its torps even in coop games lol

  3. I enjoy playing renown here and there, because it’s historic, also tiger is fun but I really like the rooke , I built it secondary which is good actually and really fun

    • I was looking at their stats and to me it looked like they would be good secondary ships, at least the T9 and 10. Since all their firepower is frontal. Idr what the rooke and hawke have tho

    • @SteelxWolf funny enough Tiger is pretty decent, yes it has only 6 152mm guns per side, but they have 5s reload and improved dispersion (the same as Georgia/Massa) with good alpha and fire chance.
      in term of hitting DPM only Iron Duke (cuz the same guns + 4×2 102mm), Oklahoma and Agincourt are better.
      firing angles are also great, along with +30kts with engine boost and 2 torpedoes per side.

      armor is nothing to complain about either having very good coverage, but not best thickness.

  4. Matthew Baraclough

    70k hp with 75k heal pool… that’s nearly as much as a GK or Kremlin if you get to use it all!

  5. Tasha Tsu_Vachel

    Hawke is the J3/Super Hood design that preceded the G3’s.

    • No, that’s Rooke.
      Hawke is a K3 battlecruiser with 16″ guns not 18″ guns.

    • Tasha Tsu_Vachel

      @Edward Brooks If that is the case, rather than just an upgunned J3, then they have got the K3 really badly wrong as it is so much better and larger than the tier 9 and 10 ships, that were cut down to first fit the available docks (I3) but were still too large, and then cut further still to the G3. The K3 was the ship the admiralty wanted, the others were all compromises from that.

    • @Tasha Tsu_Vachel yup, I expected K3 at Tier 10 aswell, but I guess they wanted consistency for the Tier 9 and 10 to have the wierd layouts instead of going J3 G3 and K3, the Armour layout and ship design is somewhat accurate though, it also explains its high 70k hp pool.

    • Tasha Tsu_Vachel

      @Edward Brooks – Well at least it isnt a Russian ‘someone drew it on the corner of a dining room menu’ ship.

  6. I cant wait those to come so dat we, dat keep our wallets closed, can enjoy as well. I managed to collect tokens to have Queen, Tiger and Renown, BUT, I fear, all those great new british BC will be nerf by then.
    That ship is easily best techtree tier8 BB in the game for now. I mean, dispersion of 196 meters is (almost) like having the cruiser. HP pool of 70k is awesome (almost like tierX Schlieffen).

  7. Seems like a prime ship!

  8. Waverley Journalise

    Hmm. Rooke has 9x 15″ guns at t7. Hawke has 9x 16″ guns at Tier 8. WG, are you planning something to replace Monarch?

  9. 86 hp 😆 3 kills were stolen by RNG

  10. Finally a fun British tech line (for me lol) – been really getting into Nelson/Repulse whilst waiting for the line to come out of early access and I rly love the large gun/weak(er) armour playstyle; the Queen Mary/Tiger are great as well tier for tier

    • Just the opposite for me, weak armor means always passive playstyle and stressful as the citadel is comparable to marlbruh.

  11. If you only can use one BB in CW would you use “any” battlecruiser ?

  12. Phahaha 0:55 that mouse movement I feel you on that when the guy is on 40 hp 😀

  13. Hi SLMB! Thank you for the review- I am excited now hearing this – honestly nearly every line that has been coming out seems like a “let down” I get that they just can’t build op ships or the game would be a disaster- but honestly I rarely hear a review these days that we have a “Jewel” in the line – I know there is a grind that we must do but it seems it’s just a pain when you grind that time only to find every ship is just “meh” they are either real good at 1 thing and awful at 6 other things – I spend money here and it would be nice if they at least give us a Jewell once in a while? Anyway Ty I can’t believe your not a CC but I think it’s why your reviews are unbiased so thanks – btw you got me laughing when you commented about that “Sax” man in Londons port ! hilarious! My man is Killing the “Saxophone “ cheers !

  14. You mentioned previously too how much you love the Alsace. I too love her a lot. infact, I run my Alsace with full sec build. Would be amazing to see your point on this build and a playthough with your personal build.

  15. Sounds like another overgimmicked British tech tree, which has always been par for the course.

  16. The armor balances this ship. Squishy glass cannon

  17. Ah AA, the category number that means absolutely nothing because WG decided that AA should be about as effective against planes as slingshots.
    Rest of the ship looks sweet though.

  18. I have really enjoyed all of them T4 -9 SLM, but I really like Hawke and Rooke.

  19. When you realized that a BC with super heal has more HP than most t8 BBs.

  20. This is a Tier 10 ship disguised as a Tier 8 one. It’s design K3 but down gunned to 406mm instead of the original 457mm guns.

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