World of Warships – Alsace First Impression

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Alsace is my MVP of the French Battleship line, it has everything I want in a battleship and is really fun. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX French Battleship Alsace Replay


  1. wtf no 2ndary build??: dude it has more guns than a g kurfu

  2. best new t9 bb…? looks like it.

    • Depends how you play it. If you play Alsace in a static bow on like Missouri/Musachi, it won’t work. You can’t tank HE shells and you are a maneuverable fast ship. Missouri can play like Alsace as a fast flanker, both can work well together in that way. Lion can as well but will have difficulties to keep up as she is quite slower but she’s stealthier, she can be in front of the two to spot and take HE damage she can heal back contrary to Alsace. Missouri can radar anything at 9 kms to help as well. If you encouter an enemy BB firing HE, focus it down immediatly.

    • And then there is Izumo…. XD

    • Izumo has the second highest win rating…

    • Izumo is very tanky ship, I found her quite ok to be honest… but she’s not very versatile and a lot of players complain about her turret layout. Tanky, precise and above all, awkward ship.

  3. notser i think i wount go for france… i will go for alsace 😀

  4. feels better then france 😀

  5. Oh look. A cruiser with big guns. I might finally have found my dream battleship line being a cruiser main player.

  6. Bismarck and Lion had a son

  7. That ship looks definitely worth the grind!

  8. They’re already buffing France. I hope that Alsace stays this way so I had a ship to desire for…

    • Sadly, NO amount of buff will save that ship from suck

    • Quo Niam My bad, it was the Gascogne, not France.

    • And how are they buffing the Gascogne?

    • Quo Niam “ST, French battleship Gascogne

      Firing range decreased from 24770 m to 23820 m.

      Sigma value is increased from 1.8 to 1.9.

      “Repair Party” consumable cooldown is cut in half – 60 seconds for standard and 40 seconds for premium.

      Range reduction will reduce the ship’s sniping potential at a maximum distance; improved Sigma value will lead to increased results from from skillful shots. “Repair party” changes are designed to make the overall gameplay more comfortable and reduce the need to retreat and break the action.”

  9. Run reload module on the France and be amazed!!

  10. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Instead of the France they should have done this ship with 406 guns But nope I will go to Alsace and that is it

  11. Seeing a lot of CCs enjoy the game, sadly this may lead for WG to nerf it a bit; cause everyone seems to be having good games. Thanks for the preview 🙂

    • It had been significantly nerfed already. Lost 0.3 sigma, and 3 kms max range. It used to be as accurate as Giulio Cesare and way too OP. And considering France seems a little weak as a tier 10, they might keep Alsace the way it is now to compensate. Otherwise nerfing it again would be ridiculous and make the grind completely unworthy. You already suffer a lot from HE spam in French BBs, you ought to have some compensations.

  12. When the t9 is supposed to be the t10…..

  13. bart van herrewegen

    Is it me or does the tier 9 seem more like a tier 10 and the tier 10 more like a tier 9 of the French?

    • bart van herrewegen thats what I thought, I remember WG talking about caliber progression to make the KM line more consistent. And now look at the french line: we Go from full firepower at the front to Lyon that gets only 25% upfront, than 100% for Richelieu, than 66% for Alsace and 50% for France, complete randomness.

  14. Nice ship. Shame it looks like T10 is bleh.

  15. Artiom Beknazaryan

    Tier X France look so bleak compared to this.

  16. Al says!, is that a Canadian version of Simon says?

  17. Just make the France the T9, and the Alsace the T10, and everything will be perfect.

  18. Not a day passes where Notser doesn’t pronounce a foreign name incorrectly 🙂

    It’s _”Alzas”_ (–Alsace.ogg), not “Alsess”.

  19. Without a doubt THE french BB i will be working towards.

  20. Notser,has anyone told you you sound like adam savage from mythbusters?

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