World of warships – Alsace or Republique

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I love all the French BBs besides 1
Alsace or Republique, which one is better ???


  1. Alsace is life.

    • not if you remove its turrets, one accurate salvo from my montana permanently destroyed the front turrets, the second just temporary disabled the back one, he went unspoted after that, but i bet he had a fun game with just one turret

  2. République is amazing. I love mine so much. I shot a Moskva with only the front turret, 3 citadels. Shot it again with both turrets, two more citadels and he was out. I can citadel a Yamato or a Montana from max range. I shot a Yue Yang broadside 12km away and did 8k damage, and right after that I shot a gearing at the same range that tried to angle (laughs in BB AP) for 15k damage. I really don’t see that bad accuracy at all, it has pretty much the same accuracy of the Conqueror. Surely, it isn’t a Montana, but it gets the job done. And I don’t even use anything to improve the accuracy. This is my favorite tier 10 BB by far. My only complain is that it isn’t as fast as the Alsace and the Richelieu.

    • Now, don’t say its your only tier 10 BB 😛

    • It’s my 3rd tier 10 BB and my 6th tier 10 in general. First tier 10 BB was the GK, second was the Yamato. GK was pretty meh for me, enjoyed at first, now it’s rotting at my port, Yamato was my favorite until the République. Next on the list is the Montana, which will probably be very good as well if the Missouri is anything to go by. Conqueror is not and will not ever be on said list. I don’t know why, République just works for me. After everything I had seen about her, I wasn’t even planning on going past the Alsace, but I decided to give her a chance and I was not disappointed.

  3. When WG was going through the early phases of deciding which BBs to put at each tier, who was the guy who was like “I’VE GOT IT! We should put the BB with more guns and more turrets and more secondaries BELOW the ship with 2 turrets and 8 barrels!

    • ya, what happens when 1 turret gets knocked out, thats 50% of your firepower gone either temporarily or permanently, thats gonna hurt.

    • Actually Alsace is a legit paper design.
      How it really went down was more like this: “Let’s put the UBER Graf Spee with less guns and less turrets one tier above that French boat who thinks it’s an American”
      War-gaming had the easiest fucking job with a French T10.
      16 X 380 mm guns in four quad turrets with 28 X 127 mm/54 Mle 1948 with a 1.8 to 1.9 sigma.
      Would have been hands down the most LOL Tier 10 battleship.

    • That sounds like the naval equivalent of an AA-12 with G18s strapped to the sides. That would be fucking hilarious to play, but instead we’re stuck with a ‘glass cannon’ that’s severely lacking in the cannon department.

  4. Hallo from Germany;)

  5. so? errrr? it looks like you don’t like the republique that much so far? lol

  6. As you see, the inherent curse of this ship is the awesome idea to have designed it with only 2 turrets (Gascogne design).
    Who is the “smart” guy at WG who thought : “so the French pinnacle design was the Alsace. What could they have possibly do to make an even better ship ? I know ! Remove one turret and revert to a Gascogne design. Eye am Genius !” ?

  7. I received so much flak for critiquing this ship on wows reddit, mostly from people who don’t even own this floating turd. Now, I’m a unicum/super uncium player, and with about 90 games in the Rep. I’ve managed a 137k average damage, which is pretty okay (since I seldom stack, and when I do, it’s never with other unicums), and if people won’t even listen to me when I tell them how utter garbage this ship is all we can pray for is that the plebs get the ship as well in a couple of months’ time and completely devastate the average statistics of it. Maybe then WG will look this crappy ship over.

    • “I’ve managed a 137k average damage, which is pretty okay”

      Yeah, sounds like total fucking garbage.

    • To be fair, super unicum like Flambass and Flamu could hit 200k and up on a regular basic, so 137k is literally about 35% worst.

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      I just got the Alsace and stopping there. While I’ve been loving the French BBs, their benefit has usually been lots of shells to offset accuracy (Rich suffers a little but still fun at least since u can angle easily and have all guns in front). Alsace has been feeling like a logical upgrade, so ya, going back to two turrets makes little sense. At the very least, I suspect the french would have gone with 3 quads since they seemed such fans of that turret design.

    • Eh.. no.

      While damage done is not always a perfect metric (a ship like Conq has inflated numbers due to spamming HE on battleships for repairable fires), on the EU server an average of 200k on a ship with a significant number of battles applies exactly once: czNemesis has 201k in the Midway. Which is a carrier.

      I’m gonna assume that the OP’s in game name is netc0rd, since that is consistent with the claimed numbers. He has 131k with GK, 105k in Montana and 100k in Yama (pretty similar to me, actually), and 139k in Conq (a ship I don’t have). 137k, 66% WR with Rep. I haven’t played Rep; but fact is these numbers do not support the idea that Rep is weaker than the other ships. I can understand the feeling though – French dispersion is pretty bad and even with 2.0 sigma, when you only have 8 shells you will occasionally get horribly bad salvos that stick to your mind. I haven’t played it, but 137k damage is not a weak ship.

    • True, but between it and Alsace, an exceptionally good French ship, this thing is clearly weak.

  8. From the Wiki

    Republique “Good accuracy makes landing consistent salvos quite easy”

    yeah no

  9. I’ve had similar results with mine. I am averaging about 97k (best is 196k) with her, but the accuracy is enough drive me crazy. I don’t think it would be as bad without the overpens, but as it stands now, it is very frustrating.

  10. I just love it when Flambass loses his shit.
    You should try playing “Getting Over It” on a stream.

  11. Lol, just next to your video, there is a recommended one : “République is a beast”. Maybe you still don’t have the right way to play it 😉

  12. Normally I love flambass’s vids but this one I wasnt impressed with at all… number one the whine was real… and number two it’s super easy to say one ship is better than the other when in one match you have 4 or 5 broadsides to shoot at and yeah of course you are gonna get cits and call it a better ship. When you didn’t get many broadsides to shoot at with the republic. The republic has the SAME sigma as the yamato so to say it’s less accurate then the alsace is complete false. I’ve seen many many MANY games with republic that were ridiculously good. Just because one person hasn’t been able to play it properly doesn’t make the ship garbage sry 🙂

    • Oh, good observation. Just like your other statements.

    • Icy Phoenix my statements are fine, your just butt hurt because someone disagrees with you. But again, I never said flamu was the only person to take advice from hence you didn’t read. And the only way you are trying to argue is by attacking someone… so keep trying friend lol your kind is pointless you talk to 🙂

    • Jonathan Bonjour the only person trying to insult others is you. You already called one kindergarten kid, you said I can’t read, and now acting like a victim. I don’t see any logic in you. Someone who starts an accuracy argument with sigma values has no point anyway. So good luck to you in your future”I know better” endeavor.

    • whatever you say cupcake 🙂 laters!

    • OH and for the record you still cant read. As i said his SENTENCE was kindergarten lvl, i never called HIM a kindergarten kid…you LEGIT can’t read 😛

  13. Yolodude1902 Andreas

    I miss the ibuki!!! That cracked me up

  14. The Potato is really strong in the Republique.

    • I hate all those French crap BBs. I dont get the part of them being good at anything besides taking torps on the face 😀 I decided to get 2 Loyangs and 2 Kidds so we can rape other DDs. 😀

  15. Well my question was definitely answered with this vid Flambass.

  16. Thats why the French BBs need secondary guns. To make up for the shitty performance of their main guns…

  17. They had no idea sadly how to make this ship special. Speedboost ffs. At least it had radar or something to compensate this shitty dispersion.

  18. Miklos Penzes Jnr.

    Alsace the powerful…..?????

  19. I found out with the Lyon that the accuracy mod actually breaks the accuracy! I changed it out for secondaries, and now it is MUCH MORE accurate! maybe it’s the same with this one? just an error in coding or something?

    • Achim Hanischdörfer


    • nope, I have it with +20% sec build module instead of accuracy and it is the same as in this video – this ship need same accuracy as Montana amd than it will be normal balanced T10 ship or they could give us Upgraded Alsace for T10 92k hp and better reload if same 3×4 380 guns or it would be even better if thy follow the logic and put on T10 same as on T7 but now 4×4 380mm and 92k hp…

      bzw super video ja sam zadnjih par dana isti rage imao – identičan kao i ti jer ovo nisu istine sa tim brodom a i timovi su “ubi me tupim predmetom jako” sve jače i jače … 🙁

    • ouch, guess I can take my time leveling up then :p So I get it when they have fixed it 😉

  20. SO if I can read between the lines and understand you subtle hints you prefer the tier 9 French BB over the tier 10 , am I right?

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