World of Warships: Alsace Preview [WIP]

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Preview of the new French battleship Alsace. I like her. I like her a lot. She’s still a work in progress though.

World of Warships footage of the new tier 9 French battleship Alsace.


  1. Nice man 🙂 and first 😀 and funny start haha XD

  2. Could this be? I’m first?

  3. The only thing that bothers me is that these BB’s still follow the trend of not getting citadelled. Nice Video btw 😀

  4. It’s astounding how you calculate your gameplay. Even I’d’ve needed at least an abacus to avoid flooding in that opening part.

  5. IJN captains are feeling depressed

  6. A german battleship…
    Do you want to set the world on fire ?

  7. Aerroon for the AP, they actually have for the 380 mm a better power than Bismarck. They combine both heavier and faster shells than german ones.

    French 380 mm penetration : 665 mm at 5 km, 566 mm at 15 km and 483 mm at 15 km
    German 380 mm penetration (Bismarck, Tirpitz, etc.) : 638 mm at 5 km, 535 mm at 10 km and 449 mm at 15km

    As for the 431 mm of the France, until long range, it’s actually the best AP in the game :
    828 mm at 5 km, 694 mm at 10 km, 582 mm at 15 km and 493 mm at 20 km.
    To compare, Yamato has : 796 mm at 5 km, 681 mm at 10, 583 mm at 15 km and 503 at 20 km.

  8. I do not play the game anymore and do not follow any wows youtubers except you – partially because of your accent but mainly because of your yokes

  9. gg again 🙂
    It is very nice to see the game from your perspective, gives the opportunity to learn a great deal.
    It is for example very interesting that you expected the Z-46 to be the DD engaging you because he was spotted closer to you more recently while in fact the Asashio’s position on the map was 10 minutes old.

  10. Zerra compared this ship to a very sexy Swedish chick.
    Why Swedish?
    Because Alsace is too long to be French.

  11. ok Aerroon, for you and for all your viewers – here a russian site, with not only penetration table of the Alsace… 😉 And I am glad, that you like her. On PTS its already her upgraded version, with the 7,5 km base secondary range, vhich means, you can go to 11,3 km at max. Greetings from your follower on Twitch Adalbert Scneider, in game Bismarck381mm / 380 – in PTS… 😉 btw.: PTS 2.0 ends Monday 14 : 00 CET…

  12. Mogami will wreck this ship.

  13. They could’ve made an option for Alsace to either play with 12 15″ guns or upgrade to 9 16″ guns, just like the Friedrich de Große (gun upgrade i mean)

  14. *German battleship Alsace*

    Insert world war 3 jokes *here*

  15. imo not a flank

  16. what is Asasho? I first time see this ship. Dont I know about smth? 😛

    • Lower tier kagero clone, with weaker guns.

    • :O, really? thx 😀

    • She gonna have deep water (double deep, only CVs and BBs could be hited with ’em) torps and reload cons in separate slot. At least WG testing it like this right now. Thought she not gonna be p2w anyway, so they gonna add hydro or radar or whatever. After all Asashio was first IJN DD equiped with sonar.

  17. By sailing broadside in lightly armored cruisers, you maximizing your chance of survival while also minimizing it (All-or-nothing, overpens or insta-deleted)

  18. 404: Torpedobeats not found

  19. Can’t claim all misses on dispersion home skillet lol…but honesty is golden in the golden age of lying lol

  20. A German BB? Don’t need WWIII. lol

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