World of Warships- Alsace Review and Commentary

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here with a the . This is quite lengthy but it is also a different format from prior reviews. Tell me if you guys like this or not.

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  1. trying to get them to stop firing HE in a BB is like talking to a Rock.

  2. Henrik Pettersson

    NIce video. Was thinking a little about how Wargaming could make it easier for players to know how their sips match up against eachother. Imagine having a list of all the ships while looking at a ships armorlayout. then one could choose one and open up the list of main guns and seconderys. It should also be possible to choose different hulls,flags. captain skills and all that can effect the power of the guns and ammo used. then one could point with the mouse at the enemy ships hull and then get feedback whether one could penetrate the specific area of armor or not. As it is now there is more of a detective work witch of course can be fun in its own way. Watching videos and finding out whether IFHE is a good choice for Bismark or not is fun but I do think that tons of players has no idea how to know when its beneficial or not. Its kind of murky, Ive heared the german BBS of Tier 7 and 10 are having their HEAT ammos mm divided by 4 instead of 6 to see how much armor they penetrate. its not easy to keep track of all exceptions. I also feel that having to much addons and stuff can be detrimental for the game play. How can one know when facing a opponent whether its captain and flags and adons makes my ship not able to fight with a fair chance to win. But the upside is of course if one is really well informed it gives you the upper hand. Also I must say the way Wargaming makes money from micro-transactions in he game in some ways also destroys the gameplay. its incredibly generous to let people play a fantastic game like this for free but maybe one shouldn’t put a price on redistributing the captainskills. Not letting people redistribute and find out whether a specific build is good for your way of playing the game or not without constantly being punished financially is bad for the development of the community gamingskills I think. Maybe they could just stick with the cost for the Premium account , costs for docks, costs for buying back ships, costs for premium ships, costs for speeding up the captains retraining, cost for buying flags and stuff. There are plenty of ways money is rolling their way anyway I think. Also all transactions should be done in EUROs or dollars or the currency you use in your country. That way people could keep track of how much money they spend on the game more easily. Its not a good Idea to translate it into Dublons and credit. And I do understand its completely possible to play the game without spending any money at all of course, I dont mean to complain as I love the game. Just putting some thoughts about it out there.

  3. Goodvid, Im interested with republique and currently Im on lyon, havent heard good things about richelieu though

    • Omer Bekcioglu
      Mix opinion on richelieu but good ship for me. It’s fast, decent guns, alright secondary if can spec aft and quite tanky bow on. More fun for me than all the other t8 bb. Now I’m at Alsace it’s even better. So far I like french bb.

  4. Very good video !! Keep that format for ship review for WOWS. I like it very very much – i like how detailed and informative and generally deep it was. Good was both – in port and gameplay part.

    I want to put here something that is important for me. I watch my native wows youtuber – twitch’er who has mostly wows content. But he nowadays has only time for streaming. He has no time to do good videos with review and such stuff for youtube. He is trying but … he has no time for it and went for easy way. He has options from Wargaming to play, test and present in youtube videos new future ships for wows. And his videos are only gameplay with no real informations about anything. He is not even sure for example what range his torpedoes have in ship that he is testing. I will never say it to him but his youtube videos are terrible with almost zero information value. His streams and overall personality are what keeps me watching him and giving him donates.

    Soo plese … if you will ever do ship review for wows please do it like this. Because doing it in easy way is waste of time anyway.

  5. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Great job Puddin, nice display of the French Battleships

  6. Good job Puddin.

  7. Very nice video!

  8. Fell in love with this boat after my first game. I honestly like it more than republique, and think she may be the sweet spot in the line.

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