World of warships – Alsace

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There has been more than few ppl saying they like this ship but I rly couldn’t get it to work. After today I gotta say I entirely changed my opinion on the ship and I’m starting to like it….a lot. It’s rly French with bad accuracy and a lot of guns unlike tier 10, but I just couldn’t get it to work before. This one now definitely belongs to the rest of the French BBs that I like.


  1. french are morely like germans. turtlebacks, cant shoot a shit from far, good secondaries blah blah. but still lacks in AA. i wonder what will u say when cv focuses on you. still waiting for someone to do an AP bomb drop test on La baguette

    • Labeeb Ferdous On the contrary, my Alsace and Republic have great AA (both are 100). As for accuracy, the Alsace is not bad at all, and the Republic shoots just fine at long range (sigma is 2.0), and unlike Germans, she has powerful AP and HE. She can also brawl with her secondaries, which have a very good burn potential, and her high rate of fire. When I’m low on heath and AR kicks in (I have the special captain), my reload is about 17 sec. Good luck trying to match that.

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      absolutely disagree: Look precisely at the armorscheme – the “sloped roof of the citadel” is too steep and only 50mm on the Alsace and Republique too, so it dont serve like on Germans – to ricochete the shells, that passed the main armor belt. Its only another belt, but in diferent angle. You can score multiple citadels from close range on the FR BBs, and paradoxly, on the bigger distance you can score citas let even with DM or Zao !
      Dispersion – yes, they feel so German, but i can live with it.
      AA – I dont think, you wanna be some Lexi or Shoka atacking me 🙂 This think have almost Iowa-AA ! And I am not joking 😉 And AP drop – its too RNG based, sometime you get 15 sometimes 50k even with Yamato / Montana…

    • A lot of guns, good AA, good speed and maneuverability, can tank AP, can’t tank HE and not the greatest accuracy. I don’t see a problem with that and I would not compare them to germans cause secondaries are there just for show and they don’t have armor unlike Germans

  2. Love mine too . Lile you flambass she took a few battles to get used to .. but I am loving her now 🙂

  3. Well nothing beats the British Captains and how they say “Penetration” Sounds Soooo dirty 😉

  4. Your French pronunciation is SPESHUUULLL . I love it x)

  5. Am i the only one who played FRBB because the announcer sounds so dramatical ?

  6. Flambass u make too many Wee Wee Wee noises…. need to make more HON HON HON noises 😀

  7. Say chowdeir frenchie, i like it too.

  8. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    6:10 subtitled hahahaha – flambass are you pro lesbian???

  9. Kristof Kolumbus

    Oh Man, I am so glad, that she found her way to your heart ! She is in mine already from the first battle with her 😉

  10. I love the moments when you try to mimic the french voice commands 😀

  11. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Flambass that was a beautiful ship!! I’m a YANK!! And more fond of the Iowa class Battle ships….🚢

  12. What was said at the start about it freezing when loading in, I get the same but also my camo don’t load so for the first 30 seconds ish every time I think I forgot to put camo on. It’s getting very annoying ps love all the videos helping me learn alot thanks @flambass!!

  13. my clanmate said that the lyon is broken because we were in a div together and he watched me blap a missouri for 24k damage because his ass was giving me a flat broadside

  14. When People think showing broadside to an low hp enemie wont punish them. Glorious 🙂

  15. the French captains sound awesome when you citadel someone. They are the angriest ones.

  16. since the new patch, I get 2 games in and the third will bump me out during loading third game………………..

  17. Oui oui oui oui oui!

  18. Flambass, what’s your Captain build and modules?

  19. Please don’t kill your speed next time you need to dodge torps in close combat. It’s always easier to slow down than it is to accelerate, meaning that your potential to be somewhere else when the torpedoes come is always greater if you keep your speed up.

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