World of Warships- Álvaro De Bazán First Impressions: What Were They Thinking??

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the new Tier X Spanish Destroyer Alvaro De Bazan. Enjoy!

Waterline Article:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley: i=1553897018&app=itunes

0:00 Ship Intro
3:17 Ship Armor
3:58 Ship Stats
6:15 Ship Consumables
6:47 Commander & Module Build
9:02 Gameplay Review


  1. When the Spanish attempt to make pasta, but still wound up making tortillas somehow.

  2. Tbh, even with a heal, Bazan seems too poor to even be a problem. Neustrashimy has both smoke and a heal, along side better concealment. They need to improve either the reload, or this ship will be just a big ass gimmick ship.

    • Neustra is notoriously OP bro

    • @Matthias Darrington Never felt that

    • @Lebakir well just check stats. It doesn’t feel like it because you don’t dumpster other people like with Black, but you outlive everything. And essentially you are guaranteed to end up being the only DD left to free torp what you want.

    • ​@Matthias Darrington Neustrashimy has few things going for that Bazan dont.
      A. It has Very nice concealment. Probably sneakiest amongst all the ship you can get for Coal.
      B. The heal is a Super heal.
      Bazan either needs more damage or faster reload to even compete with F.Sherman, Marceau in the Armory or literally other ships at all.
      Shimy ain’t focused on Main battery, But damn sure Bazan is.

  3. wish they could give torp to canaria now that they put the gyro torp in the uk line

  4. it is me or there isn t good ship out recently, mostly outside of tech tree, the new french and uk line are fun be very fragile too. the new steel look pretty bad, this one too..

    • There are plenty of good ships out. Brest and Marseille are amazing and good game desi

    • @Matthias Darrington yes they are good, but like the new uk bb line and a wierd way in the sense that it look like a Jb but can t tank from front, . but seeing that spanish ship, the canaria and the dido?, the incoming ijn light cruiser that have weak gun, and that netherland dd with airstrike and nothign good >.>

    • Forrest Sherman came out relatively recently, people seem to enjoy that. Other than that yeah I can’t recall any premiums from the last few patches that were better than an “underwhelming”. The premium from the French bc line seemed to get good reviews but it isn’t available for outright purchase yet afaik.

    • @NotTheATF Mecklenburg is a really good ship though and the british battelcruisers are really awesome, I played them for a while now and I got plenty of really good games in with them too 🙂 The recent SUperships have been of course really really good too, but I agree the regualr premiums always seem quite close being pretty good but they just don’t make the cut when compared to older ones. But I’m not feeling like this is an issue, it’s better than having massive powercreep 😉

    • @NotTheATF the toulon? it is meh, very slow turret rotation, long reload and no gun reload boost. it is subpart to the tech line i find

  5. I feel like with alot of supertesting being done by typically the better players it ends up making certain ships look way better than they actually are and it gets put into the game in a… “lacking” state. Gimmick ships get the worst of it.

    • I have been saying the same thing for a while, and posting about it on the forums. 95% of the time when I see a test ship it has a good to Unicum level player driving it. In response, WG says that they take this into account but judging from the balance of the ships coming out that doesn’t appear to be the case.

  6. Wow, you got your captain boosted to 21 points already, nice!

  7. Jaime Gonzalo Elices

    There’s real Spanish ships to add, but no let’s rip off the Italians and do it wrong.

    • Emilio José López Nieto

      In Tier X they could have add the Oquendo Class

    • Jaime Gonzalo Elices

      @Emilio José López Nieto bruh that would be a tier 2

    • Emilio José López Nieto

      @Jaime Gonzalo Elices The Oquendo Class destroyers were builded in the 50’s o 60’s, I think that they should be at high tiers, even that in real life they had problems of design.

    • Jaime Gonzalo Elices

      @Emilio José López Nieto ohhh I thought you meant the armoured cruisers, that makes more sense

    • Baleares, Churruca, Navarra, Cervera class, España class Dreadnoughts, Jupiter class and a long etc do not count? Spanish navy had more ships and more varied than even the Dutch. And with projects, like the ones they used as basis of Amalfi and Brindisi, you can fill a full tree proposal of DDs, CAs, BBs and CVs.

  8. So the Burst is just a worse Reload Booster

  9. Wouldn’t it br better to take range for commander skill instead of 3 point reload skill and 1 point flood chance? I’m also expecting a release of special Spanish captain who will make the ship more playable, same like Sansonetti for the Italians. Thanks for the video 🙂

    • I am glad to being informed how to save my resources for whatever other there on armory.

      I got Napoli and trying to understand it, but it already proved itself to me to be great by survivability, thanks decent cautiousness I got rare Solo Warrior achivement in ranked battles, which I received only once more but I random. But its not just Napoli only plus, survivability and great guns
      make me recommend it for you if you dont have it yet.

      I can still pick Marceau at T10, or Kearsarge and Neustrashimy, so it is probably way to go.

    • Absolutely that would be better. I don’t understand the build in this video, because taking reload mod on the ship and range on the captain seems like a no-brainer, since there is no way you can get the same reload buff as reload mod with 4 points of commander skills.

  10. Intensely underwhelming, even when free for coal.

  11. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    The Italian DD are already marginal and too situational , and they now base this off the already under-performing Italian DD and try to gimmick it further .. well it just do not work , at least not working as a gunboat , for its 13.5KM and short reload it can be a torp boat but of course the alpha is too low and if I just need a torp boat there are plenty that do just as well and many better

  12. Certified-giggle-dog

    Love it when the keep adding nations but don’t bother balancing the game first

    • Can’t balance something people paid with real money unfortunately

    • Certified-giggle-dog

      @Matthias Darrington of course you can. But only if the ship makes 1 mill a battle for “economic balancing”

    • @Matthias Darrington they “balanced” graf zeppelin by nerfing it into the ground, they can 100% balance premiums post release and there’s even a little disclaimer on the store page saying they can and will balance premium ships. They can do it but don’t seem to really care all that much about it.

  13. I don’t like the “gimmicks”. I feel WG just make the ships dependant on gimmicks and not on the ship being “ok” and get better, for a short amount of time, with the gimmicks, like reload booster, speed bost, radar, anything.

    Remove the burst fire, tune down the reload to 4,8s, give it the option of heal/smoke, better speed boost and done.

  14. That incomparable that shot you with AP seemed to get a full pen or two, that’s another huge problem with this thing if that happens regularly

    • Just barely enough armor to arm whatever touches it without actually protecting the ship. Brilliant design.

    • Destroyers do not receive full pen damage from AP shells over 280mm. They will only deal overpen damage even if the shell full pens (shooter receives a Penetration ribbon). The last 2 destroyers that received full pen damage from shells over 280mm, Khabarovsk and Harugumo, had that negative trait removed many patches ago.

  15. I like the khabarovsk. It really shines when you use the legendary mod on the ship. The delny is about the same with the khaba. The regolo or any other italian destroyer can stay on the tech tree as I hate and despise the ships as they really lack the range to engage targets and when they do engage targets they have a very difficult time trying to disengage as they have an 11.1K range without AFT. I have the marceau, smaland, daring and gearing. I run my smalland as a DD hunter/Torp dispenser. Daring a DD cap contester and gearing with 16.5K range torps is my open area prober. Marceau is the target reticle for the team as I tend to make ships engage me so that the rest of the team can kill it

  16. Even though I agreed with almost everything you said in this video, I still enjoy my time with this ship. Although it’s not a ship I would choose if I want to play seriously, it’s fun nontheless imo 🙂 But I don’t play it with range, I chose fearless brawler to make up for the lack of DPM at least somewhat. But yeah the burst gimmick is what can carry this ship, you got the speed to run at some torp DDs and mess them up, maybe even manage to finish them off with burst but you’re just verly vulnerable and everybody and their Mom wants to shoot you right now because new ship, that’s doesn’t exactly help the situation either 😀 But I try to play it like the italians with the hit and run kind of playstyle, but it just doesn’t work as well becasue you lack a good turning radius, rudder shift time or field smoke to make these kind of plays. It’s just a very odd and situatiional ship that’s still fun if you can make it work 🙂

  17. None of the stuff they sell is worth $130 Back when they came out for $70 was pushing it!

  18. Need to learn torp DDs more SL

  19. Seems like when you consider a ship bad, you still give it a rating of 5/10. That should be average. This ship should be a 3 or less given the review.

  20. At least if they use an Italian based one, that would mean they would use the national, improved designs for the tech tree. Most of them are really interesting

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