World of Warships – Always Bet on Black

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It was a terrible attempt at creating a catchphrase for Wesley Snipes in “Passenger 57” but it fits pretty well here.

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  1. People who go into a ranked battle without a detonation flag are actively griefing their team. Also I think casper should get some lottery tickets.

  2. I’ve stopped being amazed at how bloody stupid some people can be.
    (Well played to Casper BTW)

  3. That Roon driver was a real godsend.

  4. The smoke was on cooldown, Jingles…

  5. Kristoffer Mangila

    That poor Yugumo… it got ammo racked!

  6. When jingles hinted at another competent teammate I immediately said Roon.
    Its amazing how one can correctly guestinate skilllevel based only on positioning.

    • Yeah he didn’t go rushing into the cap and kept most of his guns pointing at it for fire support.

    • @Hyo38
      Its more than that.
      He moved to a spot behind the island in D8 which is an amazing position for Cruisers and Destroyers alike to fire over while staying unspotted

  7. You’d be surprised how hard ranked is becoming. I feel sometimes its beimg treated like a second random battle for some people and they just like dealing with less people but thing is they dont really try. The other day i did 250k dmg to the enemy team and it literally came down to the wire with just me and a kansas left alive all while having a kron who died to a albemarle torp rush who he spotted but chose not to evwn acknowledge while shooting an island multiple times telling me over and over again how thw only reason why i did that much dmg and we won is that i got lucky not the fact i put myself in a position to crossfire (i was in georgia) and shot who needed to be shot starting with dds and working up to bbs

  8. In all honesty Casper didn’t have his smoke off cooldown yet so i kinda feel it wasn’t a massive misplay

  9. it’s been so long since I’ve seen someone’s magazine detonate that I wasn’t sure what actually happened at first

  10. They handled those two ships like breadcrumbs handle ducks.

  11. The smoke was not off cooldown yet…so not using it was not the misplay. The hesitation on getting into the cap or deciding on how to approach the cap with other ships closing in was the misplay. He could very easily have lost his ship if the JB turned his guns, used his main battery reload booster and between shots loaded HE. JB’s make for awesome DD killers in pushing scenarios

  12. The Roon spent most of his time behind the island in D8 which is an amazing spot for Cruisers and destroyers to hide behind and fire over undetected.
    From that information alone I knew Roon is a good player.
    Why he chose to sail around the island? Dunno.
    Maybe to get broadsies on the yoloing JB?

  13. Casper and the Roon had great teamwork!

  14. 6:53- – if you can’t take a joke….. words to live by.

  15. Not ‘just’ funny – absolutely laugh-out-loud bloody hilarious…:) Played in a brawl on the NA server and my secondaries did more damage than the mains. Fortunately, I was drunk enough to appreciate the irony.

  16. Ahnuld Schwarzenegger

    So nice to see great teamwork in this game. It’s too rare these days.

  17. As a mainly DD player there are areas of the map that I call Torpedo Lanes. Quite like shipping lanes, they are places where it is extremely likely to find a ship at some point. If you fire down there while your torps are available and you don’t have any conceivable target for the duration of the reload, go ahead and fire them. I’ve got so many kills from players that just love to drive with purpose through those lanes. That Iowa player was one of them. Straight line travel from one gap to the next. He probably wonders why his BBs are torpedo magnets.

  18. I just picked up the Black this weekend and already I’m absolutely AMAZED how often people eat the slow ass torps that I send out. I even got a devastating strike on a Lion with them. I think what helps is that they reload quickly enough that you tend to just throw them down any long avenue you can as often as you can, which ultimately results in more hits.

  19. Also I have to say that just one other teammate who knows what they’re doing can make literally all the difference in Ranked. Last night I was in the Jutland and got a teammate in a Yugumo who used his torpedoes to devastating effect, consistently pinged where his RPF was pointing, and otherwise communicated in chat. Between the two of us we dragged our entire team kicking and screaming to victory.

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