World of Warships – Always watch your back

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As usual I got myself really deep and close to enemy territory because I hate backline camping.


  1. First! Where’s your papiren!

  2. 4:23 – How? xD
    Edit: left controll + left shift, + backspace

  3. lol that Z46


  5. The moment you see Flambass and see YouTube glory beckon. Then see yourself on YouTube Potato. Hard.

  6. _Titty_The_Animal_

    Hans for captain
    attempt #1

  7. Played since beta didn’t know you could do that with the camera. yet something else I’ve learned from watching you play flambass. gotta admit this is also the first time I disagreed with you though. I love the Scharnhorst. She is my best money maker. Run the secondarys build on her and brawl with it. Always found the AP to be decent and dispersion isn’t too bad. suppose 90% of the time though I’m blasting other ships at mid to close range and at tier 7 find so many cruisers and BB’s make the mistake of broadsiding against me which makes it easy to get decent pens and citadels. tend to find it only struggles with AP if I’m bottom tier.

    • Agreed. I REALLY enjoy her. The AP is also extremely good against careless DDs that dont know my Scharny is a dancing queen who likes to get in deep and unload with secondaries and main batteries. Generally, if they get closer more than 2km of their spotting range (so it takes too long to run to get undetected), only one of us will leave alive, and it’s much more often than not me.

  8. アリンスグKen


  9. 2 hindy’s, a tirpitz, and a grozovoi walk into a bar…… and get slaughtered by a mino… geez

  10. Man, I forgot that astral projection was a feature in this game.

    Also, I’ve fail torped like that. It happens.
    ALSO, report over ram is just poor sportsmanship. Besides, who doesn’t love a ram??

  11. Lol this montana, Each game I see this guys, he’s always full life and pinky…. look nice at the beginning, he go direct line I/J… représente la france !


  12. Thats why you always keep an eye on mini map lol..

  13. WG needs to change these 0 dmg pens to shatters. lol

    • Michael H if u get a pen and no damage that’s because u damaged a module for example a main battery. If u deal enough damage to it gets permanently knocked out.
      But WG could make a ribbon for that. Although they made a video about it. Worth watching. They also do explain many other topics!

    • Haha, that happens so rarely that it might actually be something worthy of a ribbon. Still annoying though.

  14. The Sailing Robin

    6:47 best “oh shit” moment 2018

  15. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Flambass ever the other team are big time potatoes, or you just have a horseshoe up your +×*×* how did you survive that?? GG….🚢

  16. gotta love those pens with 0 dmg

  17. How do you do the camera trick?

  18. austinpowersfasjer

    game is dead

  19. 10 out of 10. Years of Z-46

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