World of Warships – Am I a torp or a gun boat?

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One of the main differences between this ship and is that this thing gets no but a lot of very dangerous torps. Now Kleber does require you to get really close to enemy which won’t always be possible with all radars and CVs around but sometimes it will.
It also has a decent concealment in comparison to Khaba.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I have been waiting all day for this, thank you.

  2. It seems to be good at both

  3. One thing for sure, you’re one fast boi.

  4. 12k in a DD salvo is not too shabby…

  5. Flambass great vid t9 t10 French dds are definitely the next 2 ships on my list can’t wait !

  6. Nathan Hartanto

    The only times you get fires
    1. On repairing single fire n00bs
    2. On ships that have 1 fire and will repair
    3. On yourself, on the first shell you get hit by

    • Jake van der Veen

      4. After your ship gets undetected and the final shell from their last salvo lights you on fire, twice.

    • +Jake van der Veen After you go undetected, pop your damage control, then the final shell lights a perma-fire…

  7. Mohammad Rashad

    whatever happens, DO NOT do like ur GF’s brother, he gambled a big time there. that the precious eyes we are talking about. u probably won’t be able to stream for a week and next week will be for 2 hrs max maybe but keep using the drops

    • Use all the things the doctor gives you. Last thing you need is scarring or infection.

    • +TheRobbiUno I concur…doctors aren’t perfect, but generally speaking….you should err on the side of caution and do what the hell your doctor says……..

    • Lubomir Janovicky

      brother in law has had his eyes fixed by laser surgery. In few days (2-3) he was fine. But it takes him almost a month to see perfectly. But he has at least 1cm thick glasses (he can’t see anything without them)

    • +Lubomir Janovicky I’ve been wearing classes since I was in primary school and I’m not approaching 60 rapidly. I know laser surgery is fairly safe now and people are getting both eyes done at once but it’s not something I’d ever risk (my vision). It is elective surgery after all. If someone does get it done I’d follow the doctor’s suggestion to the letter as RadioActive has already stated ‘err of the side of caution’ – it’s been suggested by a doctor for a reason.

    • it seams we all agree with each other . Do EVERYTHING the Doctor says and look after you self , we can wait a week or two while you recuperate . your vision is more important ( after all you cant stream with out them ) . Flambahugs Flambass .

  8. If you wear black spectacle which they recommend after any eye surgery i think you will avoid most of the pain.

  9. Well… let there be 1 CV and this ship is nothing but a submarine 😉

  10. “Load incendiary baguettes” I died
    thank you , I had a shitty day this lighten me a bit.

  11. baronbloodington

    That was an incredibly well timed “Pokemon”.

  12. Glad you are still trying to “catch em all”.

  13. Flambass, it took me one day. The recovery time depends on the accuracy and precision of the laser.

  14. Wowzers!! That Kleber packs a punch!!

    Good luck with your surgery! I was one of the first few thousand patients to undergo Lasic around 20 years ago.

    Best decision my wife ever made!!

    • magnummax78 and what’s your prescription now? Still same as after treatment or do you wear glasses again?

  15. “Black eye” means bruising.

  16. Richard Hutchings

    I’ve had eye laser surgery: best decision ever. 20/20 vision now. My only advice is to go to the best surgeon possible

  17. Murphy’s Laws of Combat: If the enemy is running away….the enemy is luring you in to an ambush….. 🙂

  18. Eye laser surgery for better vision? I would recommend Eye lens swap operation instead. 20/20 vision and old age vision deteriation gone. Costs alot more but u get perfect vision until u die

  19. Do you use CE in Kleber? I try a new build fort Le Terrible without CE but with IFHE and AFT. For flanking purpose.

  20. Edward McKinnon

    I’ve had laser surgery. If you work with screens, don’t over do it when you’ve just had it done. Use all the eye drops – they don’t slow down the healing.

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