World of Warships – Am I really a bottom tier ship here?

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You’ve seen me before and you know my stand on this ship and those alike it but in this game I almost felt like I’m not bottom tier xD

Dunky is a tier 6 FR premium ship that’s been in the game for a while now and from what I heard, not a lot of ppl like it. It reminds me of baby JB and you know how much I like THAT ship, so I just pretend I’m JB and then I end up having a game like I trully was a JB XD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. “There’s bad RNG….”

    Welcome to my world.

  2. Battleship in game: shoots a destroyer within 10 km
    Destroyer in game: hit me harder daddy

    Battleship irl: shoots destroyer within 10km
    Destroyer irl: *dies*

    • @ShadoPulse Taffy 3 is probably the #1 reason why this game has an overpen mechanic. Ernest Evans was like Jack Sparrow, sticking his head out of another through-and-through hole you could serve a meal through and shouting “STOP punching holes in my ship!!

    • Ryan Patton The Johnston wasn’t hit by the Yamato it was hit by a Kongo class battleship.

    • Mark Russel Agnote

      Provided they can hit them in the first place, but when they do, those tin cans wont stand the punishment

    • BladeKi11a yea that’s what it was thanks

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      Gambier Bay also received the wrong side of Yamato’s rifles. The 18 inch AP shells just flew through her because her armor was far too thin for the shells to arm their fuses.

  3. meanwhile my nagato just cries and misses every other volley

  4. Lol that NC was the farthest away from the fight at pretty much all times, including farther from the fight than the Saipan in the late game. Lol.

  5. The weather thing: further proof, Murphy rules. Or maybe you are so important that the Ghods hate you 🙂 Deal with it, dude, first world problem. Or, you could just enjoy the rain….

  6. simple when the weather is fine take day off

    • Or visit some museums, Postojna, or weather independent activity.

    • Beat me to it

    • Yea, bunch of excuses. He streams, people tune in. Taking a day off streaming when it’s nice and replacing it isn’t a big deal. Plus streaming games is hardly a ‘job’.

    • How was this such a hard concept

    • What a dumb load of responses of people ignorant of algorithms. He has a schedule, people sub and he sticks to that schedule. People tune in based upon said schedule. If he “just takes a day off” you fickle creatures will simply find another streamer to follow instead

  7. Adrian Januszewski

    This kinda make me remember 1 game in my batilmore where I was a botom tier on 4 or 5 X tiers
    It was the same map but other side spawn I’ve done 150 000 damage 3 kils and bonus 2 stolen by friendly smolensk I finished 1st in the team but it was a lose.

    If I remember corectly I still have a replay of this battle

  8. Those shots on the dd seem all too familiar to me as a frequent dunky player. Some shots feel like richlieu and some just feel like you’re a cruiser.

    Edit: I wish I had these kinds of enemies when toptiered on the dunkerque

  9. Hi Flambass, someone asked me to forward you this message:

    “Dear Flambass,

    Sorry about the weather thing. I guess I just don’t like you that much. Nothing personal!

    Kind regards,
    Your God.

    P.S.: I’m also responsible for your dispersion. Don’t blame WG.”

  10. Don’t visit Cleveland then 😂

    “Oh my god, what a beautiful day! Sunny, 83* and dry, it feels incredible.”

    *five minutes later*

    “…is that snow??”

    • Spencer Thompson

      I feel ya. I’m in Tennessee where it can go from hotter than the sun to frost on the ground and back to melting you in less than a week. Guess that’s just the central part of the US…

    • My family has friends in Calgary, Alberta, and one year we got a call from them in mid-June saying there was a foot of snow on the ground in the morning. 3 or 4 hours later, got another call that it had all melted ’cause the temperature went from something like -5° C to 30+ in the afternoon XD (celsius, because Canada lol)

  11. Where I come from we call that “picking your battles” you can’t fight the weather. I guess I am jaded in a way because of my career and the death I have seen. This is my opinion.
    Enjoy the moments in your life what ever they are. Feel the rain on your skin and the wind in your face….stand in the rain and look up so it falls directly on your face….REVEL in it. Fore the day will come when you return to the mud and never be able to feel them again.

  12. Take up swimming as exercise. It’s the best of all worlds, a thorough workout, great for flexibility and core strength, low impact, high aerobic, and it’s not as though rain matters. Get to where you can freestyle 2km in 40 minutes and do that 3 times a week and you’re sorted for the next 30 years.
    Meanwhile, this game simply illustrates that a person of high skill is NEVER bottom tier regardless of their ship.

  13. DerPolygonianer

    That Edinburgh deserved the plays well. He actually listened to communication and thus helped immensely.

  14. wth is the french voice saying when an enemy cruiser is destroyed? It’s croiseur, but it sounds like cuirassier?

  15. What you’re describing is called confirmation bias… you only recognize the data that fits your conclusion…

    Like WG rigging rng

  16. Corey Patterson

    “Only 3 hits, I don’t know where those other shots are going.”

    Kinda how I felt shooting at a Fuso the other day. Darn thing is shaped so weird; what would be a nasty fire-starting salvo into the superstructure on most BBs, on the Fuso is like “GOOOAAAAAAL!!!!”

  17. To quote a recent movie, “either all of it’s a joke, or none of it is.”
    RNG is ALL joke in this game. Because it’s anything but random…

  18. “There is seven days in a week.”

    Flambass, 2020

  19. Massachusetts with more accurate guns would be a tier 12 ship

  20. Out of all the premiums that I get to rent for free, Dunky is probably the one ship that I enjoyed the most, too bad I’m a F2P player. But if I would have the chance, I’ll buy it.

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