World of Warships – Amagi 0.5.6

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on Ocean moves to support two destroyers as they capture a enemy base. We work at long range against some enemy who try to stay and fight. A couple enemy destroyers are also in the area, we get some good shots on them. The enemies rotate around and try to smash into our force. I fight to keep friends alive while engaging enemy battleships. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Amagi Replay


  1. When you engage the New Mexico in the end, is it a replaybug or do you
    actually aim that far infront in the water pretty much when you got that
    citadel? Because the shots look like they should go straight into the
    Are you rockin the secondary build? Is that still good for Amagi – Yamato?

  2. BIA World of Warships

    +Notser, great video sir, I’m at the Nagato as well and I find it to be
    interesting. Really excited for this Amagi!!

  3. Brian Lock (神通)

    In history, Amagi is a carrier

  4. Mikael Falkenberg

    Hey Notser! I haven’t played the Amagi for the last two patches and i
    wonder if it has aproved or disaproved?

  5. Come on Notser. . . . that fire effect is well out of fashion now! Get rid!

  6. The most good looking ship in World of Warships.

  7. Hey Notser,I want to have a crack at the upcoming ranked battles season 4.
    Apparently it will be tiers 5/6, 6/7 and 10 for the superleague. You fly a
    Jolly Roger so you have reached the summit – can you do a video (or a video
    series) about getting ready for ranked battles? For example, what ships
    you think will do well in particular roles, how you would approach setting
    up consumables/flags, tactical differences from randoms, any changes to
    captains skills setups, etcetera? That would be most excellent.

  8. Hey we’re you rank one in the previous two ranked playlist? Cause if so,
    when you reach I think rank 1 in season 4, which btw starts tomorrow, you
    get a unique Atlanta class cruiser known as “Flint” and I was wondering if
    you would do a video on it if you get it. Much thanks, and love the videos!

  9. So, I have the Nagato right now and I love it. Good armor, good guns,
    brawler. From what I understand, the Amagi is basically a Kongo at tier 8.
    True? I just want to know what to expect when I get to tier 8. For the
    record, I loved the Kongo, so I have no problem with high mobility and
    sub-par armor

  10. Keep them coming.

  11. Is there any faster way to train commanders? I have yet to reach a 19 pt

  12. Hi Notser, could you, if haven’t done before already, make a video on how
    to read the current situation while playing? (i.e. Enemies and their attack
    paths, how to determine if you are suited to take on a situation, finding
    escape routes etc. etc.) I watched tons of your vids and I can never seem
    to sit in your head well enough to learn this efficiently enough

  13. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    wow….a,nail bitter until the end. woots.

  14. I LIKE crappy commanders… more real-life for most of us! :-)

  15. I see what you are saying about DDs not going for objectives, but I would
    argue that for every DD CPT who is hesitant to take an objective there is a
    CA or BB CPT who will turn tail and go the other way as soon as an enemy
    pops up and leave you in your DD to die. It happens all of the time. So I
    ask what’s worse, a DD that won’t take an objective or a CA or BB that
    won’t support them?

  16. Hi Notser, not sure do you want a Bogater replay,

  17. Took me a gazillion games before I finally caught the drift on Amagi.
    Indeed not the prim main battlefront BB. But a hell of a 1,5th line
    battlefront BB. IMO there’s not much more scarier than the 12 main guns of
    a New Mexico pointing at you in this game. Only more intimadated by
    Yamato’s or Iowa’s guns. NM is one of my most favotie BB’s in WOW’s.

  18. Autit Rahman Khan

    Amagi sucks in 1 vs 1 🙁 ….having to go through the USA tier to get the
    NC for Ranked….any idea when next season might be?

  19. 5:55 that’s what she said ^-^

  20. I enjoy the happy attitude you project in your videos Notser. There’s a few
    guys out there that literally put me to sleep (I’m F’en serious).
    Informative and fun, what more can one ask for? Well done fella….

  21. Can we see a Des Moines video, or perhaps some nice low tier chaos like the
    St. Louis or Umikaze or what ever you want? Love the videos!

  22. If anyone out there is a genuinely bad player and is man enough to admit
    it, I have a question. Why? Why do you miss most of your shots, leave caps
    and make piss poor decisions when the solutions are obvious? Why do you
    play like a coward, afraid to use your hit points to secure a win? Do you
    have trouble understanding game mechanics? Do you just not care weather or
    not you win or let your team down? Can you just not be bothered to look up
    the way the game works? I really don’t understand sometimes what must be
    going through some people’s minds. You won’t get abuse from me if you
    answer, I genuinely want to know. It’s not like the game is hard to learn,
    it is in many ways much less deep than something like WOT which can be
    genuinely tricky.

  23. Nürnberg is a lot of fun but it really is even more of a floating citadel
    than a Pepsi.

  24. I have seen so many losses because the DDs either avoid the caps or they
    YOLO in, pop smoke and stop and get murdered by the enemy DDs and cruisers
    in the first 3 min.

  25. Marios Karampalis

    Best BB in tier VIII!

  26. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    I hated the Ognevoi as well. Its the only ship I have ever skipped with
    free XP. After about 20 games I was like no way. This is going to take
    forever. Even with the buff of turrets not being destroyed as easy, with
    only 2 turrets its a terrible gun boat and terrible torpedo systems make it
    an impossible carry for a destroyer. At least with the Mutsuki you still
    have decent torps.

  27. I recently unlocked my Amagi, sadly i lack the credits to buy it. Since I
    just bought the Fletcher and I am still saving credits to pay for the Hull
    and torps when I unlock them. Then I can start saving for the Amagi. That
    is honestly my only real complaint about WoWS is credit income, even doing
    well and running premium I can’t even come close to keeping up with the
    amount of credits I need.

  28. I really liked the Ognevo when the turrets where still attached to the
    ship, sadly I lost both turrets about 1 in 3 games which made it painful to
    play. Now with the turret buffs I imagine it is a pretty good DD now.

  29. I never get ocean and im very sad

  30. Christian brsbley

    can you upload some more carrier gameplay pls

  31. Thanks for the Amagi video. I just got her a while ago and I’m still
    learning how to play the ship so your video is timely for me

  32. As an average DD player my perception is that going to cap straight from
    the off is not as easy as it used to be. CV players are getting better at
    spotting and cross dropping torps. In addition Russian cruisers with their
    “lazer” guns can soon demolish you even when you decide to bail. And this
    is not to mention radar at higher tiers. I therefore have some sympathy
    with DD’s being a little cautious at the start, especially with CV’s I the
    game. But a game, without CV’s, agree they should go straight to cap.

  33. look mom, i am in a notser video, and he congratulated me… yaaaaaaaaaaay

  34. I think, so far, out of all the ships I’ve played, Amagi is my favourite. I
    consistently do very well, and have a lot of fun playing her. I also run a
    secondaries build, which is particularly enjoyable when you get into top
    tier games like this one, and a destroyer thinks he has the jump on you. It
    also puts out a pretty substantial amount of damage to enemy battleships if
    you end up brawling.

    Unrelated, the ship Ognevoi is actually spelled sorta wrong. Ognevoi is
    technically correct, but most sources report the ship as being named
    Ognevoy. Either way, the y is still pronounced. The only reason I know this
    is because it’s the VMF DD I’m currently on, and I research the ships a
    little as I unlock them, lol.

  35. I never understand y no cits at point blank range. Lately I’m more tempted
    to shoot at the guns that close in.
    Congrats on 13 000 subs too. I remember when you were in the hundreds.
    great work

  36. thx for the replay notser 🙂
    Amagi looks good but… IDK… it just make me feel uneasy with the

  37. If you didn’t have premium you would of got 5000 credits

  38. Gareth Fairclough

    The Amagi is a ship I’m really looking forward to playing eventually. 16
    inch guns, 30kts top speed? Yup, I’ll take that!

    Good play, as usual Notser :)

  39. Gareth Fairclough

    @11:27 “Battle-cruisers didn’t have armour”
    Not quite true Notser. There were different schools of thought on the
    battle cruiser. There was the British idea of a BC (which is what people
    generally associate with them these days) which is the idea that you can
    sacrifice armour protection in order to keep speed and firepower up while
    keeping cost and displacement down, while allowing the ship to control when
    and where the fight begins and ends.
    The other perspective was held by the Germans, who thought it more
    important to keep armour up at BB levels, proof against the British guns
    and to sacrifice a little bit of gun power. The guns didn’t matter too much
    to them as British BCs just didn’t have the armour. This way, the Germans
    could take the hits of the British guns, laugh and then pop the magazines
    of the British BCs.

  40. Hey notser!
    I like your videos very much and i play WoWs too. My favourite class is the
    aircraftcarrier and I’ve got both tier 8 carriers and i’ve got enough free
    xp to buy one tier 9 carrier.
    So here’s my question: could you pls. make a review about the “ESSEX” (the
    tier 9 american aircraftcarrier), because i want to know if its good or
    not. I hope you can so this, it would be great 😀


  41. Huh! I’m youtube famous!

    I was that Ognevoi that you finished off. I actually did have last stand,
    but my engine was shot out when I was stopped (in the smoke) so my
    acceleration was SUPER SLOW.

    Worth mentioning is the positioning of your cruisers and BB’s, kept us DD’s
    from stealing the caps out from underneath you. If we had more torp-heavy
    destroyers though, we would have made you pay for being so close to the

    Good game! Look forward to the next vid!

  42. lol i saw this battle and thought “you know what,i’ma go play my amagi”

    150k damage, close quarters expert, and double strike later…. xD

  43. Richard Heijden

    I stopped capping points (at beginning of match) in my ijn dd because most
    matches cruisers don’t bother to give fire support or run at sight of
    battleship. Been first kill so many times I even quit playing dd for while.
    When u start and rush for early cap everyone else in higher trier hangs
    back and waits. Seen ships sail long way around and only to snipe from
    distance and really get in battle after 8/10 min.

  44. Amazing vid as always Notser! 😀
    But it just dawned on me. . .You’re american.
    Or at least you play on the NA server.
    Yet you measure distance in km. .
    Are you albino or something? o.O
    (im joking! ^^ )

  45. notser what do think about the german cruisers?
    for the DD your right the DDs captain should play the objective and should
    provide information and try to keep and kill the enamy DDs.
    good luck my friend and take care :)

  46. Solid video Notser. After watching this and taking in your DD talk as well
    some of the comments here, I played a match (just finished it lol). Took my
    Mutsuki in Tier 8, Domination-mode Land of Fire battle. Enemy team had 3
    DDs (Farragut, Hatsuharu, and Fubuki) while I’m the only single DD in our
    team. Being outnumbered in terms of DD, I had to go in with the mindset of
    capturing bases swiftly & stealthily. Never in the match the enemy had 3
    bases captured at any point in time because I switch-capture between B & C.
    A losing game at the start, but our team did their best in sinking off
    enemy ships.

    In the end we won; I got 3 base captures and 2 assists, attaining sweet
    2.2k exp.

    Keeping in mind your ship’s type and objectives give your team a huge

  47. as you can see in min 12:40, you cant win a lot of credits in a tier 8
    Battleship without premium. in every match with my amagi, i mostly loose
    credits.and im not going to buy premium, because in the izumo i have to buy
    it always to get the yamato.
    wargaming should give players more ingamecredits, especially in tier 8 and
    higher. because it doesnt make fun to play them if i’m just loosing credits
    or generate just a few thousand per match.
    wargaming is just money interested and i wont support that. Since i play
    tier 8 the game sucks.
    the ships make a lot of fun but the credit-system has to be optimised.

  48. Notser do you still have the Nagato? If yes, please play the Nagato next.

  49. when I tried to download the update it crashed my computer I had to restart
    my pc and now it wount even do it it just stays at scanning for up dates
    and then installing updates but after 1 hour it did not even move of 0% any
    help would be nice

  50. Notser, you should try to play the Izumo once you unlock it once again.

  51. bellow average game ?

  52. Tanks and healers are some of the most demanding roles you can have in
    game’s, And when you can pick tank, Healer or damage most go for the easy
    one out of the 3,,, damage. General suport like you get in WoWs and WoT is
    getting harder and harder with people playing their ships 90% passive and
    5% agressive and rest neutral (neither passive or agressive) Everyone wants
    to have the BIGG guns (Machine guns and snipers in shooters) Hard hitting
    and tough tanks (MBT and tough medium tanks) that can sit back and snipe
    instead of taking some hits. From my 13 years of playing online games one
    thing i have seen with every single game is that everyone wants to play
    suport classes,,,, but no one want to play AS suport.

    There is always that one guy with that powerfull gun that can hold
    chokepoints as long as he has ammo, sitting back as far as he can
    complaining about not being fed ammo for his 5 kills hes made in 10
    minutes. Or that sniper that thinks hes so awesome after he hits that one
    headshot from 1000m after using 40% of his ammo trying to range in. Or that
    top tier Battleship that sits at max range and complains about BB’s being
    under powerd.

    The way gameplay is today is pretty much ” ME ME ME ME ME” while it used
    to be alot more of ”WE and TEAM” The few times i see absolutely random
    people actualy talk together, call out targets and possible locations of
    enemy’s and actualy give covering fire when others move is so rare, and so
    awesome when it happens it realy makes me feel like there is still hope for
    the over all comunity,,,, Instead of having immature brats thinking they
    are awesome with their try hard attitude and no idea what teamwork is.

  53. So close to my Amagi. Can’t wait

  54. DD not doing their job is not the only thing happening in ur server
    Notser… It happens a lot in the SEA server too. DD refuses to cap, CL/CA
    camping on the back of the map and refuse to support BB, and of BB keep on
    camping at the back of the base too and doing absolutely nothing. Sometime
    I run into a good team and the good could ended in 7 minutes becoz all of
    us were so agressive and sometimes ppl just being coward and let one and
    one teammate die in front of him. I feel so frustrating to face those
    situation and I don’t know what to do in this kind of scanerio.

  55. best looking ship, please do more of it!

  56. 12:33 Notserprising*

  57. i want kool aid again 6:45

  58. I just love when Notser gets a kill and vocalizes with ‘OH YEAH!’ <3

  59. Ha Noster, yesterday in my Destroyer I went to objectives…. and my team
    did absolutely nothing to support me. They ran for the hills and hid in the
    islands and crapped their pants… The one time I nearly forced my team to
    support me, they bitched the whole match but I had top score as I capped
    two and half caps and damaged several ships on the other team and had base
    defense. Yet they kept shouting at me to commit suicide to grab caps which
    they would not support me in.

  60. Nurnberg used to be able to get a 19+ KM range with AFT, not 18… I had my
    nurnberg in that fire range for a couple days and then they nurfed it just
    right before I could also increase my Cleveland fire range to 17+ KM, only
    a few thousand skill points left to get AFT on it. I was very angry back

  61. woohoo Gratz on 13k PAN man..Stay safe.

  62. Johannes “Jojo” Siemers

    I love DDs. Don’t understand people who don’t go for objectives, either. I
    am really goal-oriented in my play style. Maybe a little bit more because
    of your videos. It is all about winning the game for me.

    Going with a DD into a cap is a lot of fun. You are the forefront against
    enemy DDs. You have to learn the right style of offense and defense. Have
    to look out, what kind of support you have. And in the end, you will have
    ample time to deal quite a bit of damage, too.

  63. I’ve played multi player ww2 online games since 1996 with warbirds, aces
    high, navy field, world of tanks and WoWS. This game has the worst players
    of any game. They do not even try to win 80% of the time. You have 1-2 guys
    doing everything. They don’t even grasp the basics of the game. I can’t
    understand how they can play 10-20 minute games 2000 times and have no idea
    how to win or they just do not care. I’d be embarrassed to look like an
    absolute donkey game after game. In the old days we wanted our player names
    to be associated with a good player, not a clown. They have no motivation,
    no ambition and no pride. It’s the everyone gets a metal for participating
    generation. They only way to get a win yesterday was to kill 50% of the
    enemy team with my division. Do everything for me or I will lose…

  64. finally Amagi video!

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