World of Warships: Amagi – Amazing Ranked Comeback

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Our team fell behind in , but somehow we were able to stage an . Our friendly did so much for us.

of footage of the Amagi.


  1. I’ve been playing the tier 4 ijn premium cruiser, it’s pretty fun tbh

  2. I absolutely hate the Amagi, I find it’s armor to be severely lacking. It’s only good for kiting away since she’s speedy and has a lot of guns inthe back.

    • I quite like the amagi as well, but I agree with marc. L. It’s armor is all together lacking, if you show a broadside and get hit, you’ll most likely die. During ranked, I always make sure there is another battleship between me and the enemy, whenever possible. The ship simply cannot tank. And yes, kiting is the primary tactic.

    • You are broadside, that explains everything **face palm**

    • zam023 what, you never show a broadside when you turn away from the enemy? If I strike a broadside tirpitz at range, he eats it, but he doesn’t take that much damage. If I turn away and eat a broadside, I almost always get citadeled for most of my health.

    • Compared to any other tier 8 BB she has the worst armor of all.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Then again the IJN generally have the largest citadels (and actually the last line that gets nuked and punishes for being retardedly broadsided)… Yeah it has the thinnest armour, but it extends so much all the way to the rear stern and has such large coverage… Nagato concentrates massive amounts of armour on certain sections (the belt on the front 2 guns) – but has major weak points (the belt armour in the mid section and especially the back turrets)… Amagi on the other hands – thins the armour – but has far better coverage… Angling helps – plus Amagi – has one of the best firing angles (wtf do you mean when she’s only good for kiting???)- despite carrying so much turrets – you can easily fire all your guns, while being well angled, whether your pushing or kiting… 

      But I guess – its the citadel proof meta… USN get a waterline citadel lowering (by slicing their citadels in half, like wtf???), RN gets a underwater spaced armour citadel (event though they should have massive citadels historically like RN light cruisers, so again wtf in slicing the citadels???), and Germans cheat with the 60 degree auto bounce (to bounce anything with their 68 degree turtleback)…

      Its only the IJN that actually stay true to their armour schemes, and gets punished for showing broadside…

  3. Hello! I’m looking for some english speaking european people I can play wows with sometimes. Anyone interested? (loved the video btw)

  4. One battle in a 1000 that those ramming flags were useful.

    • The last time ranked was tier 8 I put ramming flags on my Amagi. I disconnected for the first 5 minutes, and when I came back we were down two ships. proceeded to ram two full health enemy BBs and apparently that was enough to turn the game around.

    • It didn’t look like he had ramming flags though. It was a partial ram, not a full ram.

  5. Low impact ram. If the difference in velocity of the colliding ships is low enough and both ships are going in the same direction then instead of the usual phenomenon where both ships deal their Max hp to each other, both ships do a percentage of their Max hp, and both get flooded. I thought this was pretty well known? I think I first heard about it on one of your videos. I first saw it on a CC’s video, maybe it was i chase.

    • If the difference in velocity is anything more than 3 or 4 knots it’s probably a full ram though. This one was probably a partial ram plus ramming flag amped the damage allowing the Roma to kill the Bismarck in fewer ramming ticks and reduced the amount of incoming damage.

    • Actually, no, he didn’t have ramming flags. Just a lucky grinding/grazing ram.

    • Afaik it’s really just based on max hp of the lowest max health ship. Either it’s a ram, or it’s a scrape (like when you scrape an ally).

    • I’d never known about that, I just thought it had to do with the differences in hp.

  6. Someone likes rolling their r’s.

  7. I believe in my team.. I.. believe in my team.. I.. B-b.. crap.

    • I am one with the team. The team is with me. I am one with the team. The team is with me. I am one with the team. The team is with me.

  8. I see Amagi; I click like.

  9. >gives compliment to rammer

    immediate unsub

  10. Here’s how ramming works as far as I know. If speed difference is great enough to actually count as a ram (and not a scrape) then it’s as simple as this:
    Both ships take damage equal to the max health of the ship with the lowest max health of the two. If ramming flag is equipped, the person with the flag takes and deals damage adjusted by the listed amount.

    So in other words, if two ships (A & B) ram eachother, and ship A has a *max* health of 50k and ship B has a *max* health of 60k, then both ships will receive 50k damage regardless of how much health they actually had when they rammed (as it calculates dmg based on _max_ hp).

  11. enemy was running away so ramming was at low speed dealing less damage to both ships.

  12. Your positioning in The First 8 min was Not good. 0 important damage und no cap Holding. After that it was a good game.

    • It is important for at least one ship to stay in that middle bit. That’s what I did. If I hadn’t stayed there then the enemies would’ve eventually had free reign over the middle, because I’d be off to the side like the Roma. Sometimes the best position in the long run is the position you already have, but you need to hold it.

  13. the reason the Amagi takes less AP damage is because of her huge torpedo bulges ( torpedo bulges *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* ). when an AP shell penetrates the torpedo bulges, you will get a pen marker but that pen does zero damage

  14. is it just me or are tirpitz/bismarck players in ranked complete trash?

  15. That North Caro was afk and the DD killed it with flooding lol lucky or that would of been GG with the N Caro active.

  16. Aerroon getting carried by his team and thinking he did anything to help. As he found out, NC was afk, and Roma had flag.

    • Well, I’m fairly certain I did *something* in this game. Positioning and crossfires are important. This limits the options of enemies. Stats don’t tell the whole tale.

  17. I think Roma rammed with her bow in the Side, + ramming signal , so the outcome isnt that special

  18. First time I tried reaching rank 1. First I tried with the Lo Yang (my skill in DDs is slightly above mediocre at best), had to carry WAY too much for wins and since I dislike playing DDs in the first place, it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. Had 55% WR before I gave up.

    Then I switched to the Charles Martel, a ship I both like and am good at (the general play style suits me). 90 matches and 70% WR later, I made it to rank 1. I still was forced to carry most matches, but I actually enjoyed it. Messing with BBs is so much fun. Chasing down DDs is satisfying. Every cruiser player plays Chapayev, Kutuzov or Atago, none of which bother me much.

    I’m honestly surprised I saw so few Charles Martels tbh, even Z-23 was more common.

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