World of Warships: Amagi – Amazing Ranked RNG

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Amagi game with some ridiculously amazing RNG. All the luck is condensed into one game.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese battleship Amagi.


  1. Lews Therin Talamon

    Huh, first view.
    EDIT: Now that I’ve secured my position, I should post something of meaning…. Nah.

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The poor little chapayev that could…..increase the salt on the sea to Kancolle RNG levels GG man……GG

  3. Not impressed.

    (crying inside)

  4. I saw the stream, and admit I was happy to see justice done here. It tends to be rare. Congratulations on Rank 1 Aerroon.

  5. i had him several times in randoms that Kovacs… He was mostly just oposition of the right thinks to do. GJ and Congrats Aerroon to R1 bro ! 😉 Greetings from Adallbert Schneider ( Twitch ) / Bismrack381mm in EU / or 380 on PTS – from yesterday 😉

  6. Aerroon got his WoWs pants on again … wohoo (you have been missed)

  7. Revenge is a dish best served cold >:)
    btw he seems to be a fairly good player…but he reached rank 2.
    and his attitude to u and reports…were pretty stupid.

  8. holy shit ahahaha u should hit up a casino

  9. Talking about RNG going off the scale.
    In my Nagato, 3 Dev Strike in a row, all cruisers.

    • Wow. That’s incredible.

    • I had that with my Nagato a week or so ago too. There were three cruisers sitting broadside on in a smoke screen I happened to pass really close to.

      Unfortunately they weren’t dev strikes because they had less than 50% hp but it was still a nice 4 citadels and 2 kills.

      (One of them managed to get away. That darn 32 second reload)

  10. Hmmm, another amagi video? Well alrighty then.

  11. LOL.
    Hope you sent him a PM later saying “Thanks for helping me reach rank 1; you were the last ship I killed to get there. How is your progress going?”.

    • Nope, I was chat banned after I got him and a few others a few matches in a row. They were mad at me the entire time. Not as aggressively later though.

  12. Aerroon did you sell your soul to the devil for that RNG?

  13. I bet he’s one of the guys who disliked the video, seriously fk shot callers that also sucks

  14. Seems like You played on cheats 😀

    From Akizuki point of view 😉

  15. GJ! If you follow someone’s golden rule of “DO NOT PUT OUT SINGLE FIRE”, you’d never have chance to have that last shot.

    • The problem with that “golden rule” is that if you don’t put out single fires, then you’ll just die to a large amount of single fires over time.

  16. I call hack

  17. Did anybody count how often his Amagi was set on fire? Ridiculous…

  18. Bots say ” *print ‘git gud’;* ” after killing someone. Kappa

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