World of Warships: Amagi Refusing To Sink

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Even though I am in a match against a Hakuryu and a Shoukaku, my Amagi refuses to go down. The match is surprisingly decent considering how poor matchmaking was for me. Luckily, these types of games are rare nowadays.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese battleship Amagi.


  1. Ah yes, first

  2. Loved the Amagi, absolute beast.

  3. I see Amagi!

    I click like!

  4. Imperium Legio IX Gemina

    Genova can easily 1v1 the amagi !

  5. Frédéric Laliberté

    Love your videos Aerroon, thanks! Amagi is my favorite T8 battleship, I feel it the one that performs best when you are bottom tier.

    • I agree with that. The only BB I would think of as a replacement for Amagi in such a match would be the Vladivostok, but I’m not sure if I’d actually make that switch.

  6. GG,I love Amagi,very much a keeper for me in that line 🙂

  7. Amagi is such a nice ship

  8. Mama Fox doing her best!

  9. Me at the start of battle-Midway are always good players, right?
    Midway-Hold my beer…

  10. Local Amagi literally to angry to die.

  11. Me : watching a respectful movie or a serie
    My dad : (when a sexual scene comes up) : 9:10

  12. I find that the main problem with CV torps is that unless you take them on the ends of the ship, they count as citadel damage that you cant really heal. So its always meaningful damage basically.

    Personally i HATED amagi. Didnt really enjoy her at all.

  13. That weird feeling when a midway thinks he is a GZ but realises too late he isnt

  14. Well Played good Sir, i Should take out my amagi for spin out aswell

  15. “Its worse for my stats but better for the team”

    Oh you sweet summer child

  16. Lol i was watching with captions and ibuki showed up as sea booty.

  17. おさかべAomsin_Supanat

    That’s Hiei captain voice line? Nice!!

  18. BadUploadScheduleツ

    An Azur Lane camo?

    Be prepared for more Anime Commanders :/

    Also balance in WoWs Legends is kinda bad, Iowa at tier 7…

  19. me when i think my shots is gonna hit but it doesn’t hit : damn rng
    it happens

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