World of Warships – Amagi Revisit 0.6.4

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is one of those ships that is always a force to be reckoned with, this game is no exception. I love out to support the eastern flank, a couple enemies are there. most of the enemy is in the west though, we will be dealing with that shortly. Game is close and my team does a great job enhancing my power. Hope You enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Amagi Replay


  1. Lets get this Bitch: primacy1 Boys you know what to do

  2. Amagi is queen if the seas.

  3. All this ships i have, but i dont have HER T.T

  4. prmiacy1 doesn’t understand dispersion does he..?

  5. I like it when 12yo noobs rage in chat, it always feels so fulfilling 😀

  6. Destroyer Inazuma

    What a fantastic display of teamwork! Shows that the Amagi Brilliant Park is ten times better when she works with some friends

  7. @primacy1: if you can’t hande the heat… go back to playing Hello Kitty Online!

  8. ty Notser, i hope all dd captains can see the value of staying alive, capping is important but not at the cost of the dd.

  9. Amagi is still the queen of the T8 battleships imo.

  10. very nice ship indeed…im at the fuso looking forward to this beast

  11. Jake van der Veen

    Let’s not forget that the Dunkerque was also being pretty salty too

  12. Amagi even had turtle back armour, so it’s a great brawler too

  13. Clearly Wallet Warrior

  14. Also, Amagi is not the ship you related with “Great Accuracy”.

  15. The guy runs into TWO islands and then has the cheek to bad mouth other people. The Dunning Kruger affect comes to mind here.

  16. Hey noster play the ny and try and hit a g Kurfürstendamm at 5 km and watch as the shells go straight into space

  17. ToughAncientSpark

    I got a problem too. I only have 40 ships.

  18. Do you think is stronger the North Carolina or the Amagi?

  19. may i ask how can you change the shells that you are looking in the shell flyingmode(i mean the mode that u press z after shooting)

  20. “Your greatest enemy was the island…” LOL

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