World of Warships: Amagi vs North Carolina 1vs1

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vs . I try to have some fun with the .

footage of the tier 8 Amagi.


  1. Don’t play with your food, Aerroon 😛

  2. Why you bully him

  3. I do this always in ranges less than 7Km even with Yamatos, Sometimes you leave Iowa´s without front guns after the engagement^^

  4. That NC must be now angaged as helI.
    I wish I never meet you on the opposite side

  5. you’re such a cruel person….

  6. I have very little success breaking turrets on battleships no matter what I’m in. Must be missing.

  7. Lol u evil man I would be screaming if that happened to me

  8. were you doing that silly mission?

  9. “Im gonna have some fun with her”..
    me: yay buttsex

  10. NC cant kill an Amagi by devasting strike, but Amagi can kill a NC by devasting strike

  11. Been know to aim for main turrets especially in Amagis and Bismarcks when up close like that.

  12. Third Naval Battle of Guadalcanal Colorized, 1942-43.

    USS Washington taken down by suprise from a secret Japanese BC that the allies never knew existed.

  13. Lews Therin Talamon

    I love doing this.

  14. Amagi can tank even most of Yamato shells when kiting away.

  15. The North Cal’s broken gun was giving you the finger.. ROFL >_<

  16. Reason for all that damage is that the shots that you are aiming at his turrets are also raking through his superstructure, causing multiple overpenetrations per shell.

  17. Stop playing with other Ship’s feeling too Aerroon >.<

  18. Lol, I used to get so enraged by this. Although I once disarmed a New Mexico using my Fuso this way.
    He only had secondaries left. He was so pissed off. ☠

  19. Matthew Villaweaver

    As the guy in the Tirpitz sorry for ruining your game haha 🙂

  20. You just committed a crime.

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