World of Warships: Amazing Radar Yueyang

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Yueyang’s torps are so good. I wanted to go use them with the new speed. I ended up with one of my best games to date.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Pan-Asian destroyer Yueyang on the map Mountain Range.


  1. whre are the waves? is this a mod?

  2. wich arp girls voice was it ?
    also – good to see a man of culture 🙂

  3. in the name of the zao lmao

  4. also , why you dont use ” concentrate fire on targer x ” quick comand ?

  5. Clutch FDG and Mogami pair!

  6. Better torpedo detectability though. Much better torp detectability.

  7. Yueyang torps are lethal, that Zao and Smolensk would have been able to dodge if Shima torps

  8. 17:41 when aeroon blows his DW torp load all over the smolensk lmao
    *OHH YES*

  9. This UI is really something else…
    It feels like 2015 all over again

  10. Oh, and when you get unspotted thanks to islands, your concealment reset after 3 seconds! That’s why you didn’t get unspotted there

  11. 6:10 There’s a gap in the island that the Kiev could momentarily spot you through. You need to be behind an island for a full 2 seconds before your gun firing bloom disappears, and that gap made it impossible. You can see the detection icon disappear, appear again in the gap, disappear behind the larger part of the island, then reappear when you come out on the other side.

  12. Yueyang was my favorite DD, but ever since they nerfed the hell out of it, coupled with the powercreep (read Shima gun buff, Harugumo, Daring etc) it’s just so painful to play. The only thing going for it is the number of smokes which help with CVs.

  13. I wish more people paid attention to the minimap like you do, Aeroon. Most people wouldn’t have realized just how much work that FDG put in to winning the game. They would’ve just saw that he was second on the team and assumed he farmed damage for that XP.

    • Thanks. I agree though – the minimap is super important. It’s not even something only in World of Warships though. I’ve found that most games end up being played in large part on the minimap. It’s come to the point in some games that the minimap probably shouldn’t be improved much, because people are looking too much at it.

    • @Aerroon I’ve played games in battleships where several people on my team accuse me of “sitting in the back doing nothing” when I’m actually sitting on half HP and tanked over 1mil+ damage trying to push a cap and was forced to pull back and heal. Because people don’t look at the minimap often enough to know WTF is going on.

      In fact I had a Scharnhorst game once where I was literally pushing a cap with fellow teammates and some dead person on my team was griping about “The Scharnhorst not doing anything” because I hadn’t yet gotten a kill, yet I’d done damage and taken damage in the process.

  14. stefanos perivolaris

    Plus radar

  15. That thing you did with the map at 20:30 would actually be a really nice way to summarise every video, for the whole match

    • I have thought of this before. What would make this even better is if I could find a mod for the minimap that would show ship HP.

  16. -1 second to reload on main batteries.

  17. This is exactly how I play mine and I love it. no one expects the spooky radar DD. Nice upload. <3

  18. Regarding the “british heavy cruiser” … I’m british and have no idea how to pronounce it either.

    Al B Marrrl? I’ll B Marlee? Jingles is probably calling it Dave …

  19. If only your ship had guns and WG enabled you to utilise smoke screens from other ships;) must be a russian bias on the smolie that you couldn’t sit in his screen and start fires on the yam 😉

  20. 6:30 It takes 2+ seconds of being unspotted for your concealment to reset.
    and at 10:55 should be known as a Three-for 🙂

  21. I would skip 2/2 and 2/7 cuz you doesn’t firing the gus so often and would use 1/2 and 4/7 instead

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