World of Warships: Amazing Ranked Match with Kitakaze

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Kitakaze is so good in ranked, but I think a number of other destroyers could’ve done just as well in this ranked match, they probably would’ve had a harder time though.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Japanese destroyer Kitakaze in a ranked match


  1. At work and first

  2. That Alaska is the type of selfish player that saves his consumables for only when hes is being hunted by enemy DD himself.

  3. boristhebarbarian

    ALL installed mods bypass any and all security software

  4. That Friedrich is probably gonna complain about german power creep, must increase guns accuracy 🙂

  5. Elitemole1825 Royale163

    I think that the most dificult part of the second branch of the japanes destroyers are the one torpedo lancher.I is a bit unusual??.
    But good game.

  6. Toughts on cv rework rn?

  7. I relay enjoy your videos. I have almost 10 th battles and I have a big problem hitting enemy ships.

  8. Gareth Fairclough

    Mind games.

    Oh you ;D

  9. John Angelo Tenorio

    That voice, Prinz Eugen?

  10. Playing with your food!

  11. Slawomir Chmielewski

    To know which team wins on points in 2:1 caps look how much you’re missing to 1000. If they need more than twice as much points as you do (as in the situation, 902:782, you need 98, they need 218), you win.

  12. You could have known that the game was in the bag when you hit 800 points… they had 588. Even with twice as many caps, they had more than twice as far (412 vs 200) to go.

  13. @Aeroon – you should look into modstation from WG themselves. It has a countdown mod. And many more.

  14. 2:45 where is your cursor going? XD

  15. Nice game Aerroon 🙂

  16. Insofar as which side you should push on–it’s better to push on the right side than the wrong side.

  17. That salty alaska ???? git gud!!!

  18. Invisible 91,000 hp musashi at the END where everyone else fought and died. Mofo coward is what he is saving his own star hoping the other five can carry his fight.

  19. Awesome game Aerroon! True proof of your skill! See you on the 7 seas!

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