World of Warships- American Battleship Guide

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Hey guys, just in time for the 4th of July, I bring you guys my guide to the US BBs. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Thoughts on new proposed American BBs?

  2. No one:
    Tier 3-7 American BB: *EXTRA THICC*

  3. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    It’s the 5th now you are LATE!

  4. Battle of warship Anas

    Make a video about franch BB.

  5. wait? 6:04 yuro California vid confirmed?

  6. god did you ever time this perfectly for me, just got the iowa and have been wondering how to play her right

    • For me the Iowa was disappointing after playing the awesome NC.

    • @Elby Stump why? The iowa is cool, there is just the turning circle that is quite annoying

    • @ANIBLIND It’s just a big HE farm. I’d rather have the NC because it can actually maneuver.

    • @Elby Stump Iowa is basically a superbuffed NC, which can obliterate almost anything at range….

      Just learn to play the ship right. She is NOT a brawler…. And in this meta of long range encounters she is the T9 Queen!

  7. i think it would be a really fun video to watch you guys try to do realistic formation changes in an actual battle!

  8. I’ll make this very simple from tier 5-7 the American ship are good ships you’ll love them after you learn to be a skilled player . The new Mex The Colorado and West Virginia very much the California are dam fine ships . I have a 68 percent win rate in these ships . Only turd can’t make these ships shine

  9. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys this was recorded, and edited days before the announcement of the US BB split. So unfortunately it’s outdated already. BUT the information is still applicable to the current ships. A video will be up for the new US BBs soon!

    • 15:50
      The Royal Navy BB do NOT RIVAL USN BB AA! Only maybe French and DEFINITELY Soviet T10 BBs have anywhere near the AA, of Montana!

      The ONLY thing Conqueror has got going for it is that the 3.5 km medium range is 627 DPS – but it has NO short range, and its long range is PATHETIC at only 77 DPS and 4 Flak!

      Meanwhile Republique has 189 DPS at 6 km with 8 Flak clouds, but then a 3.8 km mid range of 497 DPS.

      Kremlin has a long range aura that goes to 6.6 km, and it has 8 flak clouds and 192 DPS, and a 3.5 km mid range of 392 – but then a “Short” range of 3.1 km that gives a further 287 DPS – this is well AFTER Kremlin has received several AA DPS nerfs too! She used to have over 220 long range, and a mid of over 500!

      Montana has a 6 km long range with 8 flak clouds and 175 DPS, a 3.5 km mid range with 507 DPS and a normal 2 km short range of 371 DPS – so she DEFINITELY has the highest DPS overall, but that 2 km aura is only effective when planes need to fly over you basically – meanwhile Kremlin short range is 3.1 km!

      Still my point is, that as an AA Platform the only REAL Competition is Kremlin and Repub – because Conqueror AA sucks at range – which is the most important BB AA factor, especially lacking a long ranged mid – that is to say a mid range of 3.8 to 5 km instead of the normal 3.5 that Conq has – the Conqueror is NOT a good AA BB, she can barely defend herself with that piddly long range and no short to back up the powerful mid to kill off dive bombers and other aircraft that has to fly within 2 km or less of the ship. Also Conqueror loses its mid range mounts easily.

    • North Carolina, Alabama, Iowa, Missouri and others still rival other T10 BBs in overall AA power!
      Montana’s biggest gain is that 6 KM long range aura with a massive mid to back it up!

    • The reason USN BBs are avoided by CVs at T8+ especially is because even their long range does ~150+ DPS and has 8 Flak which will tear apart aircraft that hits it – this is why long range DPS matters, it is the greatest deterrent apart from catapult fighters at this point.

  10. Great vid as always SLM. I’m grinding the USN BBs and this really helped and the intro is great! But why do you run Preventive Maintenance instead of Priority Target?

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      When bow tanking, it helps prevent your turrets from being knocked out, you could take PT if you desire, but I personally take PM

  11. Got to admit, this kind of guide/overview would be GREATLY appreciated for EVERY line and ship class, not only BBs! I feel the wiki information and “descriptions” of the different lines isn’t that up-to-date.

  12. Outtakes at the end were awsome!

  13. When the Smolensk screws up, “You Will Reap it!”

  14. maybe im just forgetting the bad matches, but i remembered loving my Colorado? i feel like i never see them in tier 9 games, but all the time in tier 6

  15. Indigenous.rabbit

    This cinematic BB lineup looked EPIC, I NEED TO SEE MORE OF THIS, PLS GIVE ME MORE!!!!

  16. Sea Lord: ok everyone stay still
    Dan: VROOOM

  17. When i grinded throw the Colorado back in 2015, that ship was a beast

  18. Definitely was fun setting that up bossman. We should do em all

  19. The Colorado is a satisfying bote. Suffers on harsh uptiers, but what doesn’t? Stay in the middle of the map and use the good range and large shells to make the reds pay.

  20. *AA Build is POINTLESS in current WOWS! None of it makes enough difference without the slot 6 AA mod! And giving up accuracy or reload for that is still STUPID! Optimal modern AA Build = BFT, nothing else!*
    North Carolina up has good enough AA that you need NOTHING! Anything added will only barely change things!

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