World Of Warships American Battleship Preview – THE PATCH IS OUT

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World Of Warships American Battleship Preview – THE PATCH IS OUT


  1. Quintin Baumeister

    +Timothy Stuedemann Really wouldn’t surprise me if they put the Missouri in
    as a premium

  2. The question for the Missouri is what part of its life cycle is it in will
    it have its cruise missiles and C-RAM systems installed or will it be out
    of the docks?

  3. +J-M Deveau its a press account, there is like 2 others on the server that
    account is on….. when he recorded this he couldnt play them

  4. Quintin Baumeister

    +Snakebloke o7 A full hailstorm of AA from the Iowa would be awe inspiring.
    And as a proud American happy for these battleships, I can’t wait to see
    the British tree when it comes out. Should have beautiful ships

  5. +Quintin Baumeister A-Men dude, it’s going to be epic.

  6. +Tyler Verdict Wisconsin is a Iowa class individual ships not represented
    just class the reason they put Warspite in instead of calling it the Queen
    Elizabeth is just because of Warspites awesome war record!!

  7. +TheRpf1977 all the premium ships bear the name of the ship it portrays!
    which is awesome!

  8. +donald baynard with 12 of them? Yamato is going to be really upset

  9. Yes I know but I still think the Yamato had more armor than the montana

  10. If the Montana was actually made and team up with the Iowa! Brah they would
    destroy the Yamato! So leave who you think will win Montana and Iowa vs 1

  11. that’s deadly man maybe 1 montana and 4 iowa would be very deadly

  12. Judging by the turrets I want to say that it is the Bismarck, but I am not
    sure where the intro came from.

  13. +TeK RaVeN oh no. we have enough headaches with DDs spamming torps
    everywhere >_<

  14. +TeK RaVeN Speed of an underwater submarine: slower than the slowest
    aircraft carrier in the game.

    Hope you have a deck of cards. 🙂

  15. today they do

  16. its called cwiz, 20mm rotating gatling cannon

  17. Quintin Baumeister

    +Nick5220 – *CIWS(close enough) or the Phalanx system as one of the more
    popular versions, I find

  18. Combatsmithen 42101

    +Quintin Baumeister dont forget the Goalkeeper as well.

  19. Aidilfit player

    Same here

  20. World of Warships is in closed Beta right now I think

  21. DeutschesVaterland

    +Jeff _21 Buy a premium ship pack from the Wargaming Premium Shop and you
    will get Closed Beta Access with it.

  22. +MAX L They were 54 caliber instead of 38 made for a higher velocity shell
    they were a 5 inch with the hitting power of a 6 inch

  23. +TheRpf1977 just like the 16 inch gun on iowa and south dakota huh

  24. +Profound Gaming its going to be the midway class

  25. omg like the angled deck??? that would be so cool

  26. +Nick5220 – it would be cool but the sad part is that the angled decked was
    added in the 1960’s 🙁

  27. +Uncle_Lefty 14 American battleships could take more damage than the
    Japanese battleships

  28. +s.a.s. daedalus Standard in game music

  29. Wows doesn’t look at maximum range they look at maximum effective range

  30. I’m certain the Iowa’s effective range is FAR greater than 21km

  31. +Tholaran97 How did they fuck it up? Just because it doesn’t include the
    ships that you wanted?

  32. No. The firing range on every single ship in the tree is super
    unrealistically short. The Iowa’s max firing range in the game is almost
    half of what it was in real life.

  33. +Tholaran97 So is the Yamato’s…. I agree the range is quite lack luster,
    however most US BBs have access to an upgrade which increases their max
    range by 16%, which Japanese BBs do not have access to. As for the Iowa’s
    range, that is simply for balancing reasons because the maps are
    hilariously small.

  34. Chandler Hermansen

    +F1zzzy90 16% of 21…..what thats an extra 1 kilometer? Wow so fantastic

  35. +Tholaran97 Oh christ. No, this is not a goddamn battleship simulator. It’s
    a fucking video game that does not identically replicate real life, mostly
    for balance and entertainment reasons. Good riddance if you leave; one less
    whiny player.

  36. +MrTater122 Iowa.

  37. Mark “Brokenbits” Acton

    +MrTater122 They go by Class name for the standard ships, so they have the
    Iowa for that, the Missouri is likely going to be a Premium at some point

  38. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    It’s an Iowa class battleship 😛

  39. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Best Fully automatic AA gun of ww2 hands down

    I would consider the Germans Flak 36(Or whatever their 37mm was) but the
    bofors has slightly better range and power

  40. +TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt) In warthunder it is considered the worst AA gun
    of it’s tier, i’d say it is better because it could probably be used as a
    nasty Anti tank weapon if given some good ammunition.

  41. Erik Lundholm Ericson

    +Zeroczar As stated above it’s used on the CV90 and it has terrifying ammo
    loadouts man.

  42. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Oh and remember the armor upgrades it got with those upgrades too 😉

    If the USS midway is in game let’s add F-4 phantoms to it XD


  43. Mark “Brokenbits” Acton

    +niek cohen can just buy a premium ship, you get a CBT key now with that

  44. They sell keys on the website for $15

  45. +LamboVeneno117 could you send me a link plz cant find it

  46. They add in a fleet from each country sequentially. To answer your
    question, a full British and German battle fleet will be available at some
    point in the future.

  47. +Jack Packet this was recorded at the same time as the other. but thanks
    for your bloody feedback

  48. Lol bloody phly…

  49. Jack Packet (gaming)

    ok fair enough but would you rather me swear profusely then

  50. Could you know be an adult you bloody Muppet

  51. +ScottR 98 yah i apologize ERG! next time that won’t happen hope you still

  52. Yhea 🙂

  53. +Samuel Parrett Basically the same as the North Carolina.

  54. Type is instrumental remix. Type zans himmer time remix and click first.

  55. christopher morris

    +USSWISCONSIN94 ive played both and i will say its different in some of the
    things, think battle stations only way better and faster paced

  56. +christopher morris
    Love BS:M/P Wish they made another one.

  57. North Carolina because it’s your home

  58. +PhlyDaily NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!

  59. New york

  60. +PhlyDaily USS Banter

  61. +PhlyDaily New Mexico


  63. +Mota gamer u fucking mean that 🙂

  64. Yuuuuuuuup

  65. Whatching your older videos and just whatch the sniper kill with the zis 30
    god dam

  66. +Toby Cure and the scharnhorst also hold the record longest hit on a moving

  67. +PhlyDaily Showboat hype! the one ship guaranteed a slot in my harbor in
    WoWs is the North Carolina. Such a pretty ship and to this day lives up to
    her nickname.

  68. T. Maximilian Waechter

    +PhlyDaily Play the New Orleans!

  69. T. Maximilian Waechter

    +PhlyDaily or the Iowa

  70. Lina The Gamesghost

    +PhlyDaily play lowa

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