World Of Warships American Battleship Preview – THE PATCH IS OUT

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World Of Warships American Battleship Preview – THE PATCH IS OUT


  1. funny thing is his intro video is from navyfield 2 trailer

  2. Montana=Yamato killer FOR SURE 

  3. Do north cerolina

  4. dont go full retard on america

  5. Iowa its nice

  6. Is the game out already? +PhlyDaily

  7. Imagine 2 Iowas in a convoy with some destroyers… R.I.P. planes :D

  8. Andrew Mitchell

    I got to play a little last night and I absolutely love the new gun sounds!

  9. Inception <3

  10. You cut my Girl off too soon at the end.

  11. Iowa the sea predator

  12. I really hope they add the nevada-class at some point thats my favorite
    battleship and it makes me sad not to see it here

  13. plzzz IOWA !!!

  14. Iowa is a beast

  15. talks… way…tooo fucking much

  16. Please take the Nort Carolina out into some big battles!

  17. Just looking at the stats It would seem that the Montana is better than the
    Yamato. It beats the Yamato on basically all stats but artillery and
    survivability where they are equally matched. I don’t give a rats ass about
    historical accuracy here, but from a game view point the balance seems a
    bit off.

    Granted, thinks like armor and torpedo protection might not be reflected by
    the stats let alone player skill. I would love some stats of 1v1 battles
    and team battles between these two awesome ships.

  18. good video keep it up!, btw love the Swedish Bofors guns!!!

  19. Millimeters! They take over the wooorld!

  20. felix Marseille


  21. i ask that you play the Texas or the New York class first


  23. BrigadierChilds


  24. not for dirt, but think where they operate, there is a lot of salty water
    like whole freaking oceans of it

  25. Shepasaurus Rex

    Freedom isent free!

  26. Luther Blissett

    Battleships are just beautiful things. It’s really great to see them all
    rendered here with such gorgeous models, and I’m really looking forward to
    the Royal Navy.

  27. ProCokkie Minecraft

    +PhlyDaily Try the montana or New Mexico

  28. Standard Account

    Iowa plz ^^

  29. ‫علاء الدين لطفي‬‎

    Iowa phly.Iowa.

  30. USA BBs are better in shooting down airplanes then IJN cruisers…

  31. Could you please play the American BB’s and the Japanese CV’s alternately
    and from T3 to T10 in a Row?

  32. What about Hull upgrades?

  33. if there is one ship that takes my breath away, its the Iowa.
    Just look at her…

  34. My grandpa fought on the north caroline he told some awesome storys about

  35. MEGAstarsteveman

    Lowa not iowa

  36. The Music is awesome !

  37. Thomas Wildrabbit

    28 knots, knot bad at all…

  38. Idk why I just realized this but could you just imagine being on the deck
    of one those battleships in WW2 when ALL the guns are firing? It would be
    so Insane to have battleship main gun, 40mm, 20mm, .50s all going off. Now
    add enemy fire and aircraft n ships. Just blows my mind how crazy that must
    have been. Forever grateful for All WW2 veterans. 

  39. does the video cut off suddenly for anyone else? or did phly edit it that

  40. yes “Download now” yes

    The plastic is for the guns don’t make a iteration sound for the crew
    (sorry if misspelled… I’m Danish)

  41. Martin Zrubecky

    These balast on the high turet have to prevent lowest turet to ding by
    cannons to hull and damage them.

  42. Note montana has secondaries that are 5 inch 54 caliber, rather than Iowas
    5 inch 38s

  43. Nice Phly! What ship will you use the most?

  44. ‘Murica.

  45. I believe there was actually 2 Montana hulls laid down and when they were
    canceled the steel was used for other ships

  46. I went to pearl harbor when i was 7, ten years later its the most powerful
    place I’ve been and the mighty mo probably my favorite single object ever.
    I feel it and the montana will end up being equal in overall quality, just
    different play styles. Like if they were same tier.

  47. Lowa is german for lion

  48. North Carolina is a very good looking ship. I have been on it too. Very
    nice ship.

  49. +PhlyDaily So you got the chance to tour the North Carolina and I got tthe
    chance to tour the USS Missouri and HMS Belfast. What other ships have you

  50. DuderMcBroBlaster

    Montana’s 12 supposedly 18in guns vs. super yamato’s 6 20in guns..who would

  51. USS Montana. Correction: 406mm = 16in

  52. Carriers are dead to me for now.

  53. Attila Gábor Bánházi

    NO! The Montana is the best!

  54. Attila Gábor Bánházi

    or North Carolina

  55. Question to you phly do you think that war gaming will ever add the Arizona
    in to world of worship maybe as a Premium?

  56. Play the IOWA… Have you.

  57. Attila Gábor Bánházi

    The New Mexico!

  58. Dude, FFS, show them upgraded.

  59. kitsunekomaku10

    Since they have already shown the Montana, they have to bring out the Super

  60. lol and then the upgrade for the yamato comes out making it the “super
    Yamato” with her 20 inch guns, bye bye iowa

  61. Iowa please she is the most decorated ship in U.S. History (I think I may
    be wrong) also Japan surrendered on it under neath the turret in the stern
    of the ship

  62. They need to add the Mighty Mo to the game 

  63. FLJBeliever1776

    Some classes were skipped. There were the Pennsylvania-class Battleships,
    two South Dakota-classes (yes, two classes of the South Dakota, 1920 and
    1939), and the Lexington-class Battlecruisers (with the Lady Lex and
    Striped Sara becoming Carriers while the others were scrapped).

  64. I’d personally like to see the North Carolina.

    Also remember in the previous vid when that supposed expert said the NC was
    light on AA? Yeah. Freaking dumbass

  65. Lol people complaining about it being stock ships. Looking at them just
    gave me a nergasm

  66. American high-tier battleships will be too op. They are almost immune to
    air attacks, they have good armor, good hp, good guns…

  67. brent schlaeppi

    Those are canvas life rafts. ;)

  68. LoadScreenComms

    Holy crap, the Iowa looks beautiful! I remember going onboard when it was
    in Richmond CA for a few months, just after she was saved from the mothball
    fleet. She looked like shit, but still amazing

  69. Was anybody else screaming “update the fire control systems Phly!!”. Lol

  70. is the beta over and is the game out

  71. North Carolina HYPE

  72. Timothy Stuedemann

    Iowa=USS Wisconsin,Missouri, New Jersey, Iowa.

    • Quintin Baumeister

      +Timothy Stuedemann Really wouldn’t surprise me if they put the Missouri in
      as a premium

    • The question for the Missouri is what part of its life cycle is it in will
      it have its cruise missiles and C-RAM systems installed or will it be out
      of the docks?

  73. Home state NC hype!!!! I’ve been in the U.S.S North Carolina several times,
    once on an exclusive tour through sections most people couldn’t see. It’s
    amazing, if anyone gets the the chance to visit this ship. Do it!!

  74. Dude keep it up!!!!! I love all your vids!!

  75. Do you play with other beta testers like me?

  76. You should team up with baron in the calliope, and at the start of a match,
    shoot all your rockets into one area

  77. +PhlyDaily I believe the canvas/plastic (you said mesh) covering the base
    of the barrel is to reduce salty sea water spray from getting to
    actuators/Joints and rusting them, its also to stop discharged gunpowder
    particles from building up around key areas.

  78. Phly Caliber can be read in millimeters or if you are a pleb and insist on
    using animal units… inches

  79. USS New York it bears my homestates name :D

  80. I take that back everything including and after the Colorado are on
    anti-air steroids. Like good grief, Americas partial paranoia for aliens
    comes in god dam handy for once

  81. the covering on turrents is most likely a boot like on a stick shift
    transmission. when giving stats on ships from ‘merica’, gun diameter should
    be in inches not mm.

  82. I’m not certain, but I believe the material on the Turrets is there to help
    protect the inner workings from the environment. Please remember, the sea
    is rather salty! So just having something there to keep salt water out
    keeps those big guns in top condition while at sea. *And at sea, Salt Water
    can get EVERYWHERE on a warship!*

  83. That Colorado class has been taking some serious anti- air steroids

  84. phly i have been on the Missouri in Pearl Harbor it was an amazing ship i
    even got to go inside the main battery turrets

  85. WG has them a number 1 game im surprised they went into such detail with
    these ships Need to add more there are more than enough classes to have a
    battleship in every tier they skipped the Tennessee class,Nevada
    Class,Florida Class.Not to mention the South Dakota class that was
    cancelled in the 20s. Cant wait to see the German ships.

  86. Hey Phly, a quick calculation if you want to know the bore size of main
    battery naval rifles: 1in = 2.54cm = approx 25mm. So a 406mm rifle will be
    16in (25x4x4, if that kind of mental conversion math works for you).

    Thanks for the vids, man. :)

  87. Best intro and the patch just came out.
    looking forwards to the long download

  88. Do you think hey should add the Arizona as a premium, where maybe more
    scout range or better as or secs


  90. Michael Gibilterra

    No game play? Well now I have to wait for the game to update :(

  91. Burt the conqueror

    Amped for the Iowa

  92. You a Carolina boy Phly?

  93. Andrew Crandall

    Hometown hype gotta love the New York 

  94. Andrew Crandall

    I want to see the Tennessee class battle ship added

  95. Still waiting on the Royal Navy!

  96. You need to do the Iowa battleships first, it’d be ironic to do the world’s
    last built battleships first, considering the Iowa-Class ship Missouri was
    the world’s last battleship built.

  97. I am not going to enjoy going the same speed as the Kawachi all the way up
    to tier 8

  98. Yamato vs montana who win

  99. TiberiousThe Labrador


  100. tothefuckingmoss

    Take the north carlina out

  101. the american BB seems superior on AA

  102. J-M Deveau (IWeldingtaco711)

    do you actually play the game? or you just yank your mango tree looking at
    those ship

    • +J-M Deveau its a press account, there is like 2 others on the server that
      account is on….. when he recorded this he couldnt play them

  103. When will the Bismarck come out for War of Warship. Or The German
    Navy fleet

  104. my choose is going to be my top five and they are Wyoming, new mexico,
    north Carolina, Iowa, an the number one is the MONTANA. thanks for the
    awesome videos PhlyDaily.

  105. IOWA

  106. When you showed the Iowa-Class, with that epic music i the background, I
    just went there man. I imagined the USS Iowa thugging it out with AA guns
    sweeping the sky like upside-down rain.

    I’m British, so I only hope I can do her proud. o7 Salute to my brothers in
    the USA.

    • Quintin Baumeister

      +Snakebloke o7 A full hailstorm of AA from the Iowa would be awe inspiring.
      And as a proud American happy for these battleships, I can’t wait to see
      the British tree when it comes out. Should have beautiful ships

    • +Quintin Baumeister A-Men dude, it’s going to be epic.

  107. What ships are you guys looking forward too 

  108. You should come see the U.S.S. Texas in Houston

  109. Can’t wait until they put in the USS Wisconsin the last battleship ever

    • +Tyler Verdict Wisconsin is a Iowa class individual ships not represented
      just class the reason they put Warspite in instead of calling it the Queen
      Elizabeth is just because of Warspites awesome war record!!

    • +TheRpf1977 all the premium ships bear the name of the ship it portrays!
      which is awesome!

  110. I still think they should have put the 18 inch American guns in the Montana
    they would have had them

  111. devouthat489524


  112. Home Town Hype! i live in north carolina to!

  113. Forgot to add that you can also dock another warship outboard of your
    warship. No metal to metal contact.

  114. DatGuyGaming Productions

    Definitely use one of the 6 or 5 turret ships

  115. PhlyDaily
    Didn’t see anyone answer the question so here it goes. The 3 bumpers on the
    number 2 turret are for protection from the pier/wharf they are docked to.
    It allows the ship to move with the tides/waves without damaging the pier
    or the side of the ship. All Navy ships carry them for when they dock in a
    foreign port.

  116. Also play Montana or Iowa

  117. Why does the video end so suddenly??

  118. Collin Robinson

    I love that hometown hype! I’m from Wilmington so the North Carolina is a
    big thing for me on this

  119. Phly,i would be more accurate information if you showed us the stock
    configuration and then the fully upgraded configuration.but thank you for
    the video!!!! :D

  120. Is it still not for everyobe, like, the game? 

  121. Iowa or Colorado please 

  122. MineCraftSquad117

    What’s the song for the Intro?

  123. I thought the Iowa went 36 knots

  124. Iowa class!

  125. Hey +PhlyDaily how do I submit a top play? I just hit a death spin kill in
    a P-51 20mm on a Fw 190

  126. Legionnaire Zodiak

    Your new opening scene, the shipwreck rising up and becoming fully
    restored, is amazing. Could you do a singular upload of it? I don’t really
    have a reason as to why.

    • Judging by the turrets I want to say that it is the Bismarck, but I am not
      sure where the intro came from.

  127. Play the uss Iowa plssssss

  128. TheGaming Turtle

    The leather are covers for the main guns.

  129. TeK “Th3xRaVeNx” RaVeN

    I wish World Of Warship had Submarines it will be very interesting. (World
    Of Submarines) =)

    • +TeK RaVeN oh no. we have enough headaches with DDs spamming torps
      everywhere >_<

    • +TeK RaVeN Speed of an underwater submarine: slower than the slowest
      aircraft carrier in the game.

      Hope you have a deck of cards. 🙂

  130. AA on the USS New York is wrong for it’s hull refit. After it’s refit they
    stacked it with AA.

  131. You need this intro like this for your war thunder videos too


  133. Goodness gracious I was waiting for the Iowa…I’ve been on it and its
    beautiful and seeing this ship in WoW just makes me wanna scream I love
    that ship

  134. They should have put mini guns as anti aircraft guns LMFAO LOOOL

  135. i believe those mesh/fabric you are talking about on the turrets are
    inflatable lifeboats.

  136. Why dont you upgrade the hulls in the previews? The hull upgrades do offer
    some changes


  138. I would deffinetly suggest to anyone to go grab their favorite destroyer
    and go seal club the new bb’s and cv’s. Right now there are about 50-80 bb
    and 10-20 cv in the ques right now and only about a combind tottal of 10
    between cruisers and destroyers

  139. Freedom is here. 

  140. The best part about US Battleships is great AA. And they are Fast and

  141. IOWA CLASS!!! people jizz all over the T10 ships but no love for the Iowa
    that ACTUALY was built and served up into the very early 90s!

  142. IOWA

    Whoa, that ending was pretty sudden

  143. Next time you count turrets, do it in the voice of the Count from Sesame

  144. The Washington helped sink the Kirishima battleship ‘ with the South Dakota

  145. How can I play this game?!?!?!?!

  146. the 127 mm guns on montana look different from the iowa

  147. Profound Gaming

    Why is the Essex tier IX Now? :O I smell a new carrier.

  148. Phly why don’t you show us the upgrades? Some ships change drastically with
    their upgrades.

  149. Pietari Pastila

    Keep delivering the hype! Love your enthusiasm!

  150. Kevin Rodriguez

    @PhlyDaily IOWA!!!!


  152. SFB official channel -SFB- Kommandant_37


  153. I can’t wait until the H class German battleship but the Americans will do
    for the time being.

  154. I slept on The Mighty Mo when I was in sixth grade! It was awesome!

  155. The patch is* out

  156. s.a.s. daedalus

    all i want to do is play… but it is patching :'(

  157. North Carolina hype I’ve also been on the ship

  158. A coupe,of reasons the Iowa has such good AA defense, one, Amurica, two,
    when the enemy attacks by ramming there planes into your ships you are
    going to want to have as many AA guns as possible and I think the Iowa has

  159. DO THE IOWA!!!

  160. The Iowa is an really beautiful ship!

  161. I can’t wait to see the Bismark or the German heavy cruiser and then see
    you sink the HMS hood

  162. Downloading the new patch now :D


  164. Phly about your plead for bbs to get closer and fuel it out in a distance
    of 10km (or closer ) but since we can tell that the American Battleships
    have more guns , but less range than the Japenese Battleships, Japenese
    Battledhips will just hang back even more now

  165. imo the murican ships look sexier than the jap ones
    cant fucking wait for this game

  166. Why no South Dakota class I want the Uss Alabama it was the first warship I
    set foot on

  167. s.a.s. daedalus

    what is the music in the background? not the intro music…

  168. The North Carolina is what you should take out next! I have toured it as
    well! Woot Woot!

  169. The Iowa could historically fire its main armament up to a range of about
    40km. In the game its maximum range is barely breaking 20km. Do they not
    care about historical accuracy at all? 30km would have been acceptable but
    twenty fucking one? The Iowa was the battleship I was looking forward to
    the most and they ruined it. At this point I am hoping War Thunder rapes
    WOWS when ships come out.

  170. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Phly you toured the North Carolina? Cool!

    I’ve toured the Wisconsin which was pretty awesome.

  171. WYOMING Tier IV Fuso!

  172. What’s the song playing in the background?

  173. Grandpa served on the USS Iowa, So much awesome. RIP

  174. I believe the fabric was to protect the inner mechanisms from rust. Sea
    water causes metal to rust faster.

  175. Good to know they completely fucked up the entire US battleship tree. I
    will be uninstalling whenever something better comes along.

    • +Tholaran97 How did they fuck it up? Just because it doesn’t include the
      ships that you wanted?

    • No. The firing range on every single ship in the tree is super
      unrealistically short. The Iowa’s max firing range in the game is almost
      half of what it was in real life.

    • +Tholaran97 So is the Yamato’s…. I agree the range is quite lack luster,
      however most US BBs have access to an upgrade which increases their max
      range by 16%, which Japanese BBs do not have access to. As for the Iowa’s
      range, that is simply for balancing reasons because the maps are
      hilariously small.

    • Chandler Hermansen

      +F1zzzy90 16% of 21…..what thats an extra 1 kilometer? Wow so fantastic

    • +Tholaran97 Oh christ. No, this is not a goddamn battleship simulator. It’s
      a fucking video game that does not identically replicate real life, mostly
      for balance and entertainment reasons. Good riddance if you leave; one less
      whiny player.

  176. Abbey Road Gaming

    +PhlyDaily Gosh… this video was epic. I can’t wait for the Iowa. My
    favorite ship is The U.S.S. Missouri. I love your vids, keep up the great
    work! You are the Best Phly!

  177. I’ve toured the Iowa and you never understand how big these ships are until
    your on one 

  178. I wish the Missouri was in the game, such a historical ship

  179. christie mattingly


  180. My request would be to just start with the first american battleship and
    work (grind) your way from there! Anyway thanks alot for all your videos
    Phly, they are always very entertaining!

  181. THE PATCH IT OUT! (typo in title?)

  182. Well, the Bofors 40mm is a legendary cannon, still in use, among others on
    the CV90 IFV

    • TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

      Best Fully automatic AA gun of ww2 hands down

      I would consider the Germans Flak 36(Or whatever their 37mm was) but the
      bofors has slightly better range and power

    • +TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt) In warthunder it is considered the worst AA gun
      of it’s tier, i’d say it is better because it could probably be used as a
      nasty Anti tank weapon if given some good ammunition.

    • Erik Lundholm Ericson

      +Zeroczar As stated above it’s used on the CV90 and it has terrifying ammo
      loadouts man.

  183. What no cruise missile or phalanx upgrade for Iowa …….smh ;)

    • TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

      Oh and remember the armor upgrades it got with those upgrades too 😉

      If the USS midway is in game let’s add F-4 phantoms to it XD


  184. When does this game het out of CBT cuz i wanna play it so bad and cant het
    my hands on a key :(

  185. I’ll get up tomorrow (in EU), I’ll start playing the US BB’s and I won’t
    stop until I get the North Carolina. I’m so fucking looking forward to play
    it. Hope I can sleep now :D

  186. I cant wait anymore, i want to play the texas.
    And phl, you made it much better than these two guys from the stream

  187. Awesome stuff Phly! Yeah those late tier american battleships wont need any
    anti-air cruiser escort, they can take em all out themselves! lmao totally
    badass! 😀

    ps. The max.ranges on the first 4 battleships suck though, at tier 4 the
    Myogi has a better max.range of 16.4km when upgraded, the Kawachi at tier 3
    only got 9km though!

  188. Like number 76! Like if you where like number 77!!

  189. when will world of warships come out of beta

  190. Filipe Baltazar

    wow the lowa is so beautiful

  191. GoatzAreEpic Maokai

    the patch IS* out

  192. Anyone know anymore about them adding in more British ships or German

    • They add in a fleet from each country sequentially. To answer your
      question, a full British and German battle fleet will be available at some
      point in the future.

  193. Jack Packet (gaming)

    dude are you bloody serious
    you did it AGAIN, you forgot do upgrade it and you bloody complained about
    the bloody range WITHOUT THE RANGE UPGRADE


  195. Sergio Seminario

    Keep these coming Phly! Loving the WoWS vids.

    EDIT: Also, some gameplay of the Iowa!

  196. Play the tier 6 bb i guess… It’s the closest thing to the Pennsylvania
    class battleship so i guess it’ll have to do :(

  197. Plz play the Iowa :D

  198. the things on the side of the new yorks turret is probably used to clean
    the barrel

  199. StabberMcShanky

    Oi mate title is a tad muffed!

  200. Hey phly, just an idea for your WoWS intro, you should make some different
    ones for when you use different ships nations. (From ruben el cuben) 🙂
    Great video btw haha keep it up bro!

  201. You were looking at the ships stock :(

  202. It would be cool if they had the south dakota class.

  203. Tom Schillemans

    Hans Zimmer is BOSS!! Nice intro!

  204. Phly, you literally have the best intro for any channel on YouTube. What’s
    the name of the version of ‘time’ you have playing in the intro?

  205. so now i can play it for free?

  206. Hey phly! You are one great sunuvabitch! keep it up!

  207. Nice vid! Love your channel.

  208. your the bomb sir

  209. More excited for US ships than anything. Can you PLEASE compare
    Battlestations to World of Warship? please? Nothing else i can compare this
    game to that i’ve played.

    • christopher morris

      +USSWISCONSIN94 ive played both and i will say its different in some of the
      things, think battle stations only way better and faster paced

    • +christopher morris
      Love BS:M/P Wish they made another one.



  212. Phly u are a amazing guy just awesome

  213. This video was requested, that I do my own. *Also I do apologize for not
    fully upgrading the ships to showcase them* this was my first supertest
    footage. Next time it should have everything in check! THANKS!

  214. Im Novi (imNovi)

    de first comment ;D

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