World of Warships- American Battleship Secondaries After The Commander Rework

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Hey guys, today I talk about my with the Secondaries after the commander rework, let me know what you guy think in the comments down below!

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  1. having people run is sooo frustrating in my neptune, with 15km range I can barely shoot them before they start running… But I agree, seeing 2 thunderers, a vladivostok and a yoshino running from a neptune is pretty funny

    • I’m using Georgia to rush in to the nearest island and watch a couple enemy battleships abandon the flank and leave their cruisers to fend off the push because they want to preserve deadeye, it was hilarious and pretty brutal to the cruisers too because they’re all CLs.

    • @nmj already people camped in the back, now it’s simply suicidal to play a cruiser without running… Unless the other team is made of idiots, which happens waaay too often

    • Upgrade your Neptune, and you get 16.5 km range!😃

    • @Tobias Time working on it😂

    • @NonAccettaNullah Well, good luck on. Neptune migth be challanging sometimes, but it is a great ship. And Mino is fantastic, both with radar or smoke!😉

  2. the video i have been waiting or.

    Played my mass with full secondary builds a couple of games, with a 21 point commander, then gave up in disgust as it missed the vast majority of shells fired at less than 50% range at a DD that had its way with me.

    Reset my commanders and waiting until things are rebalanced or I move on with life.

    • I agree, the Massa is useless with sec spec. I will never buy again a premium ship.

    • Yup, I tried it out in ranked, and out of 240ish shells fired, only 40 landed at a nose in tirpitz less than 10km away from me.

    • It’s time to move on from this game. Loved playing Georgia now it’s just meh. I don’t like the long range nonsense and rather brawl. No other gaming company messes with its game play and player base so much. Never spending a dime on this game again I worked hard to get the Georgia, but now it’s gonna rust in peace . Screw you wargaming!!!

  3. Good morning sir. Last time I was this early… my Massa was a blast to play.
    Now? Meh…
    I want my manual secondaries with IFHE build back. I want to brawl again.

  4. Just following up on a tongue-in-cheek remark the other day: your long-range aiming was solid as heck in this one, man! ^^

  5. Dead Eye needs to get straight up removed. WG couldnt ve had a worse idea to make the gameplay even more annoying. Now everyone who tries to close in and help the DDs to contest is just target practice for the guys with the most HP, Armor and Heals who camp in the back instead of pulling some attention away from their not so tanky teammates…

    • Less dispersion means less RNG which is always good. They can instead remove the requirement of enemy ships in concealment range to make people not afraid to push.

  6. I play Massa, Georgia with DE…give up of sec, because it isnt worth any more, most of shells are missing, low dmg ….yeah its fun but its not worth…i make more DMG with long range sniping then push with Massa and Georgia…

  7. Of course you’re struggling to hit DD’s with your secondaries, chances are they have their new survivability skill, Dazzle. Remember, Dazzle increases the dispersion of shells, including secondaries, fired at them by 20% for 15s. That alone pretty much negates the 22.5% buff that German ships alone got. As for Ohio, Georgia and Massa, for the first 15s, they’re gonna have pre-10.0 German levels of secondary accuracy. And to make things worse, if DD captains are smart, they’ll briefly go undetected just to reset their Dazzle skill (if equipped).

    • Excellent point, Ryan ! I had actually forgotten about that new ability myself 😅

    • I thought about that as well after I complained. That destroyer skill is over powered.

      It should have an effect on planes, not battleships. In fact it should have an area effect on planes so that the DD can add extra cover for nearby friendly ships 😛

  8. ივანე მასხულია

    I bought masachusets and now he sucks. They broke ship for which I paid money. Wtf man.

    • The Atlanta has been that way for literal years.

    • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

      This is the Wargaming business model, release OP premium ships, when they squeeze all of the cash out of them they nerf them by changing the game mechanics and release all new premium ships tailored to the latest in game mechanics to be OP. Once all the suckers have spent their money they will change the in game mechanics again. Only a FOOL would spend real life money on this game, trust me I learned, Wargaming for several thousand dollars from me before I learned my lesson.

    • Same with the Pommern

    • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

      The Kutuzov was one of the most OP and hated ships in the game with it’s ability to fire from concealment. Wargaming didn’t nerf the Kutuzov directly but changed the game mechanics and took that ability away and made it useless overnight.

  9. It’s not only about how accurate secondaries are.. You have to look at the whole ship status:
    Less accuracy secondaries + much less survivability = player is afraid to push, especially with HE spamming & CVs
    So you are eliminating brawling play style.
    Yes sometimes will work, but mostly not.
    Because of snipers & HE spamers, they should buff the secondaries & survivability NOT nerfing it!
    Especially with US BBs.. Same range, less accuracy!
    If i want to play Ohio without secondaries.. So what’s the point of playing Ohio in the first place? I can go with Kremlin, Yamato or Thundrer instead

  10. Secondaries against dd, are you taking into account fact that there is dd skill, that increases dispersion on freshly spoted dd by 20% for 15 seconds (Dazzle)?

  11. WG nerfed all secondaries against DD´s like if that was the problem for the DDs and not the CVs constantly spotting them and the amount of radar cruisers

  12. Think they need to add 20knots to every 2ndary ship. Then we can die with enemies inside our 2ndary bubble at least

  13. Wg: hello players please buy these prem/coal ships and commanders that we wont change.

    Also wg: hey guys, see the new commander skill tree that ruins your ships… but technically we did not change your ships…just how they play indirectly…and in the case of special commanders y we changed those but we replaced your fav skills with different ones that are also worse than what they were and ruin your old builds (i.e. gunther lutgens).

    Me: yeah great…i am gonna go play other games now….this is the last time you give me the finger wg…bravo.

  14. What we wanted: Brawling battleships and laser secondaries
    What we got: Dead Eye and nerfs

    Fix this, WG. Simple patch, bring it on.

  15. Nice vid, and yeah i hope they make secondaries still abit more accurate so we have atleast that going ones we being nuked to get into range of them

  16. That’s actully the exact same problem I’ve been having with Deadeye myself.

  17. Look like WG hate against German bb is real then, german bb never gonna get buff without losing something else. Other ships like yamato, montana, slava and other sniping ships with the new deadeye is like a pure buff to them, but when it come to german bb? WG be like “sorry we don do that here, you want buff? Sure” and proceed to nerf accuracy of the secondaries in exchange for the extra range. It is like how the german bb doesn’t deserve plus 1 without minus 1 while other ships can.

  18. They absolutely killed all the fun I had with Massa, Georgia and Ohio. I would be so happy if I could slap devs left and right.

  19. Been playing 5 years, never once played the American line 😂

  20. Cruickshank Outdoors

    I’m still eating DDs in Georgia with a secondary build

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