World Of Warships – American BATTLESHIP Tech Tree & Gameplay!

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World Of Warships – American BATTLESHIP Preview & Gameplay!

This is an excerpt from World Of Warships streaming page, Anchor Report.


  1. +Dooley DoesV-Games The USN will have several BB lines. They are famous
    ships and will be in the game.

  2. They as of right know have enough for 5 different battleship lines. 2 fast
    2 slow and 1 battle cruiser line. As of right know we know that there is
    going to be 2 different South Dakotas

  3. +opipop29- lol what does that matter? It’s one video.And would having that
    little music intro have really improved this video for you? Good grief.

  4. +Austin Carreiro I know, disappointing.

  5. +apairon2 I’ll probably end up playing the game either way, but I admit it
    really hurts the game experience when a game that uses historical models
    (of soldiers,ships, etc) really screws up the actual capabilities it had in
    real life. It really undermines the feeling of using it.

  6. Yes it does. The iowas lacked armor that was realy thwre ownly downside

  7. +Dr. Tankenstien Sort of, he is The_Chieftains assistant.

  8. Bismarck:I’ll never sink com at me Brits!
    Brits: that ship will never sink! Run in British

  9. +yusuf ismail im talking about till t6or 7

  10. +frealms i watch the entire video, jerk

  11. +Eva Rajcsekova The salt is real. Have a coke to lower all that sodium.

  12. +frealms Just wasnt happening

  13. +Opa Pelailee Haha no worries, I’m a WWII history buff. The tier X
    battleship that they have shown here, the USS Montana, was never actually

  14. +ericventures I wish it was because that thing is a floating gungasm


  16. +Dr. Tankenstien No, it was built as the 6th member of the Iowa class. The
    hull number 66 would have been a Montana class ship, but those were

  17. +Userext47 excspet there not post WW2 ships, there late WW2 ships,

  18. +Userext47 None of the ships in the U.S. Battleship line are post WW2 ships
    lol. North Carolina was commissioned in 1941, Iowa was commissioned in
    1943. Montana class never existed, which doesn’t really matter considering
    Russia and Germany are going to have a whole lot of paper ships in their
    carrier and battleship lines. And to your comment about Yamato sinking
    ships…it only fired it’s main guns in one naval engagement in the entire
    war, it missed nearly all of its shots on the U.S. destroyers of Taffy 3
    and ran away from them.

  19. +Ian Anderson They were brave heroic men in Taffy 3, that’s for sure.

  20. +JayD K they are late battleships which means they are supposed to out
    class the ones produced before them such as bismarck such as yamato

    These ships are late war battleships which will dominate IJN battleships
    yamato has no chance against montana it should be moved 1 tier down

    also i didnt meant that yamato blow up other ships i know it nearly didnt
    see any battle i meant yamato sunk during WW2 and these ships didnt so i
    meant these ships will out class yamato (Iowa and montana seems like more
    powerfull than yamato)

  21. +Daniel Melinte no dued A-150 is not what they should add but i would agree
    them to ove yamato to tier 9 because that thing isnt super powerfull

  22. +Userext47 Then they should just increase the Yamato’s armor and make the
    Yamato’s 18 inch guns feel like they actually do damage befitting such
    large shells.

  23. +Jack Packet im guessing the rangefinder uprgrade that they didnt install
    made it better

  24. +Krzysztof Bukatko part of the Iowa class

  25. OhSome1HasThisName

    +Barry Fletcher No, the Dreadnought had two flanking turrets and none were
    superfiring like on the South Carolina.

  26. Barry “Fl3” Fletcher

    +OhSome1HasThisName I stand corrected :O Never say that I don’t admit to my
    mistakes, I thought that the side turrets were secondary, not part of the
    main battery. Next time I have to pay more attention to the source material

  27. OhSome1HasThisName

    HMS Dreadnought was still revolutionary. South Carolinas were more of a
    progressive step.

  28. +MasterDiablovn The Japanese BBs are much better at looking awesome, so I’m
    sticking with IJN.

  29. +MasterDiablovn what money?

  30. +kimmern999 yeah. I’m sticking with my Amagi and Nagato. Are they going to
    preview the IJN carriers too?

  31. +MasterDiablovn They will be balanced somehow. It looks like their range is
    shorter compared to the IJN BBs.

  32. +Drew Elliott u guys are so funny lmao

  33. +MAX L He’s the one being fascist.

  34. +Drew Elliott How can a black person be racist to another black person?

  35. +Drew Elliott Must be a Democrat. You don’t actually have anything to say,
    can’t actually add anything to the conversation and clearly don’t know what
    you are talking about.

  36. +thewargod1995 The fuck? He’s being fascist and I’m trying not to feed the
    troll too much.

    +Luminous Pulse Well you and I don’t know if he’s black or white, if he’s
    white then that’s racist.

  37. +cuddleshine76 well the one on the right was a boy but he hadn’t gone
    through puberty and the one on the left was big foot

  38. +MrPH3N0M3NAL I don’t know where you came by this information at. I didn’t
    see it in the video, perhaps I missed it.

  39. +MrPH3N0M3NAL According to Wikipedia: The design of the 14″/45 caliber
    dates to about 1910, and they entered service in 1914 aboard @14 Propellant
    charge was four silk bags of @14
    At a 15 degree angle, the guns could fire a shell out to 23,000 yards.
    Each individual gun weighed 140,670 lbs without the breech and measured
    642.5 inches in length.@14
    Each of the original Mark 1 built-up guns consisted of a tube without
    liner, jacket, eight hoops
    and a screw box liner. To compensate for the problem of gun drooping,
    four hoop-locking rings were added to the guns. The Mark 3 added three
    hoop locking rings and contained a longer slide, while the Mark 5 had
    five hoops total. Owing to the interchangeability of the guns, the
    battleships fitted with the 14″/45 caliber guns often had guns of
    various Marks installed on each turret.@14
    In the 1930s, the Mark 1, 2, 3, and 5 were upgraded to allow for
    increased charges and muzzle velocities, resulting in the Mark 8, 9, 10,
    and 12, respectively. All guns employed a Welin breech block
    and used a Smith-Asbury mechanism, and in the case of the Mark 12 a
    chromium plating was introduce to prolong barrel life. These
    improvements enabled the guns to fire heavier 1500 lb shells, and
    increasing the gun mount elevation to 30 degrees@14 extended the range of
    the guns to 36,000 yards.@14

  40. +thewargod1995 So how many meters are 36,000 yards ^^?! And if you mean the
    information with +10% range, its just what every range upgrade gives you on
    any ship in the game. So why should it be more on US BB’s?

  41. +MrPH3N0M3NAL My math says it is 20.4 miles. However, HMS Warspite scored a
    26km hit an Italian battleship in 1940 and in the game she somehow only has
    a 17km range. I think this is a travesty.

  42. +thewargod1995 the games doesnt use max ranges it uses max effective ranges
    for example the Yamato could lob shells 50km out but could only land shells
    accurately at around half that

  43. The Uss Missouri is part of the Iowa class battleship line.

  44. +Darius Holt yeah and with the other classes they said what specific ship
    did which specific thing but nochtung about the missouri

  45. +Hale Bomm because this is a game, so wargaming can’t specifically analyze
    each and every ship inthe game.

  46. Hoping the range is lowered for their BB’s

  47. +VEN0M If you don’t even watch this then why are you here? why did you even
    click on this video if you didn’t want to watch?

  48. +ray ong Because im Phlydaily subscriber u genius? And im pissed of with
    amount of videos from this garbage game. I dont have time to argue with
    stupid Wargaming fanboy. Game is soo overated, deal with it. Looks like
    game from begining of this century, nothing similar to ww2 naval battles,
    looking more like RC ships in pool lol.

  49. +Luminous Pulse Typical WG fanboy calling people “troll” because they are
    right and dare to say warships are bad. Troll yourself retard. Bye.


  51. +DJ J0SHWA took 7 hours to watch the video?

  52. +Geo Biery Wrote the first comment in school

  53. +WatcherMovie008 Why would Montana be a Tier X? It had four turrets with
    three 16in guns vs Iowa’s three turrets, and it also was better armored.

  54. Arizona better not be a prem or someone’s dying…

  55. WatcherMovie008

    I see… guess you learn something new every day.

  56. +DEANOGTO he is one of the devs and you know they arent going to be super
    hot this guy is probably one of us(nerd) so dont expect this guy to be a
    camera face guy

  57. Luther Blissett

    +Userext47 Well he barely has a clue what he’s talking about so that
    explains a lot.

  58. +Userext47 That’s The_Warhawk, he is one of the historians that Wargaming
    America employs, he is not a dev.

  59. +packr72 he looked like a dev but meh

  60. What does this have to do with the video ??

    Comment that on a “The Interview” video…

  61. +headshot0211 Yep. He is pretty terrible. For one he doesn’t present a
    confidence appearance and he also doesn’t know the subject matter. He looks
    like that hippie dude from the movie Battleship.

  62. Ive had the chance to explore all over the USS Texas. It’s a beautiful ship

  63. Dr. Bananable Lector

    +Remington Young And survives to this day

  64. +Sil Keizer Not only does he have an irritating voice but he gets a lot of
    his facts wrong too. Look them up.

    For example: “Arkansas was the first American battleship armed with 14 inch
    guns.” ERRRT wrong! Try again. The USS New York and USS Texas was the first
    class of American battleships that sported 14 inch guns. This should have
    been fairly obvious since the New York class had 5 turrets and the Wyoming
    class had 6 turrets. Why in the follow on class would you have less
    turrets/guns of the same size armaments? It makes no sense.

    Also: “American battleships had extremely weak anti-torpedo protection”
    ERRRT Wrong again! American battleships, starting with the Tennessee and
    Colorado classes had awesome anti-torpedo protection and it worked
    extremely well. Now obviously both the California and the West Virginia
    sank at Pearl Harbor. No ship can withstand 9 torpedo hits in short order
    no matter how good the anti-torpedo protection is. When ships of this class
    were hit with torpedoes during the war they withstood the damage very well.
    Moreover, the USS North Carolina was hit during history’s most successful
    torpedo spread in the bow. The torpedo caused a hole the size and diameter
    of a school bus and the ship took on several thousand tons of water and
    still manged to stay in formation at maximum speed.

    And: “I was on the dock watching the USS Iowa and Missouri when they came
    home from the Gulf War.” ERRRT Wrong again! The USS Iowa was decommissioned
    in 1990 after the turret explosion in 1989. The USS Missouri and Wisconsin
    were the ships that participated in the war.

    Alas the gentlemen does not know what he is talking about on any topic.

  65. +thewargod1995 “The torpedo caused a hole the size and diameter of a school
    bus and the ship took on several thousand tons of water and still manged to
    stay in formation at maximum speed. ” That might have more to do with US
    Navy damage control training and overall ship construction. Agreed with the
    torpedo armor bit, perhaps he was talking about the game.

  66. +packr72 I see your point. In game maybe they are setting this up as a way
    to even out the fleets some. I’m not sure but ask yourself this, did afro
    man really sound like he knew what he was talking about?

  67. +thewargod1995 He sounds more knowledgeable on the forums.

  68. And why do you say that

  69. +Ragna Rock You’re thinking of EA.

    Wargaming is not terrible.

  70. +Lamar Davis its most pay2win game ever…

  71. +Lamar Davis Its not good in any way, really. F2P grind with boring vehicle
    physics/mehcanics, and find my self rinding a darn bicycle more then
    anything. Planes fly like a toy.And weapons just feel off. id take
    Forgotten Hope mod for bf1942/BF2 anyday over that. There are still one
    server running forgotten hope for bf1942. Still fun

  72. +Lamar Davis I saw Vanoss and crew play “Heros and corpse launching” XD
    that game needs so much work on its engine and physics that it makes
    warthunder look balanced and bug free :3 Though would be funny to see Phly
    and baron and the crew just lol at its inherit badness all beered up for
    giggles I must admit.

  73. +jeff wheeler so a very long time away 😛

  74. No, it’s stable as a game, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was in open
    beta by the start of summer

  75. Dr. Tankenstien

    +Lordluigi56 Not sure but they did say no later than the beginning of

  76. +jeff wheeler not only did you not get the joke but the game still isnt
    very stable i get booted to login almost every match

  77. +Mathias Grim ….

  78. When will they be in play?

  79. DeAndre Skinner

    +thewargod1995 What about the speculation of the radar operators sending in
    reports of planes and the higher ups just shrugging them along?

  80. +thewargod1995 Britain needed American help to survive. American public
    support for entering the war in Europe was low and a congressional
    declaration of war would not pass. FDR knew the urgency of the unfolding
    political situation in Europe but was powerless to convince congress and
    the American people. The subsequent fuel and scrap iron embargo to Japan
    virtually forced Japan into a desperate move. Churchill and FDR both knew
    this and let it unfold.

  81. +Michael leliaert A japanese midget sub was spotted and sunk in the Pearl
    Harbor opening by the USS Ward about one hour before the main attack. The
    entire base should have been at general quarters way before the planes
    arrived but the report of the incident didn’t raise any red flags with the
    fleet command.

  82. Finally!!!!!

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