World of Warships American Battleships! WOWS Patch 0.3.1 Battleships Preview

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World of Warships American Battleships Preview Patch 0.3.1
US BBs: Montana, Iowa, North Carolina, New York and More!
WOWS Beta Gameplay – What ship should I play next?

Thanks for watching!


  1. Nathan Peterson

    +SideflashTM Unfortunately no Pennsylvania class yet

  2. What do i put here?

    Too soon man. Too soon.

  3. +Sherman Tanker Do you mean the other New York class ship, The Texas?

  4. +ITSASMURFMOVIE thats the japenese carrier from the jap tree

  5. +akeetorres Yes, sadly the colorado dosnt have the same aesthetics as the
    wee vee.. wee vee in my opinion looked better, dont get me wrong i think
    all colorados were ugly ships.. but i have a soft spot for ugly things..
    thats why i like the s35ca so much! 🙂

  6. +Hawklord25 Yes they are going to be shit

  7. Nathan Peterson

    +Vlade2008 Wyoming they converted into a AA Battleship if that helps

  8. +Nathan Peterson Yes but the Wyoming never really saw combat in WW2 it was
    used as a training ship. While the USS Arkansas earned the awards: Mexican
    Service Medal Victory Medal with “Atlantic Fleet” and “Grand Fleet” clasps
    American Defense Service Medal with “FLEET” clasp and “A” device American
    Campaign Medal European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with
    two battle stars, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with two battle stars
    World War II Victory Medal Navy Occupation Medal with “ASIA” clasp

    The USS Wyoming despite the class name, Arkansas preceded Wyoming both in
    construction and commissioning, although both were commissioned during
    September 1912.

  9. Nathan Peterson

    +Vlade2008 I know, I’m just saying if it helps with it’s recognition, I
    should blurt out a random fact about it

  10. Nathan Peterson

    +DoMiNaNdO Games Iowa* no specific ship names in this game, only the class

  11. +Lord Gaben Lol the guy that posted the comment below has the aperture
    science logo as a profile pic. Coincidence? *I think not!* *HALF LIFE 3

  12. +HerrHornPlayer and the alaska class

  13. +pioltjose23 HMS Nelson for the lels.

  14. +Nicholas Griffin As much as I love the girl, it was CV Enterprise, of
    Yorktown-class that had the most battle stars. It is not represented in the
    game for some reason.
    There were 11 more ships that had more battle stars then North Carolina did.
    North Carolina was the most decorated US battleship in WWII though.

  15. +Nicholas Griffin Wrong. That was the USS Enterprise.

  16. Nicholas Griffin

    That’s what I was looking for, most decorated Battleship. Sorry for the

  17. +carbon0HUN You my friend couldnt be more wrong.. speed is very important
    for battleships, especially considering the japanese ships also tend to
    have better range, this means that a good jap battleship captain can keep a
    slow poke american battleship out of range from shooting back whilst being
    able to pelt said slow poke american battleship until.. KABOOOM!!!!.. no
    more murican battleship.. thats were the better armor comes into play, as i
    see it.. armor is the only thing that will keep give an american battleship
    player a fighting chance… in the end.. american battleships cant chase or
    run away from most jap battleships until the higher tiers. :p

  18. +Dave Seehafer yes im talking about higher tiers…i dont really care about
    mid-to low tieryou will grind them out pretty quickly anyways

  19. +hallis1 The Texas was so much more than the New York. Texas was built
    first and is still afloat today. Plus she did so many things first in the
    US Navy.

  20. I know all about the Texas. I actually own a few small pieces of the ship
    that were pulled out by Taylor Marine during her recent structural repairs.
    I have a great love for that ship.

    But since the “New York Class” is in the game rather than the Texas
    specifically that’s what I want to see. I need it 🙂

  21. Aidilfit player


  22. Kyliare Ashfeldt

    +Si Wi Dual purpose guns have always been dual purpose. They just are not
    animated. So if you are per-say in a gearing DD you can fire your main guns
    but they will also be shooting at planes as this “Un-seen” magic cannons.

  23. +ferderik zarghetta you buy some premium ship for $20 or you wait till
    official release.

  24. ferderik zarghetta

    +Frid Kun thanks i’ll wait

  25. +matty922117 Probably it will be a premium ship. For the “normal” tech tree
    ship, they’ll choose Littorio. In the facts, Roma was slightly bigger, and
    more armored.

  26. +Jacopo Mangini well, it’s better than nothing, I guess they where pretty
    But last time I checked it said that the Roma was a Littorio class

  27. It is. This class of 4 BBs was split in two: the first batch of two ships
    (Littorio and Vittorio Veneto) was completed earlier (May 1940), in the
    second batch they overhauled the armor, but only the Roma was completed
    (June ’42), the Impero was launched but never completed, because of the
    Armistice (8th Sept. ’43). Roma was sunk by german guided bombs the day
    after the announce of the Armistice, while she was sailing to Malta to
    surrender. This made the ship a symbol and the myth of the Roma begun.
    She’s the most famous Italian BB, so I think they’ll use it as a premium.

  28. Nathan Peterson

    +Ramiro Torres the New York class is a tier V and already in game

  29. +Nathan Peterson But the Texas is so much more than the New York. It has
    and did things that the New York doesn’t have and didn’t do. Plus she’s
    still afloat today. Economically speaking, it’d be in the games producers
    best interest to add the Texas a premium ship. Think about it.. The second
    largest state in the U.S. has a lot of people in it who are very much proud
    of their state. I’d buy it and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one
    who would.

  30. Nathan Peterson

    +Jason S Wargaming for the most part (in exception of the Warspite) doesn’t
    do specific ships, in case of the warspite, people just wanted the Royal
    Navy to exist in game, and the New York describes enough of both which the
    differences in between the two specification wise was almost non existent

  31. Nathan Peterson

    +Jason S Plus if you read up on the New York’s history, she served as much
    as she did, however wasn’t given as much recognition

  32. +Nathan Peterson Wargaming in there best interests aren’t thinking of just
    the ship performance and it’s history. First they need to actually be able
    to see and design the ship on the game. The USS Texas is still living at
    the SanJacinto monument. Plus if they add a premium ship they need to make
    money off of it, so recognition of the fact that the Texas actually was a
    ship and it’s still floating today is a key factor. I still think it should
    be a tier 6 premium American Battleship.

  33. Nathan Peterson

    +Nathan Stangl Texas is horrible in game new Mexico is pretty good

  34. +Josh Friedman no mate. Yamato in 1945 had 12×2 type 89 127mm daul purpose
    guns. Along with near 200 type 86 25mm guns. Musashi never had aa capacity.
    As Yamato was a symbol of Japan. As far as I know they wanted to give
    Yamato 2 aa upgrades when she was sank. 1 was to replace the open mounted
    type 89s with the enclosed and powered mounts. The other planed aa upgrade
    was to fully replace the type 89 with the type 98.

  35. +Josh Friedman this is starting to annoy me….. I am looking a 3D of
    Yamato as she appeared in 1945. I repeat she had 12 127mm type 89s. That’s
    6 mounts per side. Musashi never had more anti aircraft guns!

  36. Risadinha Capoeira Karkara

    Yeah I agree with ya the North Carolina is the best Battleship made

  37. RexusVexus GamingNexus

    The more support Friend

  38. RexusVexus GamingNexus

    +dial1115 When I was little

  39. +RexusVexus GamingNexus I got to see it, but I never toured it. Its a
    beautiful ship and I cant wait to get my hands on it.

  40. RexusVexus GamingNexus

    trust me, it’s a beauty

  41. Correct sir

  42. +MrAlphaArc Correct. “Mighty Mo” is the Missouri’s nickname, “Big Stick” is
    for the Iowa, “Big J” is for New Jersey, and I don’t know the Wisconsin’s
    nickname off the top of my head.

    The Montana was a class designed to counter the Yamato, but it was
    cancelled in favor of more Essex Class carriers and with the judgement that
    the four completed Iowas plus the the two North Carolina class (North
    Carolina and Washington) would be enough to deal with the Yamato in a gun

  43. I’m glad I didn’t say anything wrong ^^

  44. +Sam Nary the montana class was designed because of a new AP shell the US
    developed, with the US Battleship thought process was to have armor capable
    of protecting the ship from it’s own shells. plus the design process for
    the Montana class was started before the world even knew the Yamato even

  45. +JKC40 That’s not my mighty mo doe
    But yea…sometimes you’re on 2 hours of sleep the last two games making a
    video :/

  46. +BaronVonGamez thats cool, i unlocked the South Carolina today and am
    really liking it… if i can stop playing it like its a cruiser.

  47. It did

  48. Kekrin Network™ | Daily Nightcore Uploads

    +BaronVonGamez Ah I see, thanks. Well I’m in CBT lol I just didn’t know
    when it came out exactly is all. >.>

  49. +Darren How But if you had to pick one? lol

  50. BB63 Missouri +BaronVonGamez

  51. Patrick Milewski

    American logic: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

    German logic: if it broke, build it bigger and hope it doesn’t fail. (At
    least that WAS the logic)

    And, Germans? Eating mcdonalds? That’s like eating sushi at taco bell.
    (Dunno if that was a good enough analogy)

  52. +BaronVonGamez I’m wanting to fight it out in the USS North Carolina and
    the USS Iowa!! Those are my two favorite choices!
    The USS Iowa is just gorgeous too….God, she makes me want to drool.

  53. Patrick Milewski

    +Toby Cure I actually visited the USS New Jersey Iowa class battleship on
    the Camden waterfront a few years back lemme tell you, when I saw that ship
    in this video, I just desperately wanted to play it.

  54. +Patrick Milewski I can only wish to see her dude.
    My father and I went to the Nimitz Pacific War Museum and we learned a
    helluva lot about the war against the Japanese. We only spent 3 hours there
    and it definitely wasn’t enough time to wrap all the information we got.

  55. Patrick Milewski

    +Toby Cure in addition to seeing the new jersey, I also saw the USS
    Intrepid midway class aircraft carrier. Saw a Lotta planes, mostly from the
    cold war era. They have a freakin’ sr-71 blackbird in display there! As
    well as an old navy submarine (USS Growler) parked next to the carrier. Oh
    they now have a decommissioned Concorde supersonic jetliner, and….a
    decommissioned NASA space shuttle! I’m not kidding either.

  56. +Andrea-087 awwww yeaaaa

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