World of Warships American Battleships! WOWS Patch 0.3.1 Battleships Preview

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World of Warships American Battleships Preview Patch 0.3.1
US BBs: , , , and More!
Gameplay – What ship should I play next?

Thanks for watching!


  1. me use mighty mo

  2. Can you do a mission plz

  3. Play Montana Plss!!!!

  4. i really like the frontal hull shape of the Colorado that sharp nose looks
    really great

  5. The Florida-class battleship as a premium gift to beta testers? Sweeeet.
    Was gonna buy it anyway, since I’m a Florida boy myself, but dang that’s

  6. The U.S. Carriers changed toooooooooo DAH FAQ

  7. oh no gameplay, i’ll just give you a like and be on my way

  8. Cassius Invictus

    Quick question guys. How do you turn on range indicator on your aim screen?
    I mean when baron aims he can see travel ttime and distance of the salvo. I
    don’t have that, just “naked” crosshair. Can’t find it in options…

  9. Interestingly enough, I think the Iowa class battleship was actually
    considered superior to the Yamato. Unlike the Yamato, the Iowa class
    battleships had radar to assist aiming. One even scored a hit on a target
    24 miles away (38km). 

  10. I want to see you play Montana 

  11. You pronounce Des Moins as “De Mwai”

  12. What is better, the Yamato or the Montana? And what line should I grind
    when the game comes out?

  13. jorgeluissantos77

    when is this game coming out again??

  14. You should have talked about the Iowa’s speed…

  15. making it happen

    The Colorado runs on pure herb. A true American ship

  16. Hey +BaronVonGamez, the Mighty Mo is the USS Missouri not the Montana. 

  17. George S. Patton

    Looking at this makes me think we learned a pretty big lesson in 1941…

  18. julian archuleta

    play the new mexico plz

  19. Austin Hurley (CastironSkillet)

    Just an FYI the mighty mo’ title belongs to the USS Missouri ;)

  20. Coltrane Douglas

    yes please 

  21. Baron, the mighty mo is the BB-63 Missouri

  22. liazadboy plays random stuff!!

    I wish they’ll add Canadian Ships

  23. Richardson Buyayo

    will this game be free

  24. Now i see why you would think thats the mighty MO but the mighty MO is the
    USS Missouri in the Iowa class scince our state is nicknamed MO

  25. Imagine german Warships and they have Uboats!

  26. Ahh… I was rather hoping they would add the Project 13 class battleship
    for the Japanese tier 9 Gap, but the new Izumo looks like a good ship

  27. that thing is so sweet, btw i like turtles

  28. I cant wait for the game to come out so I can get my hands on the ole Iowa
    class battleships and take on the yamato.

  29. TheMMOpotato Rahtye

    Das a lot of gunz 

  30. I might be wrong but wasn’t the Mighty Mo the Missouri?

  31. Wait… No Pennsylvania or South Dakota class? Or will they be added later
    in the game? Also more older dreadoughts would be cool…

  32. Hey guys, anybody have any info on when it will be open beta? I am drooling
    watching Baron’s and Phly’s videos on this game. I have been waiting ages
    for something like this (a “War Thunder” of the seas type of game)

  33. I want to sail the New Mexico just because it’s named after New Mexico.

  34. Bob “The great and powerful” Ruseman

    ( FREEDOMS intensify )

  35. East Woodland Airsoft

    I hope they will add the USS Pennsylvania I just love the thing

  36. If only the Arizona was in this game

  37. Is the test server still working?

  38. The North Carolina looks great. I can still remember climbing all over that
    ship as a kid. I appreciate how well Wargaming did in making the U.S.
    battleships and I wish I could have the opportunity to play this game.

  39. cant wait to see you take out the NC, i live in wilmington nc and get to
    see her almost everyday will love to see her in action

  40. Of course the Americans are anti-air heavy. Thats how you deal with

  41. Undead Assassin

    Will world of warships add submarines?

  42. StephenColbert27

    To be fair, though, the Montana was never actually built. It was canceled
    in favor of more Essex-Class carriers. So you might want to stick with a
    real ship for your bae.

  43. The Mighty Mo was the Missouri not the Montana due to the state postal
    code. Maybe call it the mighty Monty. Otherwise love your channel you and
    your friends make me laugh. Thanks

  44. Go USA Play more Montana and can u do Oklahoma 

  45. No South Dakota class? 🙁 I wanted to captain Big Mamie (that’s the USS
    Massachusetts for you scrubs). I can’t even count how many times I’ve been
    on that ship!

  46. Sry, don’dis the REAL mighty Mo, by calling some other ship that name!

    Sexy looking yes but never battle tested, sadly.

  47. Andrew LaPlante

    I would love the USA Arizona as the tier 4 /5 premium the Pennsylvania
    class battleship

  48. Hi. Can you play with the new one please? Like new battleship american

  49. When is Bismarck coming out.

  50. I thought the term “Mighty Mo” refered to the U.S.S. Missouri?

  51. Yo baron, the mighty mo is a iowa class

  52. Mighty mo

  53. everything before 1:20 LOL

  54. I feel like after the Russians are introduced in the game the good old
    Russian bias will come…..

  55. Hey baron I’m from tennessee and I just looked up my states battleship and
    I think it should be a premium battleship for America cuz in the specs it
    has 21 torpedus tubes. And it’s got 12 × 14in guns

  56. Yamato had 18.1 inch (460mm) guns baron 🙂 USS Missouri was nicknamed the
    mighty mo,and had 16 inch (406mm) 🙂 The Montana class battleship also had
    16 inch (406mm) guns. No ship have never ever had bigger guns mounted than
    Yamato and Musashi. If World of Warships have 18 inch on the USS
    Montana,that is wrong,and 2.1 inch from reality 🙂 :)

  57. I’m excited for the American line of battleships because ‘MERICA !!!!!

  58. Gabriel Calderon

    There should be a USS Arizona premium battleship 

  59. William Larimer

    The Wyoming is the mini Fuso

  60. is what the say

  61. the armore on the iowa was the same as the bismark

  62. Montana

  63. Swissboy362 Gaming Channel

    das annotations doe

  64. Japanese navy aircraft carriers????

  65. So could u plz do some more mount and blade napoleonic wars I really
    enjoyed those

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  67. Lol firing range of these ships is pathethic

  68. I cannot wait for the Royal Navy to be added to see HMS Vanguard and HMS

  69. PancakePredator


  70. Stephen Colbert

    I mean, the Yamato is just so sexy… I think I’ll play the Good Ship

  71. They need to add the South Dakota Class!

  72. sebastian bunting

    Please play the Montana

  73. If the Iowas are slower than Japanese battleships in the game, there’s
    something wrong with their statistics… The Iowa Class is one of the
    fastest battleships in history, if not the fastest. Japan’s battleships in
    WW2, with the exception of the Yamato Class, were all outdated WW1 era
    warships that had been updated and couldn’t reach 30 knots whereas the Iowa
    Class averaged around 32 knots with a absolute max at 35 knots… And while
    the Yamato Class was newer, it’s size and weight slowed it down with a max
    speed around 28 knots.


  75. Montana 

  76. the montana will come in like a wrecking ball!!! punn intented

  77. Baron, the USS Montana isn’t the ‘Mighty MO’, the USS Missouri is.
    Missouri-MO. ‘Mighty *MO*’

  78. BARRON “Mighty Mo” is the USS Missouri ship number 63, come on I thought
    you out of all people.
    The reason I’m pissed is that I’m from Minnesota so naval ships is a

  79. USS Arizona?

  80. It is not a triple gun turret. The correct name is “three gun turret.” Or
    at least that is what they said at the museum. Anyway, this is because each
    gun on each turret can move independently. In a triple gun turret, the guns
    cannot move independently up and down.

  81. Why do you get the ships names wrong the Mighty No was a USS Missouri class
    battleship . You sir have the Montana 

  82. Soooooo, Mighty Mo is a lesbian? (going off how ships are women).


  84. Why is the New York the name the other New York BB is better

  85. Jamillo Paardekooper

    Do the Mitchy mo Missouri 

  86. I have had the privelidge of going on the North Carolina , it was an
    amazing ship i even got to swivel on of the AA guns around, 10000000/10
    would do again

  87. 2:59 whats that premium t10 carrier you got there?

  88. I know for a fact that with our gunnery computers and radar, we should have
    incredible accuracy at range and we were gained to fire off a salvo every
    15-20 seconds. OP much? Nah. It’s history!

  89. Coulter “The Super KId” Pfeiffer

    …but the Mighty Mo’ was the USS Missouri…

  90. I’ve been on the North Carolina

  91. Saying 4-triple gun turrets is a misnomer. In naval parlance, it’s 4 3 gun
    turrets, as each gun can be independently trained. In a double- or
    triple-turret, both or all three guns are aimed in conjunction with one
    another, with no independent training. FACTS or gulag. :)

  92. SFB official channel -SFB- Kommandant_37

    baron how dare the U.S.S. Missouri was an Iowa class Battleship not the
    Montana the Montana was a upgraded version that never got made

  93. Didn’t the uss Missouri get the nick name mighty MO

  94. I saw japanese aircraft carriers :v

  95. Baron play the Colorado class because it’s sister the West Virginia or Wee
    Vee is my state’s ship!

    • +akeetorres Yes, sadly the colorado dosnt have the same aesthetics as the
      wee vee.. wee vee in my opinion looked better, dont get me wrong i think
      all colorados were ugly ships.. but i have a soft spot for ugly things..
      thats why i like the s35ca so much! 🙂


  97. WHERE IS VERDUN!!!!!!!

  98. Dang US Battleships are sexy :3

  99. Jaydon s (J-Frame Games)

    My #’s and I’m sticking with ’em, Thanks baron!

  100. your pronunciation makes me wanna CRY!!!!
    please look up pronunciation of traverse and Yamato

  101. hope you can do the yamato soon:)!

  102. soviet cruisers are gonna be the shit

  103. Gib Kriegsmarine!! Bismarck or riot!
    Oh, and getting a USS Florida isn’t bad either XD

  104. They could add the Bismarck and the other ships, as a DLC or something like

  105. is that a premium Japanese tier 10 carrier i see?

  106. Another awesome video as usual! But for the love of Pete there Baron, baby
    Jebus kills one of your viewers every time you butcher your pronunciation
    of Yamato. Sends a cringe up my spine. LOL

  107. montana is best

  108. How in the world did you get all those credits and such?

  109. Montana = Super Yamato lol XD

  110. New Mexico class is beautiful. Never knew my state had something so badass

  111. wonder if they will add the south dakota 1920 class battleship

  112. Stupid that they used the name Wyoming since the USS Arkansas was the only
    one of its class that did anything.

    • Nathan Peterson

      +Vlade2008 Wyoming they converted into a AA Battleship if that helps

    • +Nathan Peterson Yes but the Wyoming never really saw combat in WW2 it was
      used as a training ship. While the USS Arkansas earned the awards: Mexican
      Service Medal Victory Medal with “Atlantic Fleet” and “Grand Fleet” clasps
      American Defense Service Medal with “FLEET” clasp and “A” device American
      Campaign Medal European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with
      two battle stars, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with two battle stars
      World War II Victory Medal Navy Occupation Medal with “ASIA” clasp

      The USS Wyoming despite the class name, Arkansas preceded Wyoming both in
      construction and commissioning, although both were commissioned during
      September 1912.

    • Nathan Peterson

      +Vlade2008 I know, I’m just saying if it helps with it’s recognition, I
      should blurt out a random fact about it

  113. Awesome update, although i dont like the new torpedo drop sound for DDs

  114. Baron, what do you think of the Tillman battleships being added at some

  115. Baron. The mighty Mo is the USS Missouri an Iowa class battleship…. Not
    the USS Montana -_-

  116. DoMiNaNdO Games

    Do a gameplay of Us Missouri

  117. Hey Baron the USS Montana was a paper ship so can you stop calling it the
    “Mighty Mo” please lol Mighty Mo was BB-63 or the USS Missouri an Iowa
    Class Battleship

  118. Baron!!!!! Play the Fletcher class destroyer or you’ll get the full

  119. Drift Of Sweden

    When Will the game be out?

  120. I will be playing the Yamato. The IJN battleships’ got the looks.

  121. Alduin The Devourer

    They should do what war thunder is going to do an add a combined nations
    tech tree. where they can add all the ships they want and not need to fill
    out a complete tech tree with one nation, Instead have a bunch of different
    nations in one tech tree, For example one for the Axis minor countries and
    Allied minor Countries. and thus we dont have to see the equivalent of the
    japanese tank tree in World of Tanks

  122. Alduin The Devourer

    What soviet navy? can you name 10 soviet ships that saw combat during world
    war 2

  123. I was all for Yamato but that Montana has converted me. Also Izumo looks
    like surprise buttsex target. Now just to wait for my game to update so I
    can get in and apply vigorous freedom to all in my path.

  124. When is wow released 

  125. Tristan Kostelnik

    Hey my good Sir Baron, I don’t care what ship you take out first, JUST MAKE
    MORE WOWS videos… haha… Sincerely those of us who cant play WOWS yet.

  126. Love the vids Baron, you keep up your hardwork i’ll keep watching.

  127. I wonder if the high American battleship AA rating is because of one of the
    most awesome and closely guarded secrets of WWII: the proximity fuse. It is
    credited with destroying some 80% of V-1 “Buzz Bombs” over London,
    decimating German ranks at the Battle of the Bulge, and nearly obliterating
    the Japanese air force including Kamikaze attacks. If so it’s nice to see
    one of my favorite inventions in history reproduced in game.

  128. lol baron just lol

  129. poodlemeister22314

    Yah-MAH-toe or YAH-mah-toe? I always thought it was the first?

  130. imagine if Izumo had an accidental fire from the third turret lmao

  131. Hey the Izumo has the 3rd gun lower so it can travers faster and also it is
    so it can shot backwards farther

  132. The nickname “Mighty Mo” went to another ship in the Iowa class, the USS
    Missouri. Therefore, you can’t call Montana the “Mighty Mo”. Good video

  133. GrayAndAnime OwO

    i wish instead of unlocking say the USS Baltimore you unlock the class,
    that way you can make it any ship of said class like the USS Chicago.
    because you know state pride and all that. in the options you can set it so
    you see the ship class or the ship name to avoid confusion

  134. +BaronVonGamez those annotations are prime baron well played sir, well

  135. Tristan Kostelnik

    Keep up the awesome vids +BaronVonGamez

  136. aren’t American BB have radar that detect enemy even from far away
    distance? they should add those thing s in the game

  137. the reasan for the big antiearcraft is bicaz japenes made alot of kamicaze
    and usa ships need more prottection agenst that

  138. GrayAndAnime OwO

    i would say the Montana is better off aa alone because battle ships are
    super vulnerable to dive/torpedo bombers

  139. In real life the Montana would had to face the Yamato-successor A-150,
    armed with 3×2 20.1inch guns. Would be awesome to see this thing some day
    in the game. So it’s again bigger guns, but only 6 against 12. I’m curious
    which broadside is heavier? I’m not so sure that the advantage would lie
    with the japanese.

  140. Do North Carolina!

  141. and where is the US Battle cruisers ???

  142. The Montana looks so sexy. <3

    • +Lord Gaben Lol the guy that posted the comment below has the aperture
      science logo as a profile pic. Coincidence? *I think not!* *HALF LIFE 3

  143. So american battleships have a lower detectability range and better fire
    range over the japanese ones?

  144. The better add HMS Furious. A battle cruiser with 2×1 18″ guns. KV 2 of the

  145. Also I don’t think the Montana should be included in game since she was
    never actually built. But it’ll be fun to play.

  146. DuderMcBroBlaster

    Baron you’re drunk go home.

  147. Nicholas Griffin

    Can’t wait to see the North Carolina, it had the most battle stars of any
    ship during WWII

    • +Nicholas Griffin As much as I love the girl, it was CV Enterprise, of
      Yorktown-class that had the most battle stars. It is not represented in the
      game for some reason.
      There were 11 more ships that had more battle stars then North Carolina did.
      North Carolina was the most decorated US battleship in WWII though.

    • +Nicholas Griffin Wrong. That was the USS Enterprise.

    • Nicholas Griffin

      That’s what I was looking for, most decorated Battleship. Sorry for the

  148. bernardobiritiki

    Capitan Baron wend will the seas of WOW open up to other people besides
    pros like your self?

  149. did not us ships get 5inc twin mounts as part of there refits ???

  150. Can’t wait for the to lunch in to the game. Shit can’t wait for the fame to
    come out of closed beta. Just lost interest in progressing through the
    game. Cause I know they are just going to reset it all

  151. Hope the Royal navy comes next!

  152. Yamato

  153. so the only thing japanese have over the murican bbs are speed? wich is
    almost useless on a battleship? sounds nice.

    • +carbon0HUN You my friend couldnt be more wrong.. speed is very important
      for battleships, especially considering the japanese ships also tend to
      have better range, this means that a good jap battleship captain can keep a
      slow poke american battleship out of range from shooting back whilst being
      able to pelt said slow poke american battleship until.. KABOOOM!!!!.. no
      more murican battleship.. thats were the better armor comes into play, as i
      see it.. armor is the only thing that will keep give an american battleship
      player a fighting chance… in the end.. american battleships cant chase or
      run away from most jap battleships until the higher tiers. :p

    • +Dave Seehafer yes im talking about higher tiers…i dont really care about
      mid-to low tieryou will grind them out pretty quickly anyways

  154. Start Spreading the News… I’m Leaving today!!! I want to be a Part of
    it.. New York, New York!!!!!

    Actually i’m a proud Texan but yes. But Texas was New York class, so please
    please please!!!!

    • +hallis1 The Texas was so much more than the New York. Texas was built
      first and is still afloat today. Plus she did so many things first in the
      US Navy.

    • I know all about the Texas. I actually own a few small pieces of the ship
      that were pulled out by Taylor Marine during her recent structural repairs.
      I have a great love for that ship.

      But since the “New York Class” is in the game rather than the Texas
      specifically that’s what I want to see. I need it 🙂

  155. The Montana class, listen to the sexy thud of those twelve 16 in. guns!

  156. Aidilfit player

    Do gajin still working on warship part of war thunder?

  157. the iowa should be two knots faster

  158. One small question: is dual purpose now really dual purpose?

    • Kyliare Ashfeldt

      +Si Wi Dual purpose guns have always been dual purpose. They just are not
      animated. So if you are per-say in a gearing DD you can fire your main guns
      but they will also be shooting at planes as this “Un-seen” magic cannons.

  159. Baron….YA-MAA-TOE

  160. ferderik zarghetta

    how do i get this game????

  161. the glorious nippon ships will prevail

  162. The Montana class was going to end up being too big to go through the
    Panama canal. By like 2 feet if I remember correctly. Not very efficiet or
    practical in the real world global navy. Still awesome they are going to
    include it in the game.

    Very cool to see the games AA upgrades coinciding with historical accuracy.
    The idea of launching an air plane from a ship was laughed at up until the
    mid 30’s. They were’nt taken seriously until Pearl Harbor. Midway, Coral
    Sea. That’s when the AA got stuffed into any location they could find.

    As always, nice video Baron.

  163. I would rather attack the Iowa than be one of the aa gunners sitting
    underneath those 16 inch guns

  164. I can’t wait for the Battleship Roma of the Italian Navy!

    • +matty922117 Probably it will be a premium ship. For the “normal” tech tree
      ship, they’ll choose Littorio. In the facts, Roma was slightly bigger, and
      more armored.

    • +Jacopo Mangini well, it’s better than nothing, I guess they where pretty
      But last time I checked it said that the Roma was a Littorio class

    • It is. This class of 4 BBs was split in two: the first batch of two ships
      (Littorio and Vittorio Veneto) was completed earlier (May 1940), in the
      second batch they overhauled the armor, but only the Roma was completed
      (June ’42), the Impero was launched but never completed, because of the
      Armistice (8th Sept. ’43). Roma was sunk by german guided bombs the day
      after the announce of the Armistice, while she was sailing to Malta to
      surrender. This made the ship a symbol and the myth of the Roma begun.
      She’s the most famous Italian BB, so I think they’ll use it as a premium.

  165. The Colorado for me

  166. My cock is so hard from all this freedom 

  167. Oh yeah the Montana, baby.

  168. Hey baron the U.S.S Missouri was know as the Mighty Mo not the U.S.S
    Montana. Learn your battleships! Haha jk 

  169. LOL The namesake Mighty Mo is from the USS Missouri, since this ship was
    never built then i would give this one: The Monterey Of The Sea.

  170. Oh Baron, I thought you weren’t allowed to show porn on your channel! 😛

    That armor is helpful so you don’t blow up all your seamen too early….

  171. American (tier 5+) battleships are too op. They have amazing guns, amazing
    Anti-aircraft armament, good hp, nice armor… I was in battle with Fuso. I
    had to fight 1vs1 against a New Mexico. I was able to do only about ~2000
    damage to him in one salvo (I used AP!). But when he shot me, all his
    shells penetrated. And he killed me very fast. I did about 9000 damage to
    him in 2minutes. And in the same time, he did f**king 30000 damage to me!!

  172. well baron please take montana 🙂 love this video :D

  173. when does this game actually come out – available to the masses?

  174. They should add the USS Texas to the tech tree as a tier 6 premium
    battleship. That would be amazing 🙂 

    • Nathan Peterson

      +Ramiro Torres the New York class is a tier V and already in game

    • +Nathan Peterson But the Texas is so much more than the New York. It has
      and did things that the New York doesn’t have and didn’t do. Plus she’s
      still afloat today. Economically speaking, it’d be in the games producers
      best interest to add the Texas a premium ship. Think about it.. The second
      largest state in the U.S. has a lot of people in it who are very much proud
      of their state. I’d buy it and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one
      who would.

    • Nathan Peterson

      +Jason S Wargaming for the most part (in exception of the Warspite) doesn’t
      do specific ships, in case of the warspite, people just wanted the Royal
      Navy to exist in game, and the New York describes enough of both which the
      differences in between the two specification wise was almost non existent

    • Nathan Peterson

      +Jason S Plus if you read up on the New York’s history, she served as much
      as she did, however wasn’t given as much recognition

    • +Nathan Peterson Wargaming in there best interests aren’t thinking of just
      the ship performance and it’s history. First they need to actually be able
      to see and design the ship on the game. The USS Texas is still living at
      the SanJacinto monument. Plus if they add a premium ship they need to make
      money off of it, so recognition of the fact that the Texas actually was a
      ship and it’s still floating today is a key factor. I still think it should
      be a tier 6 premium American Battleship.

  175. how you pronounce Yamato really gets my OCD going man 🙂 but i would play
    the Montana

  176. hahahah the annotations are great

  177. Definitely the New York Class, mainly because it’s what the USS Texas is.
    Now that’s a ship. 

  178. The mighty mo is the uss Missouri 

  179. Drunk Baron best Baron.

  180. Still annoying that Yamato’s aa can’t be upgraded 

    • +TheYamato101​​​​​​​​​ The facts on the web are clunky but from what I’ve
      read thus far. Musashi came equipped with 35x triple Barrel AA Type 86s and
      25x single barrel type 86s. Half of those huge Type 89s were taken off the
      Yamato in 1945. So in your “upgrade” she’d have less than half of those
      heavy Type 89 guns and 4-5 times more of those lighter Type 86s.

      I think it was when Musashi got torp’d and headed back to Japan for repairs
      when they decided to amp up her AAA. Her AAA is effectively massive. Yamato
      did survive an additional year but her last gig was intended to be
      suicidal.. So idk if the IJN even considered upgrading Yamato’s AAA all
      that important when they didn’t intend on coming back home anyway..

    • +Josh Friedman no mate. Yamato in 1945 had 12×2 type 89 127mm daul purpose
      guns. Along with near 200 type 86 25mm guns. Musashi never had aa capacity.
      As Yamato was a symbol of Japan. As far as I know they wanted to give
      Yamato 2 aa upgrades when she was sank. 1 was to replace the open mounted
      type 89s with the enclosed and powered mounts. The other planed aa upgrade
      was to fully replace the type 89 with the type 98.

    • +TheYamato101​ If you look for ship stats of the Yamato (1945) *well at
      least the ones I’ve seen* they removed a few type 89s to the same number of
      the, which was 6. It’s a fair assumption that they did this to compensate
      the weight made when adding 100ish some’od 25mm AAA guns throughout her
      superstructure. The Musashi early on still seems to have had more AAA
      overall if you discount those larger 89s Heck, idk if I can even trust the
      web anymore lol.

      These figures are different on so many sites it’s almost comical.

    • +Josh Friedman this is starting to annoy me….. I am looking a 3D of
      Yamato as she appeared in 1945. I repeat she had 12 127mm type 89s. That’s
      6 mounts per side. Musashi never had more anti aircraft guns!

  181. USS Saturn!

  182. RexusVexus GamingNexus

    Sir Baron if you abandon the north Carolina for any other ship when it is
    shipped out you will be toss over board and court marshaled.

  183. I thought the “Mighty Mo” was the USS Missouri and as far as i know the
    Missouri was an Iowa-class battleship

    • Correct sir

    • +MrAlphaArc Correct. “Mighty Mo” is the Missouri’s nickname, “Big Stick” is
      for the Iowa, “Big J” is for New Jersey, and I don’t know the Wisconsin’s
      nickname off the top of my head.

      The Montana was a class designed to counter the Yamato, but it was
      cancelled in favor of more Essex Class carriers and with the judgement that
      the four completed Iowas plus the the two North Carolina class (North
      Carolina and Washington) would be enough to deal with the Yamato in a gun

    • I’m glad I didn’t say anything wrong ^^

    • +Sam Nary the montana class was designed because of a new AP shell the US
      developed, with the US Battleship thought process was to have armor capable
      of protecting the ship from it’s own shells. plus the design process for
      the Montana class was started before the world even knew the Yamato even

  184. Its USS Missouri that is known as the Mighty Mo not the Montana Class
    because they was never built.

  185. Why you no play game?

  186. ‘Mighty Mo’ was the Missouri…

    • +JKC40 That’s not my mighty mo doe
      But yea…sometimes you’re on 2 hours of sleep the last two games making a
      video :/

    • +BaronVonGamez thats cool, i unlocked the South Carolina today and am
      really liking it… if i can stop playing it like its a cruiser.


  188. Matthew Merrell

    The patch came out yesterday :p fail

  189. Kekrin Network™ | Daily Nightcore Uploads

    When does the patch actually come out?

    • +Kekrin Network™ | Daily Nightcore Uploads 0.3.1 is out right now, but
      still only available to CBT testers 🙁

    • Kekrin Network™ | Daily Nightcore Uploads

      +BaronVonGamez Ah I see, thanks. Well I’m in CBT lol I just didn’t know
      when it came out exactly is all. >.>

  190. USS Iowa, Missouri and New Jersey please

  191. I’m hoping that they don’t mess this up…..(notice how I didn’t say IM

  192. Xavier Saavedra


  193. US Battleships in 0.3.1! Hype! So the patch is out now, this was a
    relatively comprehensive video I did when the test server was open
    yesterday prior to it being released. The patch is out now for CBT testers.
    What’s your favorite new US Battleship and why?

    And yea…Mighty Mo is the Missouri. But the Montana….she’s my Mighty Mo.
    She’s Bae….You love her too.

    • Patrick Milewski

      American logic: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

      German logic: if it broke, build it bigger and hope it doesn’t fail. (At
      least that WAS the logic)

      And, Germans? Eating mcdonalds? That’s like eating sushi at taco bell.
      (Dunno if that was a good enough analogy)

    • +BaronVonGamez I’m wanting to fight it out in the USS North Carolina and
      the USS Iowa!! Those are my two favorite choices!
      The USS Iowa is just gorgeous too….God, she makes me want to drool.

    • Patrick Milewski

      +Toby Cure I actually visited the USS New Jersey Iowa class battleship on
      the Camden waterfront a few years back lemme tell you, when I saw that ship
      in this video, I just desperately wanted to play it.

    • +Patrick Milewski I can only wish to see her dude.
      My father and I went to the Nimitz Pacific War Museum and we learned a
      helluva lot about the war against the Japanese. We only spent 3 hours there
      and it definitely wasn’t enough time to wrap all the information we got.

    • Patrick Milewski

      +Toby Cure in addition to seeing the new jersey, I also saw the USS
      Intrepid midway class aircraft carrier. Saw a Lotta planes, mostly from the
      cold war era. They have a freakin’ sr-71 blackbird in display there! As
      well as an old navy submarine (USS Growler) parked next to the carrier. Oh
      they now have a decommissioned Concorde supersonic jetliner, and….a
      decommissioned NASA space shuttle! I’m not kidding either.

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