World of Warships – American Carriers

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Down Line for American Carriers, discuss each tier and what potential loadouts they can use. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. IJN carrier video?

  2. How do you get saipan or enterprise? They aren’t in the store

  3. I kind of want to grind US Carriers but the no manual drop and having to use auto drop for tiers IV and V is so frustrating and boring

    • You’re missing out. Bogue is up there with Emile Bertine as one of the most broken ships in the regular tech tree. And Langley is also fairly strong

    • Yes it is frustrating unless you are top tier, especially the Bogue. The IJN line hates the Bogue because of her fighter squadron size. I have a blast with the Bogue when top tier for the CVs. If teamed with a T6 CV, not so much.

    • I did ok with Langley – but in the Bogue ended up in 2cv teams, where the other was Tier VI. You launch planes and the enemy T6 CV is strafing yours with no defence. You end up 75% of the game with a flat deck and secondary batteries. Boring as F, and no significant xp gains. Maybe I’ll check it out again but in co-op vs bots.

    • Bogue was only powerful [not broken] when ahe could equip two fighter squadrons. Now she’s barely competitive against her t5 counterpart and torally helpless against the t6 ijn counterpart running AS.

    • Mtume Umrani are you serious? Bogue is a fav of mine, It’s so powerful. It smashes it’s Japanese competitor. I regularly get kraken in it

  4. I have the Essex now. That is the first ship in the line I don’t want to mash my keyboard.
    The Lexington was so frustrating since your against 2 different premiums that aren’t available anymore or the japan main line. Every ship has more fighters than you and completely destroy your single fighter squads.

    • Eric to be honest only after you get all the cvs is when you truly learn to play CV ..Besides the Prem CV’s bad you cant get the Kaga now its the best CV train with and not the Saipan its to forgiving and you cant learn if you cant make mistakes

  5. Midway TDs is 2 tiers lower and are T8 , Fighters are T9 and DBs T10

  6. Bogue with the fighter setup was so op back in the days XD loved it

    • Randolph Carter, damage isn’t the only effect CVs have on a battle…

      Spotting is just as important. Just ask a DD main.

      The fighter battle determines who had perfect vision for the rest of the game. That’s a huge advantage.

    • dclark142002 yeah, I know it. But, is it fun? As a CV player, is it fun to move fighters around the map for 10-15 minutes?

    • Randolph Carter, I think winning is fun.

      But then, I’m different to the average player. To me high damage isn’t why I play the game. Getting a team win is.

      I very rarely get salt from my own team when I play CV…and that’s usually only when I make a boneheaded move and throw my fighters away.

      Damage isn’t everything.

    • dclark142002
      Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I care only about damage: I had my wins in AS setup, and for a period I was only able to win with AS (without fighters 1v1 is not easy, and if you meet another bougue with AS, good luck with it). But I don’t find winning with AS fun. I got some games where it was a good fight, but mainly in 2v2.
      What I’m saying is that keeping the enemy spotted is not a fun game play for me. Not like this. If you have to balance this with a striking capability, that makes thing interesting. I like the idea of the balanced load out, the problem is that I already dropped the CVs.

    • Yeah, and that’s a legitimate issue. Unfortunately, the only option WarGaming gave you was to ‘switch to IJN’ which plays more to your style. There was never a really viable strike USN carrier.

  7. still dont understand why Essex got T8 fighters, she’s not broken like midway who made hakuryu player crying, essex before nerf to her fighter still lack beyond Taiho…

  8. is there any tutorial on the basics of CVs… I have 2500 game play in WOWS but never actually understood the CVs

  9. VI Independence is underpower
    VII ranger is so underpower
    VIII lexington is massively underpower
    IX essex is pretty balance, I love it WG
    X midway you nerf her way too much, tier 9 fighter was enough. To also tone down her hanger is sad. His torp is also tier 8

    • War of Titus yeah your forgetting. The 140mm armor plate of main deck armor unfortunately you can’t see it in game but it is there modeled in game you just can’t see it same with Montana and Iowa i use 3D game models which is a data mine site for the armor viewer it’s more accurate for seeing armor you can’t normally see.

    • War of Titus they really need to update the armor viewer for IJN and USN really

    • Do you know the penetration of the Lexington AP bombs? I just think the risk reward for AP bombs is unbalanced an insta-kill for next to no risk. DD’s have the radar threat, Cruisers have high citadel risk, BB’s have torps and bombers, but CV’s are usually last to die and the main threat is fighter strafes which are easy enough to evade. Maybe CV’s just target German BB’s

    • US HE bombs are buffed at T8 anyway and i only used HE bombs for the US carriers anyway. more general purpose and the dmg is good!

    • War of Titus i can probably take a look at the AP bombs pen

  10. not to forget, the higher tier you get, the bigger the insults, flaming and at times even (death)threats

    but hey, its normal tier X cruisers with good aa rating (even stock) need fighter cover right?

    or that you get 7 kills, 200k damage and it’s stil the carrier’s fault . . . .

    • Amen dude, I don’t play CV very often (got to tier 6 Independence) but when u come in 1st and you still getting harassed it kinda sucks. Why I’m always nice to he CVs though lol.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Oh yea even trying to learn them is a pain in the ass Im at the point im seeing Saipans etc. and ppl are crying like ffs CVS are in a odd spot you dont get rewarded for dick for spotting

    • But cv are the issues, they deserve the flame… In fact they deserved all the nerf bc ppl don’t understand them at all… I m sad, rly

    • Some people think you have like 10 fighter squadrons in the air at the same time, so why can’t you at least spare one of them to the solo flanking bismarck eh? 😛 I

    • and you re a Lexington busy Killing a dd, so you can’t deflect the airstrike going on your solo flanking Bismarck going alone C despite team said AB. But you re the one at fault 😀

  11. Could you make a video about how to deal with defensive fire? In the independence, I really get recked by Clevelands and other stuff.

    • Don’t go against Clevelands and other likely AA ships.

      If you need to, try to bait defensive fire with your tanky DBs (or your fighters, if you have dealt with the enemy CV already). Make like you are going to attack…and then pull out and wait for the duration of his DF.

      Then go in and attack him.

      I find, though, that going after cruisers isn’t a good use of my time. Far better to spot that guy for our battleships to nom on.

      The aim with a US CV isn’t to damage whore. You want to use the tankiness of your planes to provide EFFECTIVE spotting (because you can spot in light AA fire, while the IJN can not). Use the high HP pool of your fighters to deny your enemy CV effective spotting ability. IJN fighters can only engage you under their own AA umbrella. You can smoke his anywhere else.

    • Thanks for the advice!

    • just go for other target(dont go in def aa) wait till at late game where most off aa module get destroy or damage by allied

  12. Why is it that whenever I get a mission for 2 kills, I can’t get more than 1 in every subsequent battle??? RNG!!!

  13. Why would you do a video over carriers knowing that they are about to completely change?

    • Notser knows by how much they will be changed. Notser doing a video on current carrier stats is a good sign in my opinion.

    • First off, this is a video about loadouts and stats, not a how-to playing guide. Those things aren’t likely to change much if at all. And secondly, you have no idea when the CV rework will happen. The US CL line has been talked about since last year, it still hasn’t happened yet, and that was much less involved than the CV rework. You want him to ignore CVs until then?

  14. 50k so soon :DD

  15. american CV rework was so bad,they can’t do anything good now its just Bad at everything and the Japanese good at everything.

  16. I like the video, but I lost any hope on CVs: I discovered manual drop only after it was removed, and I can’t get myself to use it when I got my T6-US. It’s tricky to use, often doesn’t do what I want, or I don’t have the time to adjust the direction of the strike, and at that tier it’s too difficult for me to learn it from zero.

    And I don’t like the fact that the zoom out stops, I feel like I’m always losing track of some part of the battle, and the map isn’t comfortable to use.

    I won’t touch my CVs until the update comes around, and I’m really tempted to sell them.

  17. u didnt mention that from T8 the HE bombs become MASSIVE and actually do significant dmg by themselves even without AP bombs so they arent just used for fires like the IJN bombs

  18. No offense, but the USN carrier line is a joke. The only good ones are the Enterprise and the Midway because they’re the only ones with a balanced 2-2-2 loadout.

    • I played all of them and with a good captain, you’re better than the IJN counterparts. USN carriers are really strong dude

  19. Great video. CVs are rarely on youtube. How about a “How to CV” video?

  20. I really want AA defense should be strong at broadside and weak at front and rear of most if not all ships. This can become a very dynamic feature because Torp-bombers need broadside to hit and Dropbomb-planes need front or rear and they should be a bigger threat than they to make this work. Internal burning in ships or some other debuff that players really dont want to get hit by. So sneaking up from behind or front at the right moment can put a little panic in even plane-camping players. Counterplay against planes needs manual focusfire as prority to do most damage of course but instead of Des moins sitting back and autofire at all directions clearing the sky with his hands off the keyboard smilling why not make him work for it so it becomes a skill instead of automated OP’ness. He need to aim and place his broadside towards the planes for max DPS and still protect front and rear and not to mention other ships spotting him from afar. Perhaps possible with good angle work too into a sweetspot for most defense and offense. This will give planes and the other team a chance to make him turn him showing his broadside or turn away if hunted by him. Like I said dynamic counterplay if teams work together. It still has to balanced and realistic of course.

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