World of Warships- American Super Battleship Maine, Crazy British Battlecruiser Are Coming Soon!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the latest DevBlog! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
2:00 DevBlog Intro
2:30 USS Maine
9:11 Piemonte
12:00 Karl XIV Johan
16:35 Scarlet Thunder
18:36 Defence
22:10 Kitakami & U-4501 Update


  1. Oh look more super ships! Guess I’ll totally want to play more…. 😂

  2. Werner Dornhardt

    I want superduper ships with nuke shells or harpoon missles or subs with thomahawk missles. Each battle lasts only 30 seconds then.

  3. The M.K. Young Show

    Honestly, none of these made me say to myself “WOW! I’ve got to get that!”

  4. Oh god i dont want to imagine a super vermont

    16x 457MM with 55 seconds reload!

  5. BB- 152 USS META

    Gun performance wise her stats remind me of the Marlborough, non overmatching guns with worse reload and overall worse accuracy. The fact that her ‘ability’ is more or less a buffed AA suite is pretty dumb. The only thing interesting about it is that her ability buffs her d-con, and the fact that she SOMEHOW has a better rudder sbift than Monty.

  6. Easily see triple division Kitakami that’s what the game needs more passive play from A and J line

  7. The Maine: 16 shells fired, 1 overpen, 3 ricochets, 1 torpedo belt hit, 11 ship bathing

  8. Captain WorstPirateIveHeardOf

    As soon as I saw the quad turret on the rear of Louisiana, I knew the super Montana was coming

  9. It would’ve been cool to have a special on the ship that it had like a map of, wide radar could see any ship in smoke, but only it could see it cause that would’ve been an interesting counter to the HE spammers who can smoke up an hide

  10. The slow shells are crazy, with spotter planes on the iowa there is a 16 second flight time. They hit hard, and that is why the DM is great as well.
    Also, recently I citadeled a BB with Iron Duke HE. Is this normal?

    • there are BB’s that have exposed citadel deck and can be citadeled with HE
      USSR Tier 5 Pyotr Velikiy as a example with 38mm exposed deck in the rear

  11. I was half expecting the american super battleship to be the modern refit of the Uss Wisconsin

  12. I haven’t played WoWs in random in a while. Watching you fight that sub in the Montana looked super painful. I am glad I only play Coop/Operations now.

  13. Personally I would have gone with 12 18″ guns on the Maine, same number and layout as the Montana only bigger.

  14. I wonder if wows will ever do more modern ships

  15. Was hoping a T3 or 4 to match the real ship that is in Philly

  16. The lower accuracy and longer reload time gimmick just because she has more guns is really getting old. WG should just make a Korean War mode and allow T9-T11 plus future T+ ships to play in that mode. I know why they do it but its getting silly now with another ship (Maine in this case) being “adjusted”. Good video as always SLM. 🙂 The Piemonte’s sister ship must be called “Cheese”.

  17. Weird seeing Maine be a super ship on PC when it’s a tier 8 (basically tier 9) in legends. That said it’s 2×2 and 2×3 406mm guns so is vastly different to each other

  18. Furious build with Super heavy AP take advantage of that funny button 💪

  19. I think they should’ve gone with a tillman design with the 5 triple turrets

  20. What could have been done with the Scarlet Thunder is remove defensive AA and give it a improved hydro and also give it a special combat instructions, when activated these effects last for 45 seconds, flak instead of dealing damage to multiple planes in a squadron will instead instantly destroy one individual plane of the squadron every 3 seconds while IN its action zone and secondary battery has a 10% range and fire rate increase and fires improved AP shells while combat instructions is active.

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