World of Warships- An AA Rework Is FINALLY Happening!

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Hello guys, today we go over some recent proposed changes to the AA mechanics, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Love your videos Moutbatten! I really appreciate everything you do, and I look forward to future videos <3

  2. I think this mechanism will make cv with relative low life point plane become useless while making soviet become god tier
    RIP to Aquila, German CV, Saipan and Hakuryu

    • Nerfing the CVs that require more skill to play and keeping the baindead CVs as is. WG, catering to the lowest common demoninator.

    • the same applies for most of the British ones too (Malta being the exception). Just think what this will do to the Ark Royal, A Tier 6 CV with Tier 4 aircraft vs Tier 8 ship AA!? They’ll be obliterated with no chance of doing anything making the ship useless.

      I can understand this working (at least partially) on stuff like the Soviet CV’s (will have to wait and see here), FDR, Enterprise and the Malta. stuff with massive flights its designed to be able to at least have a chance of damaging an attacking flight and not just the backup aircraft first.

    • @Phantom Klepht i dont agree about kaga at all

    • What? A change that buffs soviet ships while at the same time nerfing all others?!? Naaaah!

    • Saipan has good hp planes they are midway base planes

      This might kill indomitable thou

  3. When I originally played wows many years back, CV players couldn’t control their aircraft and you also had fighters to help cover advancing ships from enemy planes and it was in my opinion a fair bit more tactical playing the CV, and even when launching torp/bomber planes against enemy ships the AI would miss or not get every torp or bomb on target and nobody back then really moaned about it, and although more of the game for the CV was played from the map at that time you had more to do with ordering fighters to intercept and defend your team aswell as throwing out planes to do damage really miss them old CV days

  4. This is going to be rough for those CV’s with low health planes so those should be tweaked a bit but won’t do much for those with huge amounts of health or drop outside of AA range (soviets) so those need nerfing.

  5. It sounds good overall. However, let us be real that WarGaming’s track records on ‘reworks’ is far less than stellar; Commander Rework, CV Rework, and at this point Sub deployment/rework/two years later. To date none of the other ‘reworks’ have gone into the player’s favor and I suspect the AA rework won’t be any different.

  6. With all the up tiering planes get melted before an attack quite often. Tier 8s vs x

  7. Hope everyone enjoys facing Russian CVs. Further thanks to RNG you still might not shoot down any of the attackers because RNG has allocated all of your AA to the reserves because they’ll code to ensure there is always something getting through or worse they balance damage around the possibility of planes getting shot down.

  8. As Nakhimov wasn’t superior to other cvs already, they increase the gap even further. 🙂

  9. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    It is a direct buff to Soviet CVs because they remain wholly unaffected for the most part.

    • @Arctic Tiger if all your counterparts get nerfed, and u remain the same. Its technically a buff

    • You could kind of say that, but it would not be technically right. nothing about the ship or planes changed, so it got neither nerfed nor buffed. The other carriers attack power has potentially gotten worse, so they got nerfed.

      I buff would be their planes getting 100 more health each. Just because the nerf doesnt affect them does not make it a buff

    • @Arctic Tiger true true

    • @Arctic Tiger If 5 people run a race and 4 people have their shoelaces tied together, then that one person has a distinct advantage. Same applies here. All multiple squadron CV’s are getting nerfed essentially, but the Russian CV line and Supership special squadrons are not affected by the nerf and therefore get an advantage. I’d call that a buff.

      (I’m not considering the Hornet because without the special squadron the CV would be garbage unlike superships )

  10. From a buisness point of view it looks like a power move by WG :

    -Satisfies the anti CV crowd
    -Pushes higher tier CV players toward Super CVs by making 70% of standard CVs mediocre

  11. Submarines – dive

  12. would be nice if they all had distinctive sounds for the different aa guns

  13. 8:50 “It is also now possible to return only the attacking group to the aircraft carrier by holding down the F key”. I believe you can still call all the planes back. it just gives you the option to call a single squadron by holding the return key instead of just pressing it.

    • I really hope so, because the inability to recall ALL planes means you can’t return to the CV quickly to switch aircraft type or maneuver to defend yourself

  14. Thats a change im asking since the rework, its historical accurate and it gives the surface ship the chance to avoid damage after he has done the AA work, First thing to me it is obviously that the reset of new airplanes in deck must be acelarate to keep the cv in game. The second thing its youre not going to get to make early drops to avoid loosing airplanes what you get is the chance to retreat with squads that got to much damage already and if you nead to retreat all aiplanes you just press “F” button multiple times.
    Now im asking for the last change CVs nead to have and thats that Fighters must stop spoting surface ships and be used only to defend against enemy aircrafts (historical accurate becouse fighters fly at high altitudes scaning for enemy airplanes and dont care about spoting).

  15. I wish they would go back to manual aa controls, where you can select a squadron coming in and it give you 100% aa at that squadron, and you just have passive aa at like 25% or 50%

  16. Sinking ships – dive

  17. My prediction: Subs will be getting BB levels of AA artillery, and also the ability to fly.

  18. Much needed change. A CV in the game changes the way every class has to be played. DD s are forced to play hide and seek with the carrier or exhaust their smoke consumables before the halfway point. Since 2019 the entire META has been altered because of this one class. It’s about time CVs were nerfed across the board

  19. After 4 years of unhinged fun policing, the floating airport players would deserve 4 years of difficult gameplay. But I’m pretty sure that WG’s protected class will get once more only a very small skill check that will soon get equalized by some buffs to CV captain skills as soon as the presence of carriers drops below 90% in matchmaking

  20. Let me be clear: There has never been, nor will there ever be anything that weakens how powerful CVs are in this game. This game is World of CVs (and now subs). So I believe if this very temporarily seems like a good move, its just so they can change the drop damage to 10x what it is now. The game would possibly be the best game on the internet if they got rid of free-casting classes (classes that do not risk anything to do damage), like subs and CVS. And if they added a skills based matchmaker. Those 3 things and this game moves from one of the worst on the internet to quite possibly the best.

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