World of Warships- An Insane New Destroyer Equipped With Airstrikes?!

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Hey guys, today we take a heck of a destroyer, the upcoming Tier X Dutch Destroyer Tromp. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Now this sounds like a fun ship to play.

    • Oh yea sure. You are a Monty ore a yammy and then this shit appears, you cannot hit it properly, and this shit has torpedos. Great Fun

    • Marcus Franconium

      Its should play simular as the pan asian premium cruiser huange tier VI . same speed number of torpedos .Main guns.

  2. Oof, I was expecting a weird gimmicks by having a ’36 tiny light Cruiser / “destroyer leader” pushed into a TX DD slot. Tromp easily could have been a T3 CL instead, or a T6 premium DD with some realistic or clipped capabilities.

    • Aye, she’d be perfectly fine as a teir 5 or 6 premium ship. God knows why she’s in at tier X.

    • I knew this would hapen when the Tromp was not in the cruiser line. Teir 10 it was a CL flottila leader too small for a cruise bigger then the Dutch DD but as same the other nation sizes.

    • @onsterfelijke Aye, I mean in theory you could put her in as a Dutch ‘DD’ but not a tier 10 one, she’s slow, her torpedoes are limited to 3 a side, the only thing she’s got are her guns. What you could do is then make the Dutch DD’s some kind of wacky gunboats, kind of like the German gunboat line and do paper iterations on the Tromp with her at say tier 8 as a starting point. But tier 10? With that slow speed, and that limited torp armament?

    • M van Smoorenburg

      @Steven Cross Because T10 is where the money / spenditure is at

    • Thats where Atillio Regolo and Paolo Emilio are. T9 and T10 micro cruisers is WGs thing

  3. If the airstrike works the same as on gl you wont have 144 bombs per 40 seconds or 144 per 36, but 72 per 40 or 36 secs because the airstrike loads sequentially not simultaniously

    • was already clutching my head at the mathematics used in the calculation, since he already mentioned they function similarly to to already existing airstrikes, which aslo reload sequentially.

  4. You can also stealth drop with the higher tier tech line dutch cruisers.

  5. As a Dutchman I am always happy to see a new Dutch ship added. However let’s not call this ship OP yet, many things can still change about her.

    Like for example the Spanish cruiser Canarias was supposed to have burst fire mode, in the end she didn’t get any without a form of compensation and now she is not even close to be OP

    • Also that airstrike is a very immediate indicator of where the DD is. Its like the airstrike equivalent of a sub ping lol

  6. My dreams come true soon.. with this.
    I hope for Dutch DDs, bc I made that Friesland to Groningen switch with just captain Jansen being better usage on Groningen than Swirski, but those naval battles locked that way for Groningen.

    So Dutch DDs, I made it up to J. D. Witt on Dutch cruisers, just didn’t buy Golden Leeuw.

    I had both troublesome times with Dutch cruisers but also funny and satisfying moments, I guess that’s what these little Dutchmen promise to bring.

  7. Dutch Destroyer line? Very cool looks good But has no smoke! very weak airstrikes are nerfed silly you need 4 airstrikes to do something as damage.

  8. Marcus Franconium

    Tromp it self had also 4x 75 mm guns .

    It did have a sister ship . the Jacob van Heemskerk , it was still under construction during the invasion sailed to britain and outfitted with an alternate weapons suite as the fire controll systems where still in the netherlands . so they turned it in to an airsweeper cruiser . with full on AA build . 5×2 102 mm multipurpose guns .8 x 40 mm bofors 8x20mm oerlikons and depth charges. ( no torpedos)

    The gerard callenburg class will be intersting as well as they where based on the trompclass but smaller 5×120 mm guns , 2×4 torpedos centerline . 4x40mm bofors .

    Design and description
    The latest Japanese destroyers far outclassed the Royal Netherlands Navy’s existing Admiralen-class destroyers when the Gerard Callenburgh-class destroyers were designed in the mid-1930s with assistance from the British company, Yarrow Shipbuilders. In response to the threat they were larger, faster and more heavily armed than the older ships. They did retain the floatplane carried by the Admiralen class for reconnaissance purposes.[1]

    ZH1 had an overall length of 106.7 metres (350 ft 1 in) and was 105.2 metres (345 ft 2 in) long at the waterline. The ship had a beam of 10.6 metres (34 ft 9 in), and a maximum draught of 3.52 metres (11 ft 7 in). She displaced 1,604 long tons (1,630 t) at standard load and 2,228 long tons (2,264 t) at deep load. The two geared steam turbine sets, each driving one propeller shaft, were designed to produce 45,000 shaft horsepower (34,000 kW) using steam provided by six water-tube boilers for a designed speed of 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph).[2] ZH1 reached 37.5 knots (69.5 km/h; 43.2 mph) from 53,000 shp (40,000 kW) during her sea trials.[3] The ship carried a maximum of 520 tonnes (512 long tons) of fuel oil which gave a range of 2,700 nautical miles (5,000 km; 3,100 mi) at 19 knots (35 km/h; 22 mph). Her crew consisted of 12 officers and 218 sailors.[2]

    The ship carried five Bofors 12-centimetre (4.7 in) QF Mk 8 guns in two twin-gun turrets, fore and aft of the superstructure and a single gun mount positioned on top of the rear deckhouse, superimposed over the rear turret. ZH1’s anti-aircraft armament consisted of four 3.7-centimetre (1.5 in) SK C/30 guns in two twin mounts and four 2-centimetre (0.8 in) C/38 guns in single mounts.[Note 1] The ship carried eight above-water 53.3-centimetre (21 in) torpedo tubes in two power-operated mounts. She had four depth charge launchers and rails could be fitted on the rear deck that had a maximum capacity of 24 mines.[4]

    WIth one beeing captured and used by the germans , the Isaac sweers beeing towed to england .
    Design and construction
    The keel was laid on 26 November 1938. The ship was launched on 16 March 1940 and the unfinished ship was evacuated to England after the German invasion of the Netherlands. She was completed in Great Britain, with six British 4-inch dual purpose guns instead of planned five 120 mm guns. The ship was modern for her time, she was fast and had two fully stabilised 40 mm Bofors AA-guns, each with its own “Hazemeyer” fire control. It was the first Dutch ship to use radar to aim its AA-guns. The ship’s plans were saved from the Germans and elements were incorporated into Royal Navy ship designs.[1]

    The German T61 was based on this design. as it had superior seakeeping than their own ships .

  9. twistedvampire333

    It would reload both in 80 secs. They reload one at a time

  10. What are the guesses on how it will be availble? Seeing it leans towards being a more gimmick ship im a bit afraid it will be a RB ship

  11. Is airstrike armament really the only selling point?
    I mean, ship has 8 sec reload on 6 main guns with 2150 HE alpha, this gives us 96750 HE dpm base. Only mighty El-bonk has worse dpm at tier X. Concealment is good but ship has no means of disengage (it’s slow and has no smoke), can’t trade with other DDs (lacks in dpm compartment and has no heal), torpedo power is nothing to write home about, has no ASW, has no long-range AA (ergo no flak), has pitiful utility (lack of consumables)…
    What even is the playstyle of this ship? Stay hidden, spot enemies and spam airstrikes? Annoying like hell but is it worth the DD slot?
    I don’t know guys, it doesn’t look very impressive right now.

    • The only thing that might be in play but is unknown is that, for example: Ragnars’ throttle boost is a short burst but is incredible. Ragnar goes from like 35 knots to almost 50 knots for a short duration which I think is one minute. so, there is your escape. I’m with you though not much else looks all that great with this ship.

  12. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Quick correction. The air strikes load one at a time, not both at once. So it will load both airstrikes in 80s. Which is still way faster than the GL.

    • You DO realize that GL can stealth drop too, right? And her bombs pen everything that is not Soviet.
      I mean, at least these bombs only pen 20mm, makes em most useful for fires and other DDs.
      I wonder what it will perform like honestly, prolly has weak low damage torps, and gun reload is prolly long.

  13. Imagine this thing not being spotted all game and you’re getting airstrike dumped by a ship you can’t see and you got killed by this thing. This is exactly what this DD will do. Oof

  14. The air strike is actually a two way street. Its even more immediate of an indication of where the DD is vs torps.

  15. From what I see from my Dutch cruiser Air Strikes are nothing much and WG way over adjusts for it.

  16. keep in mind that the former Dutch east indies has a lot of islands, and if the funding had ever been there. the idea was of placing airfields on a lot of those islands. I feel like the airstrike mechanic is envisioning the potential of that

  17. I think the DDs limitations in consumables and slow gun fire will limit this ship. If you have 2 working together then that ill be bad. I was in a random match that had 2 GLs on each team. I got caught by cross drops, 4 total, which did a number on my Montana. It was confusing as the four GLs seemed to launch at the same time so there were 8 flights in the air.

  18. more interesting in my opinion would be Tromp’s sister, Jacob van Heemskerck, she was to commence trials the same day germany invaded in 1940 but to prevent her capture fled to britain, and while there was finished, but with a different armament of 10 QF 4-inch naval gun Mk XVI in a 5×2 setup but (from what I can find) no torpedoes

  19. To me, this just looks like one more ‘area denial/camping tool’, like the way subs work in WOWS. There’s no way you’re charging into a cap to exchange fire with Tier x dd’s in this. They’re going to sit behind islands and airstrike, airstrike, airstrike…while you are also being ping, ping, pinged by subs. Alas, BB’s will just sit in the back, out of range and wait for those ‘area denial gun emplacements’ to be knocked out…snoozefest 2022 in WOWS (until they come to their senses.)

  20. The thing with those airstrikes though is that they SUCK in most every way except recharge. Another potential issue is that you can already stealth-drop in Dutch Cruisers, but on a destroyer it’s much more of an issue to functionally tell the enemy exactly where you are, isntantly, and that you are within 8km.

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but you can’t really build into the bombs with destroyer persk/equipment can you?

    I can see these things getting feasted on by gunboats and radar cruisers.

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