World of Warships- Anchorage First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today I have my first impressions review of the new Tier VIII Premium American , Anchorage, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I will re-download World of warships now 🙂 New updates seem exciting!

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t go with a secondary build!

    • Cruickshank Outdoors

      He’s poking fun at the fact it’s only got 2×2 5” secondaries my dude

    • @AgentFrosty I know my dude but the meme he mentioned
      What if it was a reality with H-45 in world of warships, if you know what I mean

    • @Cruickshank Outdoors ik my dude

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA H-45, another of those unrealized German superweapons, a 600m long superbattleship with 800mm guns that in all likelihood never would have been able to float if they had even built it. Yes I know what you mean.

    • @AgentFrosty those 800mm guns have a range of 10000000km and it also has torpedoes
      Which were disappointing becoz only 3 per side. It should have 50 torps per side and more secondaries than an entire Japanese fleet including cvs as this thing also carried planes

  3. I thought that the Odin event was fairly easy and the Anchorage event looks like it won’t be too difficult. I paid 3500 doubloons at the end of the Odin event but this time I paid 3000 doubloons up-front to save myself 500 doubloons. 3000 doubloons is a pretty good deal for a tier VIII cruiser with a 10-skill Commander!

  4. Her AP is confused about its own. The name says it’s Baltimore’s AP, but the specification is New Orleans’s.
    Flatter trajectory and faster shell, but less pen and dmg. Still have improved pen angles.

    This happened due to nerf, WG should change the name too.

  5. Victory Aircraft CV

    It’s a good enough American premium cruiser.

    • not just good ,it actually best of all t8 ca
      It have almost the best trops of ca(not as good as IJN), smoke and 12 guns
      The reload are very nice too , remember buffalo reload in 12 sec with no smoke and trops

    • @Siu Ching it’s got no radar and no super heavy ap.

  6. The Phengophobic Gamer

    I for one love the camo for Anchorage. Pretty unique and interesting, even more so than Odin, which was pretty nice itself.

    • Unique? The entire ship camo and everyrhing is a carbon copy of Buffalo with its perma camo.
      WG makes money from these bullshit events because people are too stupid to understand

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      @Kristoffer Lilja the Eskimo totem looking skin is pretty damn unique my guy. Not to mention, first CA with standard smoke and standard armament, unlike Italian CAs.

    • @Kristoffer Lilja Take your hate elsewhere please, We get it “Wargaming bad”

  7. The concept looks interesting and something a bit different for USN CAs, so I’ll be having a stab at the grind.
    I always think that Steel and Coal are great rewards to be getting, masses of signals, camos and Free XP is more useful in the grind so if nothing else this event is worth a bit of effort to get stock levels of the ‘everyday’ items up.

  8. I’m gonna buy it and grind the reserach points, it saves me a whole branch reset. While getting some nice and usable stuff at the same time.

  9. It’s a good ship I think, however it lacks healing. Without that heal, it might be painful to play competitively. Many of the Russian cruisers would use it as target practise. Without that heal, any fire/any torpedo will hurt a lot.

  10. My question is, how does she stack up against the Baltimore?

  11. wg: its good enough, not russian or soviet…

  12. How do you get 200k fxp out of this? I only see 100k. Also, which collections give fxp as rewards?

  13. *if you think about it, its basically a US Kutusov*

  14. “I do think the ability to surprise people with torps will wear off”

    bruh people still forget that Tirpitz has torps

  15. Im going for the anchorage, buying 3 stages so i can start the bureau.

  16. I was fortunate enough to receive 5k dubs in one of the SC’s from the anniversary event. Reinvested 3k into the starter pack so thanks for the free ship WG!

  17. I hope you’re not an English teacher: “how to do good”?

  18. You said “15 second reload” and I immediately cut the video. I like the dockyard experience, and will follow the build of the the ship. But I won’t grind for it, or spend even one dubloon. I had such a horrible time playing Buffalo with 11 second reload that I have no interest in Anchorage. The US heavy cruiser line was one of the most painful, least fun lines in the game for me with the only bright spots being Omaha, Baltimore and De Moines. This ship will play so horrible at T10, which is 90% of the appearances she will make.

    Thanks for the content. I like your stuff and I’ll watch the next one.

  19. Jingles mocked German BB mains for running into torpedoes without caution.
    Looks like that’s still the case. 😆

  20. Smoke, torps, 12 8″ guns, tier VIII
    Seems of balans comrade

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